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Discussion in 'PS4' started by geekyrose, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. geekyrose

    geekyrose Newbie Gamer

    Hi Pinoy Gamers!

    Noob Question.. I have a PS4 and I've been wanting to play PS3 games using PSN. I have 3mbps plan from PLDT, but when I tried to connect to PSN and tried this game. I have an error showing that my internet is not enough to run the game.

    Is 3mbps not enough to run PSN games? A friend told me it works for him, smooth and zero lag. But I also heard some people says that it's the ping or the latency, that even though I upgrade my speed to 5mbps, it wouldn't work because of that. If so, how should I improve mine? If the only choice is to upgrade to 5mbps, I'll do so in a heartbeat. But for now, I want to try everything first. If someone here knows how to tinker the home network, please do guide me. I'm good at following instructions.

    Thank you! :)

    EDIT: My PS4 is connected via ethernet.
  2. AzureYukiPoo

    AzureYukiPoo Casual Gamer

    As you mentioned that you are already connected via wire/lan cable.

    I would ask if you have a router and if there are a lot of people using your internet because that could be a factor when it comes to high ping and latency issues. Yes upgrading is the easy option but i would suggest having a good QoS(Quality of Service) wherein it will prioritize your gaming over downloads or other people hogging the net. A quick google search for how to activate your QoS is fine because routers and modems have different interfaces..
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  3. ojitoy

    ojitoy Newbie Gamer


    mine is connected din kaso 5mbps mabilis nmn sya tska a pag kakaalam ko sa pldt wala slang data capping unlike sa globe.
  4. Dreadnaught911

    Dreadnaught911 Newbie Gamer

    No problems with mine try mo na ikaw lang naka connect.
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