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Oct 18, 2019
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One of the best and most rage conductor strategy on PUBG MOBILE is the "SNAKE"

It is plain and simple, just prone on the ground and wait for your prey/enemies. Very simple right? But if you want to put it on a higher level and master this strategy you must take consideration of the things listed below

1. NEVER prone on an inclide terrain where your back is visible and does not have cover. Of course third party enemies would see you. Do this if you are 100% sure that no one will pass by. This also excellent when you are positioned of the edge of the BLUE ZONE.

2. BE READY with you PRONE button. If you engaged the enemy, you might need to stand up to finish him, knocking the enemy is the best.

3. NEVER engaged if you dont plan to knock or finish the enemy, this will get you in trouble.

4. IF you knocked the enemy, DO NOT prone back on the same place. Travel a little more and prone again, this will increase the chances that the enemy will be tricked of your position. The enemy could even try to shoot and predict your position, a bonus advantage as you will have a good idea where are the other enemies are.

5. PREPARATION. Snake can not be seen and hard to find, so you think when you prone you can shoot everyone and kill them? Answer is NO! You should be prepared.
Suggested Equipements:
- SMGs and Assult Rifle. Fights will be close range, no sense having snipers. Burst rifles can also be used but will slim down your are chances to finish the enemy the least amount of time. SMGs have the best hip-fire rate. At close ranges it can finish enemies faster the assult rifles.
- THROWABLES. Every thorwables are essential. Grenade to finish knocked enemies. Molotov to block enemy paths will you are moving away from your revealed postion. Smokes is the best, overall, it can be cover, diversion, trap, all you can think of! Stuns grenades is best used as gunshot fakes. One trick is to fire as soon as your stun grenade activates, this will give your enemy two gunshot indicators on their mini map, which can be tricky. Of course all throwables requires excellent practice and maneuvers to master so visit the ARCADE mode or TRAINING AREA.

- THE PAN! Bullets can never penetrate them. Having a PAN on your butt can save you from some more butt hurts. HaHa!

- GAS CAN! Leave a GAS CAN while moving or postion them on places where you know they are weak spots you can not 100% guard. When you hear enemies, BLOW THE GAS CAN! This will create confusion. SMOKE + GAS CAN COMBO will blow your mind!

These are some tips you count on if your planning to be a SNAKE MASTER!

Anyways, having this discussion is too serious, so how about you watch this PUBG MOBILE FUNNY VIDEO for the meantime and have GOOD VIBES! HaHa!

Watch the video, one part of this shows HOW TO WIPE A SQUAD JUST BY SNAKING, SOLO WIPING A SQUAD! Have Fun!

Etc. Etc.

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See you soon!


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May 2, 2023
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Christine Wilson
I love the idea of mastering the "Snake" strategy. I think it's a great way to get the upper hand on your opponents and surprise them. I've been trying to perfect this strategy myself and I think the tips you listed are really helpful. I'm definitely going to try to incorporate them into my gameplay.

PS: Also liked the funny video!


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Sep 17, 2023
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Practicing and using the tips can definitely give you an edge. Enjoy implementing them into your gameplay, and thanks for liking the video too!