Ragnarok Begins: Tips on how to find a party in Endless Tower

Players have voiced their concerns regarding their issues with Endless Tower in Ragnarok Begins. In response, the developers have released an update about tips that can help players in finding an Endless Tower Party.


The developers shared two ways in how to find a party in the Endless Tower. The first way is the following:

1.) You can create or find an Endless Tower Party by first selecting “Find Party. This is located at the top left corner, underneath character information.”

1st tip.png

2.) From here, click the cog icon as shown below.

1st tipp.png

3.) Once taken to “Party Goal Settings”, please select "Endless Tower (1-10F)

1st tippp.png

4.) Select “Set Goal” and see the list of parties to join and conquer the Endless Tower!

1st tipppp.png

The second way is:

1.) Click “Party Auto-Search”.

2nd tip.png

2.) Click on ‘Endless Tower’ Tab on top.

2nd tipp.png

3.) Click ‘Find Party’, and you will be enlisted for the Endless Tower Party!

I hope that helped you. Good luck in your endeavors in Midgard!

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