purchase on googleplay, i can pay for this

Discussion in 'Gaming Buy and Sell' started by nino1193, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. nino1193

    nino1193 Newbie Gamer

    hi guys, i need the method for purchase in app, the trick
    i always have the error
    transaction cannot be completed
    i search complete and detailed tutorial
    is better video tutorial with proof
    i can pay 50 usd for this
    answer please
    and thanks all
  2. droidsignal

    droidsignal Newbie Gamer

    What device do you use?
    If you use Android then you may try Lucky Patcher.
  3. tlyltc_noplkyou

    tlyltc_noplkyou Regular Gamer

    Star Ocean Anamnesis Global (Philippines)
    in order to purchase in app, you need to own either a debit card or credit card, input it to your google play account, it must have a balance in order for the transactions to be successful alternatively, you can always purchase iOS/Android currency here https://www.carddelivery.com/
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