PUBG: New State is now released in Android and iOS devices globally!

First announced in February of this year, PUBG: New State is finally here!


PUBG: New State has been released globally for Android and iOS devices. The game can be downloaded on their respective play stores, Google Play and App Store. The game’s size is around 1.5 GB aside from the additional content that you may need in the game.


As of now, the game features battle royale mode, training grounds, and the deathmatch mode. The maps in battle royale mode include the revamped Erangel from the original PUBG and the new state called Troi. You can play the BR mode in a first-person perspective or third-person perspective, alone or with a squad. While the TDM mode will be played on a map called Station.


PUBG: New State’s set was after the events in PUBG PC, wherein the game will start in 2051. PUBG: New State may feel and look similar to PUBG: Mobile but the graphics was much enhanced in this game and has more additional features such as weapon customization, new vehicles, calling back dead teammates, and more. Players can also recruit enemy players into their team which adds a whole different mechanic to the battle royale genre.


Krafton has also made a stricter move against hackers. Since players have been frequently complaining about their accounts being hacked in the other PUBG title, the developers have made rigorous efforts to decrease the hacking in this new PUBG title.

PUBG: New State will not support emulators and will have other anti-tamper technology to prevent the hackers. Secondary passwords, OTP verification, and two-factor authentication will also be put in place to protect players’ accounts.