Ragnarok Bonus Party EXP System FAQ


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Sep 20, 2018
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The new Bonus Party EXP System will be added on 27 September 2018, Thursday, after the server maintenance along with the massive 2-2 Transcendent jobs update.

We have thus prepared a FAQ to explain more about this new party EXP system, and it is definitely better than before!

Q: How does the system work?
A: For example, in a 2-player party, a monster which gives 1000 EXP will now give 1030 EXP due to the 3% bonus.
Each player will then get 515 EXP, as the total EXP is shared among the number of players (2 in this case).

Q: Is there a minimum level difference?
A: The sharing of EXP requires the level difference of players not to be more than 15. If it is over 15 levels, the sharing of EXP will be canceled. This is similar to the current party setting.

Q: Must all players in the party be in the same map or same area to enjoy the bonus party EXP?
A: Yes, all players must be in the same map to enjoy the bonus party EXP.

Q: If 1 or more party members disconnect, change map, or died and did not revive, how will the system work?
A: For example, in a party of 12 players, if 1 member disconnect, change map, or die without revive, the bonus party EXP will change to 11 players instead.

Q: Must players all target and hit the exact same monster to get the bonus party EXP?
A: If you are in the party, any monsters you hit will give bonus party EXP (given that all party members are in the same map).

Q: What if 1 or more players go AFK? Will they get the bonus party EXP as well if they are in the same map?
A: Yes! You can just kick them out of the party

Q: How does "Each Take" or "Even Share" options affect the bonus?
A: The new system only works when the party is in “Even Share” mode.

Q: How will the bonus 50% EXP events affect the bonus party EXP?
A: For example, a monster gives 1000 EXP during normal times. During 50% EXP events, it gives 1500 EXP.
In a 2-player party, the bonus party EXP will be 45. Hence, each player will receive 795 EXP due to the equation (1500/2) + 45.

Do note that the percentage for party bonus EXP does not change.

The team will continue to update and edit this note whenever new information or questions are available. Thank you!