PUBG Mobile’s Revamped Livik Map will be officially available in early May

Releasing in early May, the PUBG Mobile 2.0 will be finally available with lots of new features. Tested, polished, and tweaked for nearly 22 months, the new Livik 2.0 map is one of the new features that players can expect to be released soon.

pubg mobile.jpg

Livik is a map that holds fast-paced short matches. Due to its small size compared to other maps in the game, which are 2x2 in size, players choose Livik more often than the other maps available mainly because of this factor. As the Livik 2.0 is nearing its release, here’s all you need to know about it:

1. New Themed areas — The new themed areas have different architectures and layout that will allow players to change their strategies depending on what terrain they are on.


  • Midstein - The Midstein area has many renovations around such as buildings with different roads and alleys that players can use in close-range fights. Additionally, there are also buildings with higher floors that will provide more advantages as it will allow players to see on a wider range.

  • Blomster - The Blomster area has some open areas because of its wide road which can provide players a broader vision during a gunfight. There’s also a soccer field that players can use to play as balls and a goal is available in the field.
logistics center.png

  • Logistic Center - As the area is a logistic center, it has lots of containers and warehouses that players can use as covers. Players that are good with close-range fights can utilize this area well.

  • Iceborg - A cold and snowy area with very limited buildings and a tall church in between. The iceborg area can be used as a place perfect for hide and seek.
2. New Vehicle

new vehicle.png

  • The new vehicle is called an all-terrain UTV. This vehicle can traverse any terrain like mountains, hills, urban alleys, and more. Add to that, it can travel 4 people at once.
3. New Ways to Acquire Weapon

new weapon feature.png

  • A Supply Shop where you can buy everything, even the XT firearms. If players want to upgrade their weapon of choice to its XT variant, they can purchase the XT Upgrade Crate, which is also available in the Supply Shop.
4. New Map Features

advanced supply zone.png

  • Advanced Supply Zone - As players get ready to jump out of the plane, they can look at the mini-map to find the advanced supply zone. This zone provides supplies such as items, weapons, and attachments.
treasure hunt.png

  • Treasure Hunt - Weapons and other supplies are available as well in crates that are scattered throughout the map. For easy access, the location of the crates are provided in the map.
soccer challenge.png

  • Soccer Challenge - Go to Blomster area and participate in the soccer challenge provided in the area’s soccer field for more rewards.
high flying vehicles.png

  • High-Flying Vehicles - Have fun with vehicles through the vehicle ramps provided. These ramps will help players to reach places that they can reach on foot. Rewards are available.

  • Zipline - Get from one place to another easily through the zipline.
berry hunt.png

  • Berry Hunt - The berries available in the area can be used to restore health points.