PUBG Mobile Rolls Out a New Map While Vikendi is Being Improved

The Karakin map in PUBG Mobile would be fun for gamers. The Karakin map will replace the Vikendi map in PUBG Mobile Update 1.3, according to the announcement. The new Hundred Rhythms Mode, which includes some new weapons and special skills, is now available to players in PUBG Mobile 1.3. Because the Karakin map is based on a North African coast, you get to eat your Chicken Dinner in the desert.


The Karakin map is dry, has an open climate, and is filled with boulders, according to the patch notes for PUBG Mobile Update 1.3. The Karakin map is two square kilometers in size and only supports Classic Mode, with a maximum of 64 players. On the map, there will be a Demolition Zone. And it is this Zone it will largely define the Karakin map. It will add variety to the game by lowering the number of hideouts on the map and allowing players to burn down buildings. Building demolition occurs in real-time in the purple region of the Mini-map, so players must return to the safe zone to avoid being trampled inside damaged structures.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map release date

The Karakin map will be launched for players on April 7th, according to PUBG Mobile's Instagram account. However, a specific time slot is not currently available. The creators also stated that the Karakin map will take the place of Vikendi, so players who want to spend time on the Vikendi map must do so before it is removed.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Weapons, Vehicles

The new sticky bomb, which can kill an opponent after throwing it and sticking to it a wall is the newest intriguing weapon. Players will have new hideouts to crouch behind after buildings are blown up, allowing them to protect themselves from attacks. Even better, there are some "lost spaces" that can only be opened if you use the sticky bomb to destroy buildings. Players can also have a new rocket-firing weapon called the Panzerfaust. These weapons have enough power to damage thin walls and penetrate objects within a six-meter range when they hit a surface. However, this is a one-time use rifle. A new Mosin Nagant Sniper rifle is also available.


In the latest update, PUBG Mobile has launched a new motor glider that will spawn in the Erangel and Miramar maps. It's a two-seater with a driver and a passenger who can fire weapons from behind. To take off, this car must reach top speed, so the driver must be aware that speed acceleration consumes the same amount of fuel. A new Arena map named Code-C is also included in PUBG Mobile version 1.3. This map is compact, with staggered passages that allow for quick gameplay. This game is designed for players who enjoy a high-octane shootout with assault weapons, submachine guns, and even sniper rifles.

More about the ‘Karakin’ Map

Karakin first appeared in PUBG on PC and Console in February 2020. Karakin is remarkably small compared to other PUBG maps, measuring two by two kilometers, and PUBG Mobile players have been requesting the map for over a year. The tiny desert map is now set to make its way into the PUBG mobile edition.