Ragnarok Begins Combat Guide

Ragnarok Begins is the newest installment of Gravity in the Ragnarok franchise. This guide will walk you through the combat aspect of the game.


Ragnarok Begins Guide List​

Ragnarok Begins is a side-scrolling MMORPG set in the early years of Midgard, precisely 100 years before the events of Ragnarok Online, wherein a feud between Odin's worshippers and Freya's worshippers are ongoing.

As the game is reported to be released sometime this winter for PC and mobile, here’s a guide that you might need, to know what are the features of the game and how to get around it. Add to that, Ragnarok Begins supports cross-platform play.

Skill Types


For each skill, there is a set casting method that is classified into three types:
  • Activated upon input: Skill is used immediately.
  • Activated when input is released: The skill is activated after the keyboard shortcut key of the skill is released.
  • Casting during input: The skill’s casting process can be completed while moving and the corresponding hotkey is being held down. The skill will be activated after the casting is complete and the hotkey is released.


As each monster belongs to a certain attribute, they have a certain affinity that connects them to the attribute that they are under. The attribute values of each monster can be checked in the Detailed Monster Info section of the Adventure Index’s Monster Manual. Using the equipment and skills that match the attribute can incur additional effects.

To check the attribute values of your character, go to the Character Info menu then the Stats-Attributes section. You can also check the Enhancement/Resistance levels for each attribute.

Status Effects


There are various status effects that will occur when a debuff skill is used. They are as follows:
  • Stun: No actions can be done.
  • Blind: All attacks are nullified.
  • Knockback: A pushback effect occurs.
  • Slow: Movement speed decreases.
  • Entangle: Unable to move.
  • Silence: Unable to use skills.
  • Petrification/Sleep: All actions are disabled.

To remove these status effects, there’s an item that you can use to remove all debuff effects.

Monster Type


Aside from their body size grade, monsters also have a type grade that can be spotted in the front of their name. Monster stats differ per grade and these grades are normal → elite → boss.
  • Normal: The normal grade monsters have similar stats to players that are in the same level as them
  • Elite: The elite grade monsters drop special rewards and their stats are double of those of normal monsters.
  • Boss: The boss grade monsters drop special rewards and their stats are double of those of elite monsters.

Information on monster types can be checked in the Types section in the Adventure Index Monster Manual’s Basic Info menu.



In the game, you can choose to battle automatically by clicking the Auto-Combat button located in the main screen next to the skill slots or you can just press the ‘Delete’ key. You can change the auto-combat settings in the Game Settings. When you press the ‘ESC’ key, the Auto Controls on the Game Option menu appears and after starting the auto-combat, you can adjust the range through Range Settings, which is next to the Auto-Combat icon. You are allowed to set auto-use criteria for recovery skills/potions. Also, for when to stop auto-combat. You can also set what grade items you’re willing to dismantle when your inventory becomes full during auto-combat.

Level Penalties


Penalty will be given to players who hunt monsters that exceed a +10 range from their character’s level. This only applies to normal fields. The penalty will be less EXP, Zeny, and fewer items to be acquired. To know which monsters that the penalty applies to, they are distinguished by their level. If the monster level is displayed in yellow then the penalty is not applied but if it’s in red then the penalty is applied.

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) will officially launch on November 15th, 2022 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Sadly, the game’s mobile platform will only be available to players residing in the US and Canada. Thankfully, the PC platform will be available for all players worldwide. Pre-installation of the game will open on November 15th, 2022 at midnight 12:00 AM Pacific Time for both mobile and PC platforms. If interested, you can pre-register the game, for PC, here.

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