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Nov 4, 2018
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Wizard build discussion, to start with here is a Raganrok M Wizard-H Wiz Build by LilRui

There many type of wizard build out there.. Now i will share my stats and skill build and Equipment I currently at lv 68 when i wrote this guide, My build isnt the best build out there.. i share this build cause only few pople that share wizard build... so if you have better opinion about skill and stats build please feel free to post your build on this thread.

Status Build
@lv 68

Int - 70
Dex - 60
Vit - 0 (will be added later)

i used to increase int until 70 before i increase my dex. cause i think we need bigger max SP for SP regeneration. and also for better MATK. Why i only increase until 70? I think its already have enough MATK to deal big damage.. But you still need a good staff weapon to give better damage

Dex are very important status for wizard, for next level i will increase my dex until 99 first before increasing my int..
Vit - increase vit for better effect on healing item and max HP. You can sacrifice INT for VIT.. I suggest never sacrifice your DEX for VIT, go for 99 DEX

Skill Build

Fire Bolt 10
Firewall 10
SP Recovery 10
Frost Diver 10

maybe some people think why not use soulstrike 10? Yes it was a good skill until you becoming a wizard..
I used to take soul strike when i was a mage.. after i become a wizard i reset that skill and go for that build.. Cause on the later game you cannot kill anything with soulstrike.. So its was a waste of skill point

No Lightning bolt / cold Bolt?
Wind and Water element will be coverd by wizard skill Strom gust, Jupitell Thunder and Lord of Vermillion..

I go for frost diver for FD - JT combo (Classic Ragnarok Online Combo)


Heaven Drive 1
Stromgust 10
Jupitell Thunder 10
Lord of Vermillion 10
Energy Coat 5
Sight 1
Soul Drain 3

Keep HD on lv 1, its essential for leveling until you got enough dex for fast cast the LOV lv 10..

SG lv 10
Why not keep SG on lv 1? Strom gust are the most powerfull AOE skill that wizard have, even its have a long cast time.. later on high lv that will coverd by enough dex and equipment.. And you need SG to freeze the MVP minions if you on MVP Party, SG lv 1 are fast to cast.. but also fast to Frozen status to break..

LOV 10
Great damage dealer for grinding and kill water element mobs..

Highest damage (For Wizard) for single target skills.. Use this to frozen enemies for max damage..

Used pvp against assasins..

Soul Drain
I just take this skill for free skill point.. nothing special.. its only absorb MP from single target skills like FB, JT ect.. I just go for +%max SP

Energy Coat
Good for support your puny defense.. ^^

High Wizard
This is my recent target for my character..

Mystic Amplification 10
Ignite 10
Flame Shock 10
Stone Curse 5
Quaqmire 5

Mystic Amplification is a MUST. Its make your damage twice big than before use Mystic ampli.. Its last for 30 sec.. but its worth..
Dont ever think not to get this skill.. Just delete your Wizard if you not get this skill.. ^^

Ignite - giving burn status to fire damage skill ( FB, FW, Fireball, Sight trasher) its a passive skills, but needed for Flame Shock combo..

Flame Shock
Actually i dont know if it a good skill or not, but from the description its a sigle target skills which can explode to give AOE damage when your target are on burn status..
(you can give burn from using firewall, so its easy to give that status)
i will update when i already taking this skill

Stone Curse
Great skill for MVP support.. use this kill to freeze the minion, but keep in mind for your MVP party member not to use AOE skills, cause stone curse effect will end when it recive damage..

Used for slowing enemy, i think its will used later in GVG

for the other high wizard skills like safety wall are good. but not for now.. There no GVG right now, or MONK classes..

