Punishing: Gray Raven a chart-topping Asian Sci-Fi RPG will debut in the West

Punishing: Gray Raven, a hit sci-fi action RPG from Kuro Game, is coming to Android and iOS this summer in Europe, North America, and Australia. Players will be able to join a squad of cybernetic heroes in a display of stylish arcade action that has seen the game become a chart-topping success in China and Japan.

Punishing Gray Raven.jpg

If you haven't heard of this free-to-play title, it mixes third-person 3D melee with RPG elements as you command a legion of cyborg warriors battling corrupted robots and androids. All of which have been overtaken and transformed by The Punishing, a biomechanical virus.

A biomechanical virus known as The Punishing has ravaged the planet, taking control of synthetic life while destroying the organic. Violent, corrupted machines now rule the world, and the remnants of humanity have fled this apocalypse, evacuating to the space colony E-02 'Babylonia'. Now a mission is underway to reclaim mankind's lost home.


The elite Gray Raven special forces team leads the vanguard. As Commandant of the Gray Raven unit, players will assemble an elite team of cybernetically augmented soldiers, controlling them in intense action combat missions and unraveling the dark truths behind the virus. Featuring ultra-detailed 3D graphics, complex combo-focused combat, involved RPG party management and massive boss battles, Punishing: Gray Raven is one of the most visually stunning games on Android and iOS.


Pre-registration will be available soon, along with sign-ups for a closed beta test. Punishing: Gray Raven officially launches this summer across North American, European, Australian & South-East Asian territories, available via Google Play and the App Store. Launch day is just the beginning, as content updates will begin shortly afterward, adding new story chapters, playable characters, and time-limited events. Our war for this blighted world has barely begun.


All of this is set to an incredible electronic soundtrack, which you can hear a sample of in the trailer below. While we wait for an official release date, take a look at it.

Punishing: Gray Raven features:
  • A dark cyberpunk story of mankind’s endless war to reclaim the Earth.
  • Sci-fi melee action. Dodge, parry & tag between heroes to extend combos.
  • 3D graphics with a dark cyberpunk anime style.
  • Epic boss battles against rogue androids, hulking mechs, and more.
  • Collect and unlock elite cyborgs, assemble teams, and develop their skills.
  • An immersive electronic soundtrack.
Punishing: Gray Raven releases in the west on Android and iOS this summer. Pre-registration will be available soon alongside closed beta testing.