Quick Battleground Guide for Ragnarok Mobile


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May 11, 2015
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1. What is a Battleground?
Basically, Battleground is a randomized team vs team (Red vs Blue) with gameplay rules similar to WOE (No Assumptio, damage and flee reductions etc). Whether you win or lose the game, you will earn badges that can be exchanged with items.

2. Modes
This mode is basically WOE Second Edition - Destroy 2 guardian stones, barricades and eventually the emperium. As defending team you can move around the map by clicking on the Flags.

This mode is basically WOE First Edition (Payon, Prontera, Geffen, Aldebaran]. Work your way toward the emperium room as the attacking team, and keep your emperium safe as defending the team. Whoever holds the emperium when time ends will be the winner.

[Capture The Flag]
Your objective is to get on the other team base, take their crystal and walk back toward your own base. Note that when you carry the 'flag', your movement speed will be reduced, you cant use any skill and if you die, you'll drop your flag.

Basically, the aim of this mode is whoever team reaches the KO count first will win.

[Triple Inferno]
This mode is a 3-way fight. When you kill someone they will drop a skull, collect these enemy team skulls and bring them back to your own base for points. Whichever team reaches point target first will win the game.

[Eye of The Storm]
You start on the right end of the map and your goal is to bring the Neutral Objective to the North/South bases on the right end of the map. On repeated capture actions there will be a reward point. Whichever team reaches target point first will be the winner.

P.S: Emperium, Barricades, or other breakable objects on Battleground works differently than WoE. They only take 1 damage from normal attacks AND skills (yes, Lord of Vermillion works brilliantly as far as I know) and have around 150-200ish HP.

3. How to Join?
Use @joinbg to join the queue. Take note that if you are idle for a minute you'll be kicked out of the game.