PUBG New State Mobile Update v0.9.39 Patch Notes Released: Brings New Map, Gunplay Elements, More

The PUBG New State Mobile Patch Notes for the forthcoming 0.9.39 update for September have been released by Krafton. The game's update this month is expected to provide a ton of unique stuff, such as the brand-new area Akinta, a new 5-seater car, the new AK Alfa weapon, and several modifications.


The most recent update to the game was the new map Akinta, which players had access to during the beta server test last month. Only the new map is made accessible, and it has a new vehicle called V-cab that can hold five players at once. The developers also disclosed the future update's maintenance schedule. The new version will be launched on September 22, 2022.

The officials have released a video which details the patch notes for New State Mobile v0.9.39 on the game’s social media handles. Here is what the new patch will include:

New Map – Akinta
  • Players will be playing using the original BR ruleset, with Recruit, Drone Store, and other familiar features including the care packages.
  • Lv.4 Gear which is seen in Bounty Royale will no longer appear in the Battle Royale mode of Akinta.
  • The new 5-seater vehicle Vcab has been added exclusively to Akinta.
  • Trams in Akinta move faster than the ones on the Troi map, operating on 6 different lines from the Central to the Outskirts of Akinta.

Gunplay Update
  • New Weapon – AK Alfa which uses 7.62mm Ammo has been added to the game.
  • The new weapon boasts the highest damage per shot among all other ARs in the game and is capable of equipping attachments like muzzle, scope, grip and magazine.
  • To increase the damage to the gun, Flash Suppressor Barrel is to be added to the AK Alfa C1. It also makes the overall recoil decrease.
  • Vector C1, PP-19 Bizon C1, Tommy Gun C1, and UMP 45 C1’s long-range damage has been decreased.
  • Grenade Launcher will now be spawned with 3 Grenades.
In-Game Updates
  • The new map Akinta is now selected as the tutorial map.
  • A new Breath Gauge meter is included which decreases when the player inhales poison gas and a new coughing sound is added.
  • New Sound effects for bullet hits and sound modifications upon the player knock.
  • Vehicle Mesta’s Speed has been increased and the scouting drone will now travel 2 times faster and rotates 1.5 times faster.

Out-Game Updates
  • Erangel (extreme) and Troi (extreme) are now temporarily removed from public games for further refinement. But they can be accessible in custom matches.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 11 will feature Venessa from the Mayhem faction.
  • New Collaboration
  • New State Mobile’s collaboration with McLaren has begun, with new missions.
Maintenance Schedule: 00:00 – 07:00 (UTC+0)
Once the maintenance is cleared, the players can head to the app stores to download the new update.