PUBG Mobile x Google Play to provide a three-month trial of YouTube Premium to its gamers

The collaboration will last through May 2022, with new content being released every month. Players may currently obtain a three-month trial of YouTube Premium, a 15-day limited parachute, and 1,000 BP by opening PUBG Mobile. The future material under this cooperation, according to Tencent, would also feature permanent products.


Along with the free trial, a YouTube Premium-themed gift bag will be included, which will feature a unique 15-day limited parachute, 1,000 Battle Points, and more.

The cooperation is part of the PUBG Mobile 1.7 version upgrade and will run from November 29th, 2021, through May 28th, 2022, with new content released every month. Players' in-game objects will be made permanent and will stay in the game after the partnership has finished.

In addition, the upgrade will bring new content and game types to PUBG Mobile, as well as additional brand collaborations in the future.
  • YouTube Premium allows viewers to watch videos on YouTube without being interrupted by advertisements, as well as save and play videos offline.
  • YouTube Premium also offers access to YouTube Music Premium, a music-streaming platform.
The offer is available to new YouTube Premium subscribed only and is available in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Ukraine, and UAE.

This isn't the first time Google has partnered with a battle royale game. Tencent announced last month that the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021, their premium year-end esports championship, will be aired exclusively on YouTube.

In a recent interview with Dot Esports, James Yang, the head of PUBG Mobile global esports, said the team is excited to connect with YouTube, calling it the "largest broadcasting platform."

"We're excited to collaborate with Google on this,"
Yang said, adding that "normally, the firm doesn't sign these media arrangements even with other games."

The league stage of the PMGC 2021 will begin on November 30. In the East and West, twenty teams will compete for 15 spots in the grand finals. The competition will be broadcast live on the PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel. The entire prize fund for the event is $6 million.