Right Hand -
[backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248) !important]红十字杖【1】

Orc village staff with 144 MATK and 30 % sp recovery (Upgrade form prontera staff)

Left Hand - 审判者圣像
Izlude Craft with 5 DEF and +5% SP recovery

(Survivor Cape) Geffen Craft with 16 DEF and +75 Max HP
its a combo with survivor rod.. also a geffen craft.. i use to wear this before getting my current staff

Geffen Craft with Movement speed +5 % and sp regen +3

[backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248) !important]创作者外袍

Armor from orc village with 31 DEF, INT +4, MATK +5% and cuts cast time 10% (This what important status)
Its an upgrade from izlude armor which have 24 DEF, Int +2, Matk +3%
[backcolor=rgb(248, 248, 248) !important]

Acc: Clip + Ring from bag that increase max hp
go for acc with MATK, but that need a lot of money cause that prety expensive on auction

(name and equip picture will be added later)

That for my build, my IGN LilRui, ussualy on chanel 17a.. please say hi if you helped by this guide..

High Wizard Job Quest Guide
When you reach job lv 40 for wizard go to Prontera to change job
Talk to NPC with Grand Circlet..

Than Talk to Wizard NPC

Answer the Question : X - X - O

Then go to Geffen Tower and talk to this high wizard

Go to Byalan Lv 2 to find some item from ground.. use fly wing if you didnt want to ride the whale..

Go to other side of Byalan Lv 2 to find other item

Go to the middle up to place the orb..

And prepare for boss fight...
Its a hard boss fight if you go solo.. I dead 20x times before complete this quest cause of the Neptune/Strouf minions...
I use LOV then run or fly wing, and repeat that until it dead...
But if you have Knight + Priest friend to help that better...

After you defeat the boss, return to High Wizard NPC on geffen tower

Go to Upper Prontera, talk to this granny and select the button

Answer the question : O - O - O

Then go inside the building behind the granny, read the book

and... Congratz.. now you are a High Wizard

After you finish job change there are quest unlocked to craft Wizardry Hat.. i dont explain that quest, but its prety easy ^^

For high wizard build i made, you can read this thread..


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Nov 4, 2018
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In terms of DPS which of the 2 staff will yield the highest DPS and why? Calculations of both staff overall MATK and DPS would be highly appreciated to guide aspiring magic wielders


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Nov 4, 2018
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I'm not a wizard myself, but I would say wizardry staff definitely wins in terms of DPS due to the 10% magic atk stat it gives, and if not mistaken refining it to + 10 would also yield another extra 10% or 15% minus in variable cast time. Croce staff has a higher magic atk, and some may argue that it offsets the 10% magic dmg stat of wizardry staff, but at higher levels I would say wizardry staff wins due to the fact that its 10% and scales according to your own magic dmg. Croce staff is better overall for more sustainability when solo farming, something you dont really have to worry about if you have a slave priest with magnifcat buff.


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Nov 4, 2018
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Stats of Wizards are very interesting, sometime complicated. You may have to adjust them for many times to find the one you like, and also your frequency of spell use really affect them.

INT: +MATK, +SP Regen, +MDEF
DEX: -0.03 Variable cast time per point.

It is not really cool that when you are Mage, you will majorly use Bolts, but they have very long variable cast time, your DEX is very good in that stage, but you do not have many Base points.

【Instant Build】When you become Wizard, the most useful skills you will use however have very short cast time, or even instant cast, such as
-Stave Crasher
-Lv 1 Heaven's Drive
-Lv 1 Storm Gust
-Napalm Vulcan,
-Mystical Amplification
-Safety Wall
-Stone Curse
You may need only very low DEX (for every 30 DEX reduce 1 second variable cast time), with blessing, you even need only 10-20 DEX to achieve 0 variable cast time for these skills. It means when you cast these spells as your main way in the game, more DEX from you Mage stage would be a waste.

