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Aug 12, 2015
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Please note that posted subscription amounts may change in the future. These figures are as of March 31, 2018 only.

How much is the monthly subscription for FFXIV?
Monthly Subs for the game will differ mainly because of region and Mode of payment.

Crysta Denomination

NA Account:
Standard 30 day = 14.99$ = 1499 Crysta
Standard 90 day = 13.99$ * 3 = 4197 Crysta
Standard 180 day = 12.99$ * 6 = 7794 Crysta

EU Account:
Standard 30 day = 8.99£ = 899 Crysta
Standard 90 day = 8.39£ * 3 = 2517 Crysta
Standard 180 day = 7.69£ * 6 = 4614 Crysta

Once you’re logged on mogstation, click “Your account”

1. Debit or Credit Card - Any MasterCard or Visa card is accepted. This is perfect for players who want to setup a recurring payment every month, every 3 month or 6 months.
2. Game time card - Depending on what version (NA/EU version) you have, you can purchase this from stores like Datablitz. (Please contact Datablitz for availability) Online Sellers or other game stores.
3. Crysta - This is recommended for players who do not want a recurring monthly fee/ autocredit/debit. You can read a comprehensive guide here
4. Paymaya - If you do not have access to a debit/credit card, you can setup a Paymaya account and use it to pay for your subscription.
5. Steam Wallet - Please see Below


Note: I still highly discourage buying the game from steam but if you already did because of the free trial available on the platform, here are some info on how to buy a subscription for the game through steam.

When logging on to Mogstation from Steam, it will ask you for your login information on a screen that looks like the image below:

Once Logged on, You can select from the options below:

TIPS: If you do not get the option to select steam wallet, try launching the screen on a different browser. Google Chrome has a known issue with the steam launcher. Try Mozilla Firefox instead.

This was originally intended to be a Steam-only info guide cause it’s high time we made a sort of guide for Steam players. But I realized that it would be helpful to have all the subs info lumped in for a complete guide. This is still far from done and I’ll probably update it along the way. Please feel free to post your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in the comment section. And I’ll do my best to post a response to each of them.
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