PUBG New State Mobile teases new TDM map

New State Mobile's next update will include a new map, according to Krafton. In the upcoming May update, the game will most likely gain a new TDM map.


There isn't much information about the map currently. According to the teaser, the map will have terrain similar to Erangel, with rocks strewn about to provide protection for players. It will most likely have a consistent layout because it is a TDM map.

The TDM was originally introduced to New State Mobile with patch 0.9.24, which was released in February. It appears that a third map will be added to the mode. So far, Krafton hasn't revealed any other details on the May upgrade. As in prior months, a patch preview will most likely be published soon on New State Mobile's YouTube channel.


Every month, Krafton publishes a new update for New State Mobile. The Erangel Extreme BR mode was included in the most recent version (patch 0.9.30), and it involves 48 players playing in 15-minute battle royale bouts. It gives gamers more loot for a more fast-paced and entertaining experience.

In addition to many other quality of life upgrades and balancing modifications, the update added the MCX assault rifle to New State Mobile. The weapon has a rapid rate of fire and uses 5.56mm ammunition.