【Cast Build】However, you spells such as Juptiel Thunder has a very long cast time and you will suffer when you try to kill sohee as an example if you do not have enough DEX. Therefore, if you intend to use these skills as your main spell, you need a high DEX, for about 90 or higher (with job bonus and Blessing, to get -3/4 sec cast time, and -% cast time gears).
-Juptiel Thunder
-High Lv of Heaven's Drive/Storm Gust
-Lord of Vermillion
-Flame Strike
But you need to note that although your DEX reduce your cast time in Seconds, your gears that provide -% cast time is depended on your skills' variable cast time, for example if you have -30% cast time gears and 60 DEX, your spell with 1 Fix cast time and 9 Variable Cast time (10 sec) will become 1 Fix cast time and 9x(1-30%)-2 Variable cast time, as 4.3 sec. As a result, for Cast Build once you have good gears for -% cast time, your investment on DEX will go down quickly.
*For pure Support Wizards, INT may even not the primary stat anymore, VIT and DEX may be a better choice, but it is hardly found this build yet.

I suggest you to have 30 INT at first, and then add your Base point as 1:1 INT : DEX, until you reach a pure 30 DEX then stop DEX and go INT 90, and then decide to become Instant Build or Cast Build. For wizards want to kill eggyras should stop DEX, but if you want farming in Orc Map (with Lex Aeterma) you will have to choose Cast Build. You can refresh your stats in final game when you decide to abandon Bolts and Thunders to become MVP/Support build, as currently this is a popular build.


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Nov 4, 2018
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1000 matk with 0% -MDEF deal about 14.8 dmg per 1% ghost dmg to eggs, (2220 dmg at NV lv1, and +740 per NV lv)

with -15% gear it become 15.35 (+3.6%), and -30% could be a +7.2%, so is 15.86/1% ghost dmg, as 2380 dmg at NV lv1.

Eggyra HP is 11216, so with your -30% gear u need 11216/15.86=707.2% ghost dmg, however your NV Lv10 only has 600%.

So u need to have Mystic Amplification. Each Lv of it provides about +3.8% (consider MDEF), so Lv10 MA brings 15.86x138%=21.88dmg/1%, then u need 11216/21.88=512% dmg, this time a Lv9 NV can reach 1shot.

However, a Lv9 NV will drain your SP very quickly. Try to increase your MATK, or you will have to bring Shoes, Croce Cross and other SP regen gears with u.


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Nov 4, 2018
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i like the guide but stopped at 20 dex because i noticed that my insta cast magic crasher does just as much dps (if not more) than my bolts. im sure dex will be more usefull later on though when you get lord of vermilion and high wiz skills.

i'm also going for a rank 3 Survivor's rod instead of croce because its similar in crafting costs, maybe a little more but you'll get 64+ 180 MATK from it. also 3 int. the final upgrade gives another DEX +2、INT +7、MaxHP +15%


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Nov 4, 2018
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High Wizard Guide in ragnarok mobile

you can get high wizard in just few weeks using of following area grind

[BASE LEVEL 10-40] sunken ship at rods frog (recommended to get leecher HW or wiz with hd)
[BASE LEVEL 41-50]
Ghost ship at skel (leech mode or duo party)
[BASE LVL 51-64] payon cave 1 (leech or party trio )

make sure all your stats points goes only in INT so you get INT 91+ at 65 so you can 1hit the eggyra at High wizard level 65 with job level 10 using of napalm vulcan[6] and amplifier[4] and ofcourse matk 1200+ and rfg matk 160+

MATK 1200+ AND RFG MATK 160 will be done if you have :

stats INT 91+ with equip of
+4[Crosce staff]
+4[Eye of dullahan]
+4[Earring III]
[Robe of cast]
[Staunch Robe]
[Staunch boots]
[Book of Magic III]
Make sure each of equip had enchant stat of Matk 15+


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Nov 13, 2018
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Budget Wiz MS build by ‎Karl Nicolai Flores

Since a lot of people are asking stuff about my wizard na naka Meteor Storm build, I then decided na gawin na lang tong simple guide na to para malaman nyo kung pano makukuha yung MS na no cast.

