PUBG Mobile Season 17 Runic Power Details

Season 17 of PUBG Mobile unfurls its season’s event last January 19 until March 17. Players can buy the new Royale Pass, which has two premium variants of the Pass; the Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus, each costing 600 UC and 1800 UC.


Runic Power Gameplay

Runes from another world have brought three special runic powers with them. Choose a power that suits you, collect crystals, and release their power to become the last one standing.

Rune Powers:

Flame Rune

  • Summon skill - Summons a wheel of flame that rolls forward, burning anything in its path.
  • Boost skill - Adds a burning effect to Ammo for a short time.
Arctic Rune
  • Summon skill - Summons an ice wall. Each block of the ice wall must be destroyed separately. When the ice wall appears, it will lift players or vehicles.
  • Boost skill - Adds a freezing effect to Ammo for a short time. Freezing reduces enemies' healing effectiveness.
Wind Rune
  • Summon skill - Summons a semi-transparent shield that reduces the damage of bullets shot from outside the shield.
  • Boost skill - Temporarily increases movement and reload speed.

Royale Pass S17: RUNIC POWER
  • RUNIC POWER lobby and rewards: Spin the Wheel of Fate to obtain upgraded rank rewards! Choose either Resplendent Dawn or Deadly Sickle at rank 50, and reach rank 100 to get the majestic Guardian Armor Set and the new themed UZI and M16A4!
  • Overhauled RP missions to lower the difficulty while increasing point rewards.
  • RP Activity Pack event: Purchase Activity Packs to rank up your RP quickly, and collect Mission Activity Points to convert into UC refunds.
  • Adventure is back with the RUNIC POWER theme: Access the RP exclusive event tab and obtain Metro Badges to go on an adventure. Unlock the story as you explore and choose to advance for free or via purchase. Collect supplies to redeem 1 of 2 sets, exclusive vehicles, and other rewards.
  • Improved selection between UC and AG: This preference is made once per season and can be changed at any time.