PUBG: New State’s Field Trip to Troi has shown some of the game’s battlefield location

As PUBG: New State will start its alpha testing soon for Android in the US, KRAFTON Inc has released a series titled as Field Trip to Troi, which will provide players the details for this upcoming battle royale.


In the video, it showed four points of interest for the players which are Exhibition Hall, Mall, Laboratory, and Trailer Park. This is quite important since this is where players will be running and gunning against each other. Each area has its own distinct look and environment that will make an impact for this game’s gameplay.

To further elaborate these four points of interest, I’ll provide a bit of explanation for the areas.


Exhibition Hall - the Exhibition Hall was shown in an aerial view, it was shown that it can be a great place for players to drop because of its verticality which the developers put in mind when they were designing the building. It is designed with a transparent bulletproof glass.

Mall - this building also has an open-roof concept. As what malls typically are, the inside of the building has a lot of shops which gives players the excellent opportunity to execute flanking. Add to that, there are escalators which can help players to run away or head towards their enemy.


Laboratory - this has quite a bit of a small space. Consisting of four floors, players who like a close-quarters combat can utilize this space at its full potential since there are also various flanking routes.

Trailer Park - this place is a field that is littered with makeshift bunkers. The players will need to vault, climb, and stealth to gain victory here. A ramp is also available at the end of a nearby runway that can provide a fast getaway.


PUBG: New State will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store at the end of this year. Pre-registration is currently ongoing right now. This game will be free-to-play and has in-app purchases.