R-Planet a new NFT military based strategy game now available on Android and iOS

R-Planet, a mobile real-time strategy game with a military theme by WECAN Dev, has officially released its open alpha. Players can create their own network of bases in the play-to-earn NFT game to gather an army and defeat their enemies. In order to win more battles and receive more rewards, players can also band together with their teammates.


Players can expect to acquire resources in R-Planet using NFTs, with varying rights based on the NFT's single-use or multiple-use purpose. Players can experiment with three different factions as well. While the Warriors take pleasure in their potent combat drones, the Masterminds are particularly proud of their swift battle drones and cutting-edge transporters. The opponent can be rendered helpless by the Renegades' covert hacker attacks, on the other hand.

Along with its tiny satellite Hollow, R-Planet is a remote sphere of hostile regions that is currently traveling across space. Due to its plentiful reserves of four priceless minerals, which can be utilized to create a variety of materials and useful products, the planet became the desired home for many animals.

They consist of heroes. The advanced animals that are the ancestors of heroes escaped to the R-Planet to avoid certain death. The battle for their new home is currently taking place.


Once players have decided which faction best fits their playstyle, they can start building their base and using their dome as an initial defense against attacks for the first four days. They can increase their mining capability, grow their base, seize new ones, or cooperate with other players online.

Everything you appreciate about conventional military strategies is present in R-Planet. Prior to starting, you should choose the side you want to play on. Three groups can be identified:
  • Masterminds are known for being the fastest battle drones and transporters
  • Warriors are famous for combat drones of vast power and have more builders than the others
  • Renegades are great in robberies and hacker attacks
R-Planet is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for mobile devices if you want to get in on the action. Visit the official website for additional details about the game, or join the Twitter following to remain informed of all the newest updates.