PUBG: New State Will Be Launching On November 11 For Mobile Devices Worldwide

Developer Krafton announced today that its upcoming battle royale title, PUBG: New State, will be launching worldwide on November 11, 2021. It will be available for both Android and iOS devices.


After showing off the game for an hour during an online showcase, Krafton announced that PUBG: New State will be released on iOS and Android devices on November 11th in more than 200 countries, including India. An extensive final technical test will be carried out in 28 countries, including Korea, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, and the Philippines, from October 29th to October 30th in advance of the launch. More than 50 million pre-registrations have been received for the game since its announcement in February of this year on both Android and iOS platforms combined, according to the publisher.

The release of New State is a significant milestone for the PUBG series, which, following the release of its first title in 2017, helped to popularize the battle royale genre. Although it is not the game's first mobile entry since the launch of PUBG Mobile in 2018, New State is the first to be developed by the game's original developer, PUBG Studios, since the game's inception. Tencent, a Chinese technology giant, was primarily responsible for the development of the original PUBG Mobile.


During the showcase, the company shared details about its post-launch support plans for the highly anticipated PUBG sequel, which include a robust and consistent pipeline of new content, global service support, and strong anti-cheat protective measures. PUBG Studios has stated that the company will be actively monitoring the community in order to identify and address issues before they become widespread.


The multiplayer matches in New State are similar to those in previous PUBG games. A map can have up to 100 players, and the winner is determined by a single player or squad. In New State, there will be four maps available at launch, including the franchise's most famous map, Erangel, and PUBG Studios has promised to update the game with new content on a regular basis.

According to Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han "PUBG: New State inherits the core of the PUBG IP and will have a competitiveness in and of itself on the global market." "Krafton will continue to produce games that will be enjoyed by players across the world. We’re committed to offering an expanded experience based on the belief that games will become the most powerful type of media," he added.

New State will be released as a free-to-play next-generation mobile game in the coming months, and it promises to deliver the "complete and uncompromised" PUBG battle royale gaming experience to players. New State, which takes place in the year 2051, according to Krafton, will be one of the "most realistic and technologically advanced" mobile games to be released to date. The game will be available in 17 different languages when it first launches.