Qeon Interactive Is Announcing Their Newest Mobile Game, Final Odyssey Android 


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Dec 28, 2016
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Qeon Interactive Is Announcing Their Newest Mobile Game, Final Odyssey

Early 2017, Qeon Interactive Ltd. is presenting a new game under collaboration with the best game developer in China, NetEase. Unlike the previous games they launched, Final Odyssey will be reaching gamers from several South East Asian countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine and Indonesia.

Here in Final Odyssey, you will experience the thrill of battle against villainous enemies ranging from bandits, demons and even an evil god wanting Arcadia to be destroyed. You’ll be fighting to save the world from destruction. Thus, you have to collect heroes all over Arcadia, building strategies based on the their skills to defeat your enemies. There are more than 50 heroes to collect. You are going to experience the most exciting adventure in this epic journey!

In the beginning of your acquaintance to Final Odyssey, you are going to witness the dumbfounding battle between two old enemies in Arcadia, Jin and Kyo. Neither of them realised that the power they released in the battle had broken the seal of Youdu’s Ancient Gate, opening the door to the dark world. From the very gate, the gigantic demon Ashura appeared. Knowing well that Ashura could easily kill them had they stay fixated on the battle between themselves, they decided to work together. Your mission is to assist them in defeating Ashura.

One of the unique features in Final Odyssey is the Voice Chat feature. All you’ll have to do is to tap on an icon to communicate with other players in Final Odyssey. This feature is extremely useful in building up strategy against enemies and it’s guaranteed to spice up your excitement in PVP battle and dungeon raid!

Final Odyssey is going to be launched in English. This game is available for Android and iOS users to be downloaded and played for free. Visit our official fan page Final Odyssey for news on Final Odyssey: http://bit.ly/fanpageFO