PUBG: New State introduces Merit Point System to cut down on rude players

Since the release of PUBG: New State last year, the game has met several issues reported by the community. The developers have been doing their best to address those issues and recently, Krafton has introduced the Merit Point System in the game.

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The Merit Point System is a type of scoring system that tallies the behaviour of a player in-game. A player starts with 100 Merit points, which is the maximum score in the system, and with every misconduct the player does in-game, they will be penalized by decreasing the player’s Merit score when they’re reported by a teammate for any legal reason.


When a player entertains any malicious activities such as griefing, sabotaging the friendly players, intentionally knocking and/or finishing them, the player that was wronged can report the rude player by using the Report option. This will decrease the Merit points of the player and once the Merit points decrease to a certain number, they will be banned from playing squad matches. They can only participate again in squad matches once they regain their Merit points or unless, they recover their Merit score by playing solo matches.


To maintain good Merit points, players should be aware of their actions and refrain from any malicious activity in the game. For cases that a player unintentionally harms a teammate, communicate immediately. Also, avoid being AFK especially in crucial moments or being a one-man unit in squad mode because that counts as a malicious AFK.

Just remember to be a fair player and always follow the rules because they are there for a reason.
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