Quick guide to all Hero Ultimates and how to respond.


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May 11, 2015
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Death Blossom unloads Reaper's weapons extremely rapidly in the direction of all nearby enemies. He can move around while using it, and can still be killed. HIS ULT IS INTERRUPT-ABLE. Stuns will stop it, like a Roadhog hook, McCree flashbang and various other ultimates.

(tip vs a reaper: His discarded guns stay on the ground for a short amount of time after he reloads- you can use this to your advantage to know where an enemy reaper is, and also to know he might have full ammo charged and ready to kill.)

Barrage hits extremely hard, but also makes Pharah vulnerable to attacks throughout the duration (3 seconds). Parah can also jump through the air (10 second CD) and can hover. While hovering, she moves fairly slow.

(tips vs a Pharah: When playing is Pharah, you can actually use your own rockets to eliminate another Pharah's incoming rockets. Surprisingly, getting in close range of Pharah isn't that bad of an idea- she can take damage from her own rockets!)

When Deadeye is activated, McCree surveys and targets all of the enemies in his field of view, before rattling off a huge volley of firepower that delivers a series of one-shot kills. The closer to death an enemy is, the faster McCree will zone in on them as a target. Specifically, every 100 HP they have will add an extra second to the time it takes to charge up.

(tips vs a McCree: Mobility and range are two of McCree's greatest weaknesses. Getting out of "HIGH NOON"s line of sight and keeping a slight distance from his flashbang are pretty much all you need to render him useless.)

Tactical Visor is essentially an ultra-accurate "Aim-Assist" that makes it extremely easy to flick between targets and polish them off in quick succession. This ability auto-focuses on the chest areas of enemies, PREVENTING him from pulling off more critical headshots. Tactical Visor lasts 6 seconds.

(tips vs a Soldier 76: He excels at medium range, which means anyone who gets really close to him can cause a major problem. McCree, Reaper and Tracer are both tough encounters in this regard and he is easily stopped by Mei. Her freezing effects can leave him unable to Sprint to safety and top up his health.)

Pulse Bomb is quite easy to use and doesn't need much explanation. She places a sticky bomb at the target, which lasts for little more than one second before exploding. The damage it does is very impressive, however, and it's powerful enough to obliterate all but the toughest of enemy tanks.

(tips vs a Tracer: Since she can be hard to target, heroes that have auto aim abilities, like Winston's zap cannon are ideal to use. Slowing or stunning effects also prove useful against her provided you are confident with aiming. Watch out for Zarya or Mei ulti. Tracer's ultimate combos extremely well with their's.)

Dragonblade lasts for 8 seconds and allows Genji to hack and slash his way around the battlefield, leaving only corpses in his wake. He can use Deflect and Swift Strike while it's active, but CANNOT throw projectiles. Also, the cooldown on his Swift Strike ability is reset if he gets a kill or assist.

(tips vs a Genji: Deflect has an 8 second CD. Waiting for him to finish deflecting is a great time to go in for the kill. Heroes that can use Crowd Control are devastating vs a Genji. Use that knowlege to your advantage. In terms of mobility, Winston actually has more than Genji!)



Infra-Sight lasts 15.5 seconds and gives her teammates view of the entire enemy team, as well as turrets and even Symmetra's Teleporter!

(tips vs a Widowmaker: Heroes that have great flanking potential like Tracer, Reaper and Genji will prove extremely useful. Only a few shots is enough to take her out.)

A well-aimed Dragonstrike can take out multiple heroes- if not the entire team. Usually used for clearing an objective or just for kills.

(tips vs a Hanzo: Roadhog hook and Genji deflects can be fairly annoying for Hanzo. Another sniper or horizontal fire (Pharah) should be able to take him out.)

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