PUBG Season 11 To Have the Paramo Map Again, Adjusted Ranked Play and a New Item to Loot

PUBG Season 11 is coming. In this Season, Paramo Map is reintroduced, changes were made in the ranked play, and a new item is featured. Beginning on March 31st for PC and April 8th for consoles.


Paramo Map was first featured in Season 9. Now, having a comeback in Season 11, it will return with several changes. Players will experience some terrain changes with additional field coverage. This is an addition to an expanded world system that will adjust benchmarks between parties. Players can also create custom games with the map while also enjoying huge drop rates for items in the Secret Room in Paramo. The Karakin Map will be replaced by Paramo but Karakin will still be playable in the custom games.


In Season 11, Ranked Seasons will continue for two months. Because of this change, Seasons will now not overlap with the Survivor Passes. Adjustments with the reward system will also happen. Similar emblems and rewards are only available in the same season, however, skin rewards will stay permanent. Weapon spawn rates will increase on all maps, bringing the spawn rates to be in line with Esport's mode, reducing the players time on looting.


The new item in the game is the Emergency Pickup Item. This item will allow players to move to their safe zone quickly. By wearing it, players can deploy a Fulton Balloon. After the deploy of the balloon, a plane will arrive in 60 seconds to pick the players up. Only 4 players could travel using the item. This will lead them to the White Zone until they decide to parachute. The emergency pickup item can be looted on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi maps.


Players that like to show other players their in-game achievements, will be able to do just that with these 10 new Mastery Badges. Aside from being rewarded for the kills, this new badge will also honor the different playstyle and combats that were used while in the game. The badge can be only earned in ranked and normal matches.

The current season has already ended but you still have time to get rewards that you haven't managed to pick up but be quick because the upcoming season is looming closer than you think.

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