PUBG Mobile Pro League now includes the Philippines in their list of participating countries

Fans of PUBG Mobile esports in the Philippines have received some good news from Tencent. Registrations for the PMPL have begun in the Philippines.

According to an announcement made by the official authorities of PUBG Mobile in the Philippines, the Philippines will be introduced as the third zone in PMPL MYSG (Malaysia-Singapore), which will now be known as PMPL MY/SG/PH. From PMPL Season 5 forward, the modifications are planned to take effect in 2022.


Despite the fact that it is clear that Tencent and PUBG Mobile Esports are attempting to make their esports sector more inclusive and diverse, fans have replied with some powerful counterarguments. Despite the fact that the tournament is theoretically available to both Malaysia and Singapore, MYSG reports that no Singaporean players participated in the most recent edition of PMPL, with all of the players in the lobby being Malaysian.

As a result, supporters have urged that Singapore be relegated from the regional PMPL and replaced with a wildcard region. As a result, many people think that adding a third country to a competition that is already significantly tilted in Malaysia's favor is a bad idea. Malaysian fans simply want its own PMPL.

While other Southeast Asian countries have their own PMPLs, the Philippines was left out. To qualify for the PMPL SEA Championship, teams had to participate in the less prestigious National Championships (PMNC) and Club Opens (PMC).


Registrations for the fifth season of the PMPL, which will most likely take place later in 2022, have already begun in the Philippines. To be eligible for the tournament, players must reach a minimum level of Ace.

According to the official article from PUBG Mobile Philippines, registrations for PMPL MY/SG/PH qualifications will be open from December 31, 2021 onwards. The top team in the qualifications will receive a seat in the PMPL, as well as a ticket to the PMGC, the most renowned PUBG Mobile esports competition.
The most plausible of these counterarguments is to establish a separate PMPL for Malaysia, comparable to the one in Indonesia. Given Malaysia's one-sided dominance in their individual PMPLs, which includes all other nations in a "Rest of SEA" zone, PMPL would be justified given the countries' representation.

At the Pro League, the country's best teams will join Team Sibol to represent the country. The Philippine Southeast Asian Games Esports Union has founded Sibol, a national esports squad (PSEU).

When the Philippines hosted the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, where esports was featured as a medal event for the first time in a multi-sport event sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, a national esports squad was founded (IOC).

In PUBG Mobile esports, Filipino teams haven't had much success. It's unclear how their inclusion in the PMPL will affect this.