Ragnarok Begins Announces 2023 6-Month Content Roadmap

Gravity Interactive has officially given a preview of new content to be released through the second quarter of this year, alongside a huge update for their side-scrolling MMORPG, Ragnarok Begins, which launched in November 2022 for both PC and Mobile. The new “Mystery of the Pyramid” content update launched on January 25th, with highlights including a new field boss, battlefield, and a card pack bundle in the diamond shop. The update features major “valentines” themes, alongside new costumes, content, balance adjustments, cash shop items and more.


The development content roadmap previewed is the first content preview given by Gravity Interactive, and assures players that many additions and changes are planned for the game. With a major update planned for each of the six months previewed in the roadmap, players have a lot to be excited about and plan for. Like a true evolving MMORPG, many updates are based around real-world events, such as Easter and Cinco De Mayo. New areas in the world map are also planned to be released, such as Geffen.


January Update, “Mystery of the Pyramid” Highlights:
  • A new field boss called Amon-ra
  • New Battlefield, Ancient Ziggurat in Morroc
  • Valentine’s costume bundle & Card Pack Bundle available in the diamond shop
February Update, “Time of Love” Highlights:
  • Arena Valhalla Event
  • Valentine’s day event
  • Ragnarok Begins 100th day event
March Update, “Mechanical Town” Highlights:
  • Einbroc area to be opened
  • New item smelting system
  • St. Patrick’s day event
April Update, “April Fools!” Highlights:
  • April Fool’s day event
  • Easter event
  • New Trophy system
May Update, “Party and Challenge” Highlights:
  • Cinco De Mayo event
  • Arena of Valhalla PVP ranking update and event
  • Rare monsters on the Bounty Board
June Update, “Explore Geffen!” Highlights:
  • Geffen area to be opened
  • New Field Boss
  • New unique Tier equipment
For more information on Ragnarok Begins and to view patch notes or the development road map, visit the official site here. Ragnarok Begins fans can follow the game on Twitter and Facebook to be informed about upcoming events, giveaways, server updates and more. The cross-platform title is available globally for players on PC as well as on mobile for players in North America.

About Gravity Interactive

Gravity Interactive was founded in California in early 2003 when the online gaming industry in North America was still at a rudimentary stage of development. Since then, it has been actively servicing Gravity games to North American gamers as well as numerous other gamers from different countries.

Gravity Interactive, Inc. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Gravity Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Gravity Co., Ltd. is widely known for its successful development of the internationally acclaimed MMORPG title Ragnarok Online and is currently servicing the game to a wide range of gamers around the globe.

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