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Oct 18, 2019
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Currently, the new mode TEAM DEATHMATCH : THE RUINS in PUBG Mobile is not activated. But I am sure that it is already included in the last patch/update that came to the game.

NEW things that comes with THE RUINS map

- SLIDING MANEUVER : new way of dodging enemies and traveling the terrain, can be good when you need to move to another cover when being pressured by enemies. This is only available on THE RUINS map.

- LEDGE GRAB : new way for climibing. It is a combo of jumping and climbing. When you jump and can only reach the edge of a building, box, create or anything structures that have edges, you quickly activate the LEGDE GRAB and your character will try to climb itself up. Note that it requires you to be fast on hitting your climb or jump button. It needs some practice.

- LOOTING AMMO : in the map, there are no ammo on the starting area. When you run out of ammo, you need to loot an enemy, YES loot an enemy. The TDM: Warehouse map do not have dead enemy crates, in THE RUINS map it has. Makes the map more exciting.

- NEW TERRAIN : THE RUINS map terrain is based on the ruins temple from the map SANHOK but with much more tunnels and mazes. You also spawn on different spots when you die, so be carefull.

I know you are now excited to try out the new Team Deathmatch map. So let me show you some stuff in action and a short gameplay.

Visit the video on my youtube channel PUBG MOBILE UPDATE NEW MAP : THE RUINS

Thanks guys! Enjoy!