1st Question : Pano ba makuha yung meteor storm?
- Need mo muna makuha yung aesir monument(Sa valkyrie sa guild hall) and once na maging High Wizard ka na balik ka sa valkyrie para sa quest na i a-upgrade monument mo to Tier2

2nd question : San dun yung meteor storm?
-May 2 path na pwede kunin meteor storm sa aesir. In my case, kinuha ko yung wind element path since makakatipid ako ng gold medal dun at medyo helpful saken yung wind damage since nag LoV type ako sa anolians before ko makuha yung meteor storm

3rd question : Anong level needed para maging useful ang meteor storm(skill level)?
-For me, level 4 siya magiging pinakauseful since sa level 1-2 mahina pa bawas per meteor

4th question : Pano ididistribute yung stats points ng wiz?
-All int muna then pag na maxed out mo na, go for dex hanggang maging -15s cast time ng meteor storm. After nun, Vit naman.

5th question : Ano ideal equip na budget wise for MS build?
-In my case, my equips are Robe of Cast, orleans server and gloves, staunch cape and boots, int earring 1 upgrade(pulube ako), lich staff, magic eyes, yung cat na mukha, saka yung arrow from arena shop something. Oo di pa complete set ko kase nagiipon pa ako hahahaha

6th question : Ano gamit kong cards?
-Wala. Pulube ako as in hahaha

7th question : Gumagamit ba ako ng food buffs and meals?
-Oo mahina pa kase bawas ko as of the moment. Pag tag tipid gamit ko lang is food buffs(yung cake na 2star)

8th question : Is there a way para ma compute yung needed na cast time reduction from equips and dex sa stats?
-Yes there is a way. Ganto kase yun :
10% cast time reduction = (-1.5 seconds sa cast time)
Every 3 dex = (-0.1 seconds sa cast time)

9th question : Ilan na nagagastos kong gold medals para sa level 4 MS?
-48 gold medals na. Check nyo na din pic na ilalagay ko dito sa pic para sa contribution

10th question : Pano ba makakakuha ng maraming guild contribution at gold medals?
-Donations and boss hunt. Once na makakita ka ng rare item na needed for guild donations, it's either you can go for boss hunt on maps or hunt ng specific boss sa ET using roguard para malaman kung anong floors yung mga boss.

11th question : Paano ako nakapagipon pang equips ko?
-Eggyra is life. Nabuhay ako date sa eggyra from level 69 up until 80.

12th question : Any pet ba pwede gamitin?
-Since pinakita ko kung paano ma calculate yung cast time reduction ng meteor storm, you can choose sa mga to for your pet:
Isis - Kung need mo additional 5% cast time reduction
Sohee - magic attack
Lunatic = refine m.attack
Gumamit ako ng 6 gifts for isis para sure catch

13th question : Naglaro ba ako ng CN kaya alam ko tong mga to?
-Hindi. Nag google lang din ako ng ibang info then the rest experiment na lang at explore ng mismong game.

Extra question : Ano current skill build ko?
-Check nyo na lang pics sa post na to. Di pa ako nakakapag reset since ubos skill reset rod ko.

Hopefully makatulong sa inyo to lalo na sa mga aspiring wizards out there. Happy Gaming and good luck!


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Nov 13, 2018
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Comprehensive Hwiz Build & Stats by Ian Jay P. Manila‎

Item Build Wizardy Build)
  • Staff of wizardy(upgrade IV piercing staff)
  • Robe of cast(upgrade IV mage coat)
  • Staunch Cape(craft morroc)
  • Staunch Shoes(Vagabond Wolf)
  • Orleans Server(Edgga)
  • Orleans Gloves(Phreoni)
  • Eye Of Dullahan(Orc Lord)
  • Magic Eyes(Wind Ghost/BP pet adven)<COIF[1]
  • Elven Ears(GiEarth/BP pt adven)<MONOCLE
  • Angry Snarl(Goblin Leader)

Overall stat bonus(excluded enchant)
  • +3 wizardy(+10 if upgrade IV)
  • +4 ROC (+11 at max)
  • +5 EyeOD(+8 at max)
  • +2 Elven Ears
Basic: +14 Max: +31

