PUBG Mobile Season 19: Royale Pass and Tier Rewards Leaked

At the end of Season 18 PUBG Third Anniversary-themed era, there are some leaks from sources about the different outfits and gun skins in the next upcoming season on PUBG Mobile. In addition, as players advance through the game's levels, they can get free skins. Season 19 is only a few days out, but the Tier Rewards for the following season have already leaked. These are the prizes for the upcoming season, according to several sources.

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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Tier Rewards

Gold Tier Reward

Gold is the first rank, and players can get a respectable outfit as a prize. Players can get this for free after playing gold tier or higher tier matches. Have a look at the screenshot below.


Platinum Tier Reward
Players will be able to get a mask that suits the Gold Tier Outfit next in Platinum Tier. As a Platinum tier award, the mask comes with 800 silver fragments.


Diamond Tier Reward
The most enticing incentive of all is available in Season 19's Diamond Tier. Take a look at the screenshot and see if there's anything more you can get for free. After completing the stage, play five matches and then say it to customize your weaponry.


Crown Tier Reward
If you're trying to boost your rank and get on the server's best players list, the Crown Tier is the place to be. When you get to this point, you'll be given Rating Protection Cards. When the cards are working, they will protect you against any ranking point deductions, and they are also the safest precaution when you wish to hot-drop.
The Crown Tier also comes with a Season 18 Crown name tag, an epic team entry impact, and 1,300 silver fragments.

Ace Tier Reward
The Ace tier comes with another season-themed parachute, as well. Except for the Ace parachute and 1,600 silver pieces, Season 19 Ace title name tag, and legendary team entry impact, there's nothing new to speak about in this tier


Conqueror Tier Reward
After achieving a position in the top 500 list on a server, a Season Conqueror frame, Season Conqueror name tag, and Season Conqueror title are awarded. There is a mythic entrance influence in addition to the highest reverence that comes with the conqueror frame and name. Remember to claim your 2000 silver fragments, which you will use to purchase voucher scraps and outfits.


It is also rumored that the royale pass will be themed as Insects and jungle as PUBG Mobile joins the campaign of #FIGHT4THEPLANET and #FIGHT4THEAMAZON as the world commemorates earth day.

Season 19 Royale Pass RP Rank 1 Outfit:
The rank 1 reward in Season 19 Royale Pass is called the Garden Observer Set. Players will receive the outfit upon purchasing the Elite or Elite Plus Royale Pass.


Season 19 Royale Pass Backpack:
The Season 19 Elite Royale Pass will have an excellent backpack skin named Gemstone Scarab Backpack.


Season 19 Royale Pass Helmet:
The season 19 Royale Pass helmet skin of PUBG Mobile is called Crimson Beetle Helmet.


Season 19 Royale Pass Avatar Frame:
The Season 19 Royale Pass avatar is a Jungle insect-based theme with a leaf covering it.


Season 19 Royale Pass 100 RP Outfit:
The most awaited reward for each season is the 100 RP outfit. In Season 19, players can choose between two mythic outfits named Insect Queen Set and General Bettle Set.

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