PUBG Universe Roadmap reveals more details in the upcoming PUBG Cowboy, and New State

Earlier this week, during Krafton's "The Way to Meet the World" video broadcast, the firm unveiled some intriguing new information about the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) world expansion. These include the first look at PUBG Cowboy's gameplay as well as some new information on PUBG: New State, the mobile-only follow-up to the existing PUBG Mobile. The firm also announced that it is working on a AAA high fantasy game based on The Witcher series.


During the presentation, Krafton's CEO Chang-Han Kim went into great depth regarding the company's next titles, all of which would be set in the "PUBG world." Aside from the aforementioned games, the roadmap also includes Dead Space creator Glen Schofield's upcoming The Callisto Protocol, and a new PUBG project codenamed 'TITAN'.


The newly unveiled PUBG Cowboy game, which would sell the gameplay of the current game but limited to the survival genre, was one of the most fascinating elements of the presentation. PUBG Cowboy is an open-world survival game "set in the dystopian period of the PUBG Universe," according to the official description.

"Resources are earned through fights, crafting, and looting," Kim explained. "The new game will usher in a new era in the survival genre, serving as a driving force for the genre's growth."

The game's gameplay hasn't been released yet, but it appears to be a slower, more deliberate take on the original PUBG experience, akin to Red Dead Redemption. While Krafton hasn't said which platforms the game will be released on, prior leaks indicate that there would be a hybrid release on PC and consoles, similar to the original PUBG.


The company's planned sequel to PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State, is presently in the alpha testing phase.

"PUBG: New State will be a watershed moment for mobile shooter games," Kim said. While PUBG Mobile was a huge hit for the firm, New State appears to be a far better experience, with the CEO stating that it will please gamers in more sophisticated nations.

"Playing PUBG Mobile will provide greater fun to players in advanced nations who are dissatisfied with the quality of existing games, as well as gamers all over the world who have just recently begun to love shooter games and the battle royale genre."


New State is more ambitious than its predecessor, according to a handful of slides in the presentation, with enhanced graphics fidelity, new models, textures, and an enlarged open-world area.

With so much going on in the PUBG Universe's growth and expansion, it appears like Krafton is drifting away from the original game. The PC version of PUBG was not mentioned once throughout the presentation, nor was Battleground Mobile India, which is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Although Krafton stated that their emphasis on developing nations such as India has risen significantly, he did not divulge any intentions to introduce PUBG Cowboy, New State, or any other localized versions of the games to India.