PUBG Mobile Tier Protection How Does Work?

For battle royale games like PUBG, it's absolutely thrilling when heated firefights start. But then it all dies down if you suddenly die sooner than you expected during the match. Here enters Tier Protection to help you.


Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile is a feature that helps players preserve their rating points when they're on their way to getting the highest rank possible. However, players need to remember that Tier Protection only works when they are playing with their in-game friends, not with random players.


Tier Protection will automatically work once the game system detects that players are playing with their friends in the game. It is recommended for players to level their rank when Tier Protection events are available. The concept of Tier Protection is based on tiers such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. Aside from that, performance is also part of it, for example, how many kills and deaths you got during the match and also depending on the number of points you accumulated in your account. From your former tier and after you leveled up you tier, a player can get either of the three below:
  • One (1) protection point each for Rank IV to I
  • Three (3) protection points for Rank V of each tier
  • Three (3) protection points for Ace and Conqueror

In summary, Tier Protection serves as a buffer before players are ranked down, especially when they are killed early in the game since score points highly depend on how many kills you got and result placement. But don’t worry, protection points can be gained back once your total rating has risen.