Ragnarok Begins Housing Guide

Ragnarok Begins is the newest installment of Gravity in the Ragnarok franchise. This guide will walk you through the housing configuration.

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Ragnarok Begins Guide List​

The game is a side-scrolling MMORPG set in the early years of Midgard, precisely 100 years before the events of Ragnarok Online, wherein a feud between Odin's worshippers and Freya's worshippers are ongoing.

As the game is reported to be released sometime this winter for PC and mobile, here’s a guide that you might need, to know what are the features of the game and how to get around it. Add to that, Ragnarok Begins supports cross-platform play.

Housing Configuration

To enter your house, you can tap the “H” key. Purchasing and installing items for your house requires housing coins that are acquired through the infinite safe furniture. Note that your house is shared by all characters that you own and the placed furniture will be the same for new characters.

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Depending on the cooking skill level of each character, different meals can be produced. Of course, cooking tools will be needed. Also, visiting other players’ houses is allowed.

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To access your account storage, click the Common Storage icon on the right side of the Housing screen.

Purchase and Placement

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To purchase furniture, tap the Furniture Shop icon on the right side of the Housing screen. To place the purchased furniture, tap the Decoration icon to use the placement function. Housing coins are the currency that you will have to use to purchase furniture. If there is unused furniture in your house, you can select to remove and store it.

Functional Furniture

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There is a Coin Furniture that produces Housing Coins. Obviously, you can acquire coins that you can use for Housing furniture as well as for leveling up functional furniture. You can place 3 in your house, which you can level up to level 5. In a set period of time, you can acquire coins from here once you have visited your house. The rewards you can acquire depends on otis furniture level.

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Stamina is needed when hunting normal monsters and some furniture provides it. Placing time compressor furniture will allow you to obtain additional Stamina. You can place 3 and once a set period of time passes, you can acquire your Stamina. You can level it up to level 5, though rewards will differ based on your level.

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There are some furniture that can be used to make cooking ingredients. Placing cooking ingredient manufacturing furniture will allow you to obtain certain ingredients. You can place 3, which you can level up to level 5. Note that creating ingredients will take a certain amount of time and depending on the number of ingredients you want to make, the time required in creating it will differ. Moreover, the ingredients you can create will depend on your level.

House Score

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The Decoration Score will increase every time a piece of furniture is placed. However, even if several pieces of furniture of the same type are placed, it won’t matter as the corresponding number of total rooms is what will be counted for the decoration score. The number of rooms can be increased by moving house, which will then increase your score. Note that the Decoration Score has a maximum limit.

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Each piece of furniture has a different score that will be added to your Owned Score, which is the number of points you get for every piece of furniture you have. There is no limit.

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If you want to increase your House Level, you must increase your House Score. Collect the points required to level up then tap the Level Up button. Your house will not level up automatically even if you have already surpassed the House Score that is needed, so make sure to press that Level Up button. The House Level will not decrease after it's been raised.

Ragnarok Begins (WEST) will officially launch on November 15th, 2022 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Sadly, the game’s mobile platform will only be available to players residing in the US and Canada. Thankfully, the PC platform will be available for all players worldwide. Pre-installation of the game will open on November 15th, 2022 at midnight 12:00 AM Pacific Time for both mobile and PC platforms. If interested, you can pre-register the game, for PC, here.

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