Put NBA Infinite in your pocket now as it has been finally released for mobile devices globally

Real-time PvP mobile game NBA Infinite is now available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. As the NBA is one of the most beloved sports in the world, players will have the chance to experience the intensity of a true NBA match through NBA Infinite. Players can assemble a team with their friends to compete in 3v3 encounters or scout who has the most game through 1v1 and Dynasty 5v5 modes.

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Players can collect and build their dream roster of the current NBA stars. Upgrade them and turn the chosen starting five into a championship lineup. Aside from the players, players can also upgrade their coaching staff which in turn will strengthen the defensive and offensive tactics of the team.

“NBA Infinite is a game built from the ground up with players in mind,” said Anthony Crouts, Senior Director, Level Infinite. “Our team is dedicated to creating an experience that matches everything fans love about basketball. Together with the NBA and the NBPA, we have delivered a game that fuels their passion with an immersive experience right on their phone.”

Serving as the face of NBA Infinite is Karl-Anthony Towns. As the first official icon athlete for the game, he will be featured globally along with several other key brand ambassadors including De'Aaron Fox, RJ Barrett, Tobias Harris, Andrew Wiggins, and Jrue Holiday.

For the European markets, the brand ambassador for the region will be the NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert. Along with these star players, they will be joined by veteran NBA announcers, such as Mark Jones for the play-by-play in English-speaking territories, Michael Körner for Germany, Xavier Vaution for France, and Rômulo Mendonça for Brazil.

“NBA Infinite offers the NBA a unique opportunity to engage our fans and bring them closer to the players, the league and each other,” said Adrienne O’Keeffe, VP of Global Partnerships & Media at NBA. “We look forward to bringing the excitement of the NBA to our fans around the world so they can compete anywhere and anytime.”

"Level Infinite and LIGHTSPEED have built a unique gaming experience around the game of basketball," said Josh Goodstadt, Chief Commercial Officer of THINK450, the innovation and partnership engine of the NBPA. "We are thrilled to have so many of our players come on as brand ambassadors, and it reflects their collective passion for gaming. It's so important for us to partner with companies that champion our players - and NBA Infinite does precisely that."


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