  • +5 EyeOD(+8 at max up)
  • +2 OrleansG(+5 at max up)
Basic: +7(-0.2sec CT) Max: +13(-0.4sec CT)
*may vary

Matk % Ad'l Damage
  • +10% Wizardy(+15% if upgrade IV)
  • +15% Wizardy+EyeOD set effect
  • +0% EyeOD(+15% if +15 refine)
  • +10% OrleansG(+13% if upgrade V)
  • +5% Elven Ears
  • +5% RobeOC(+10% if upgrade IV)
Basic: +45% Max: +73%

Cast Time Variable
  • -0% Wizardy(-10% Refine +10 w/ EyeOD set effect)
  • -20% Orleans set Effect
  • -10% RobeOC
  • -10% Staunch set
  • -10% Magic Eyes
  • -10% Angry Snarl
Basic: -60% CT max -70% CT

MS Guide:

To unlock MS:
Default Path: 24k contrib 48 gold medal
Alternate Path 1(video separate post): 34.5k contrib 24 gold medal
Alternate Path 2(photo separate post): 22k contrib 28 badge
Level 1 MS is simply not enough To be effective you need minimum MS level to 4.

For Fast Cast MS basic -60% CT and 150 up dex(may vary) & isis pet -5% will give you 0.30sec casting time for MS

For sting grind/farm. Buying of Peco Peco Egg Card is a must. Aim for atleast 2hitting Sting with MS.

If -70% CT lesser dex is needed(please do your personal stat distribution for calibration)

MATK Bonus(refine and matk from addtl int not included)
  • +97 wizardy(+155 if upgrade IV)
  • +66 EyeOD(+99 if UP IV)
  • +60 OrleanG
Basic: 223 Max: 314

Summary set stats:
  • +14 int
  • +7 dex
  • +45% Matk
  • -60% Cast time
  • +223 Matk(refine not inc)
  • +31 int
  • +13 dex
  • +73% Matk
  • -70% Cast time
  • +314 Matk(refine not inc)

Hwiz Zeny Spending Priority guide:
1) Complete above equipment(start with staff,ROC etc except headwears)
2) Upgrade IV (Wizardy & RobeOC) ✳UPGRADE(100%safe permanent stats) vs REFINE(not 100% safe minimal gain per refine)
3) Unlock Advance Enchant(very important) upper right Cat NPC at Geffen(aprox budget 1-1.5m) This is the only enchant that mora coins should be used. Intermedite or lower is a waste of Mora coins(10 friendship voucher=1mora coin 100 voucher per day.
<Aim for enchant matk,+INT,+Dex,-CT%,+% MATK>
4) Contrib and Gold medal(self explanatory)

Least priority.
1) spending refine beyond +4 (+5 above little addition at more expense)

For Cheaper initial build you can use Lich Staff initially for -20% CT then if you get more zeny make the transistion to Wizardy build.(Pros: Budget Friendly for starters, No Cast MS easir to achieve Cons: Less +% matk additional bonus)

From Wizardy build you can transistion to elemental fusion staff build but it will only be very effective if you can manage to hold it at refine +8(+30% aoe damage) or +10(40% aoe damage)=TOTAL at 20%(base)+40%(refine +10)+10%(upgrade IV) total 70% AOE pair it with Flame Earings for 10% fire damage in exchange of EOD but if your eod is +10 stick with it. Please note that this build is dependent from having a suffragium priest with you as this build has lesser -CT% variable stats.
  • other equip sets not stated above please check details on other sources
  • mathemathics on this guide may not be perfect
  • items stated fit to gameplay of owner
  • i will be updating this from time to time
  • gameplay is mix F2P(30%) and P2P(70% because i have no time to grind to achieve whats on photo but doesnt mean F2P cant achieve this its just it takes more time to build)

(+10WS vs +10 EFS video)

For reading this comprehensive guide pm me for the secret 12 badge opening to ms path.

Current max Matk with 6pcs 4 1/2 star Food buff 2,870 at 99 int(plus bonus stats)
if at 99 dex 75+ int 2,638