Ragnarok Begins Ultimate Item Guide (Selling, Dismantling, Combining, etc.)

The action-packed prequel Ragnarok Begins is set 100 years before the MMO. You'll take part in frantic sidescroller combat, find a ton of riches, and read an intriguing story.


Ragnarok Begins Guide List​

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This new release is a significant prelude to the MMO plot and is a part of franchise producer Gravity Interactive's massive expansion of the series. There are four categories of equipment: weapons, secondary equipment, armor, and accessories.

Weapon categories
  • Wand, staff, spear, two-handed axe, one-handed mace, two-handed mace, one-handed axe, two-handed axe, and bow (11 in total).
  • When utilizing a two-handed weapon, secondary equipment is not permitted to be loaded.
[Types of improvised equipment]
  • Books/Shields (2 in total).
  • One-handed weapons and secondary equipment can both be equipped.
[Sorts of armor]
  • Comes in three varieties: heavy armor, leather, and cloth.
  • Each armored region (there are five in all: head, top, gloves, bottom, and shoes) has an item that may be attached to it.
  • No matter the type of armor, every gear is wearable in each place.
Sell items through your inventory and shop NPC’s


  • Through the Inventory menu and the store NPC feature, you may sell items. As needed, use the Sell All and Sell windows.
  • Earn Zeny by selling goods.
  • Options for the Sell All function can be set.


  • You may disassemble objects from the Inventory menu to get a variety of material goods.
  • It is possible to collect the common materials needed to build equipment.
  • Consumables, resources, and cards cannot be taken apart.
  • The Costume Extraction function is used for costume disassembly
Costume Extraction
Obtain costume tickets through costume extraction
  • You can obtain a costume ticket through costume extraction.
  • The costume selected as the extraction material will disappear.
  • You can purchase costumes in the costume shop using costume tickets.
  • You can try on costumes at the costume shop without buying them.
Crafting and Combining
Craft items using equipment crafting materials


  • The crafting NPC may be used to get higher quality goods.
  • Items of a normal/advanced grade can be found in the wild.
  • Each village's crafting NPC provides a unique selection of goods.
The following are the many region categories for finding crafting supplies.

[Areas for material acquisition]
  • Common materials: Obtainable through combining, dropping items, and dungeon rewards.
  • Exclusive materials: available only through field research.
Combining items obtained through dismantling and collecting
Common materials that may be combined are among the objects obtained from disassembling, and combining is achievable through material combination NPCs.
  • Combining can be used to gather the materials needed for making.
  • Materials that can be gathered in the field and used to refine equipment can be combined.
  • The materials needed for weapon refinement can be combined.
  • The materials needed for armor refinement can be combined.


  • Refining allows for the strengthening of equipment.
  • Blacksmith NPCs can be used to improve equipment. Certain materials are used during refining, and the quantity and kind depend on the stage.
[Stages 1–10 of refining]
  • It is possible to modify weapons and accessories using oridecon.
  • Elunium is a metal that may be refined to make armor and other equipment.
[Stages 11–15 of refining]
  • Enriched Oridecon: Useful for enhancing tools and accessories.
  • Enriched Elunium: Can be used to hone secondary and armored gear.

You can check the designated equipping part for each card in the Item Info window.


  • A part cannot be equipped with cards that don't fit on it.
  • Card attachments are not permitted on secondary equipment.

Enchant may be used to provide extra effects to every items.

Through enchant NPCs, several extra effects can be added to items.


  • Enchantment adds three new stat categories independent of the quality of the item.
  • The extra stats that may be acquired for each piece of equipment vary.
  • Click the probability button in the Enchant menu to view the Enchant Effects list.
When enchanting, a specific material is consumed.
  • Zeny and books on Mora Spells can be used to enchant.
Combining Various Materials
  • Refining/crafting Material combination
  • The material combination NPC makes it easy to combine materials for refining, crafting, and fragments.
[Combination of refining materials]
  • Refining requires a combination of oridecon and elunium.
  • Combine to get superior refractory materials.
[Combination of crafting materials]
  • Materials obtained through equipment disassembly are needed for crafting.
  • A variety of crafting supplies can be purchased.
Equipment Sets


Each equipment set's impact is activated in grades.
Some equipment items have predetermined effects, which are gradually activated based on the quantity of predetermined items used.
  • The set effect is triggered by equipping multiple set items.
  • There are two formats (equipping 2/4/6 of a set or 3/5 of a set) for gradual effect activation.

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