PUBG New State have surpassed 10 million Pre-registrations and launching in select regions soon

A PUBG sequel, in some form or other, is expected to arrive by 2022 for PC and consoles. This is a different game to the mobile-only PUBG: New State, a futuristic battle royale game. He stated that New State is going to stay on mobile, at least for now, and it’s not expected to interact with any of the other versions of PUBG currently available.

PUBG: New State drops players into a new 8×8 map called Troi. Set in 2051, it features futuristic vehicles, more destructible environments, and according to the initial press release, players can “enjoy next-generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds.”


The development of PUBG New State was revealed in February, and the game is expected to be released later this year. The business revealed that it has obtained over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store ahead of the launch. When the game's trailer was released in February, the option to pre-register was made available. “We're excited to announce that over 10 MILLION PUBGNEWSTATE pre-registrations have been received on GooglePlay. The community's incredible reaction has humbled us, and we can't wait to share our latest battlegrounds adventure with you later in 2021,” the company said on Twitter.

According to the developers, The game will also be available for alpha testing at the beginning of Q2 of 2021. It will be available for testing in a few locations, but the date of its launch in India is yet to be announced. A select group of players will have the ability to play the new battle royale before it is released to the general public. PUBG New State is a sequel to the original PUBG Mobile title, set in 2051, where "anarchy reigns supreme as various forces fight it out." Drones, battle rolls, and other features will be included in the title. There will be an 8x8 map and various weapon choices for fighting in the game.

Quick Game Overview:

PUBG: New State is claimed to bring ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay. It is compatible with Android phones running 6.0 OS and higher. PUBG: New State can have “100 survivors face off until only one player or team remains.” This is similar to the original PUBG Mobile.

Weapon Customization is another exciting aspect that has recently been added to the smartphone battle royale genre. “A new in-game weapon customization feature, players can render different weapons their own by purchasing customization kits,” according to a press release about PUBG Mobile New State. These kits can improve the efficiency of weapons in a variety of ways, including fire mode range and grenade launcher attachments.”

According to rumors, the game will be cross-platform friendly as well. Any smartphone gamer will compete against a PC or a PlayStation/Xbox player.

Global Pre-registration Stats for PUBG: New State


The Americas – 19.3%
Europe – 15%
CIS – 13 %
Middle East – 15.1%
Africa – 1.2%
East Asia – 13.2%
South-East Asia – 22.6%
Oceania – 0.6%

PUBG New State in India?

We don't know when it will be officially released in India. About the fact that officials previously stated that they are mainly focused on getting PUBG Mobile unbanned in India. As a result, Indian users will be unable to pre-register for PUBG Mobile: New State. Players from other countries, on the other hand, will be able to play the game during pre-alpha testing, which will begin shortly.