Ragnarok: Eternal Love SEA Episode 4 patch

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Sep 20, 2018
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Maintenance Patch Notes
11th September

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Vending Optimizations
✤ New shopping mode: Use the button on the main interface to switch on/off the vending info.
✤ Shopping mode by default will not display the vending players' name, guild and aura effect.
2. Adjust some cards storing effect that affect the server:
✤ 【Thief Bug Card】stored effect adjusted to :HIT+10
✤ 【Orc Lord Card】stored effect adjusted to : Restore HP with recent dmg received if reflect effect of Orc Lord Card is triggered.
✤ 【Orc Zombie Card】stored effect adjusted to :Dmg to Undead property monsters +10% if Orc Zombie Card is equipped.
✤ 【Archangeling Card】stored effect adjusted to : Restore 5% of MaxHP & MaxSP if Archangeling Card is equipped.
3. Newbie Shop is still in testing phase so it will be adjusted further in CBT server.

SEA Update Here: https://pinoygamer.ph/threads/rom-expansion-4-0-update-notes.6606/

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Beginner Tips and Tricks

■■■ Gameplay optimizations ■■■
1. Optimize auto-battle mode so you can select multiple monsters now. (Hello ROM Tencent, they're like copying each other lol) 2. Optimize skill effect desc, it may now show more detailed duration of casting, cooldown, and delay.
3. Increase Guarding Badge obtained from Big Cat Invasion.
4. You may now check the extra battle time that obtained from partying with mentor/students on Setting interface.
5. Increase the Scholar quest reward of Yuno region.
6. Optimize some graphic shit.

■■■ and 9 bug fixes ■■■
28th August

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Merchant may now learn the "Vending" skill
2. Vending Rules:
✤ Merchant may open your own shop at Prontera or South Field.
✤ You can sell 9 items with skil Lv.1. You can add 1 more item with each levels.
✤ Every channel has chance to show your vending shop, no matter which channel you're at.
3. Selling Rules:
✤ The lowest price of the item (non timer items) can be the same as Market price or 50% lower of Market price ✤ You can also sell timer items that on the Market. The item will be on timer on your vending shop and also the market. The price will be between 50% ~ 200% market price.
✤ You can't sell enchanted equipments and headgears.
✤ Tax and fee will be same as Market.
4. Buying Rules:
✤ It will cost you 75% Zeny of the item price, the rest of 25% of the item price will cost you 4x gift Credit points.
Ex: An item vend with 100k Zeny, you have to pay it with 75k Zeny and 100k Gift Credit.
(Literally, you pay with 75% Zeny and gift credit same amount as selling price) ✤ Your gift credit will be LOCKED if you're buying the timer items on vending shop, until the timer end.
✤ You can't gift the item that bought from vending shop.
5. Party will be adjusted to 6 members/mercenary cats as maximum now.
6. New feature: Quest Book
✤ Arrange all Main story quests from 1.0 until now. You may now check the plot and quests on the quest book.
✤ Every main story quests that completed will be made into jigsaw puzzle. Unlock a certain amount of the puzzle to obtain rewards.
✤ You can also check the headgears and hairstyles that unlocked with bard quests on the book.
7. Optimize Mercenary Cats:
✤ All mercenary cats will gather near the Miss Smile at Prontera and wait to be hired.
✤ You may now unlock the mercenary cats by just talking to them. The original unlocking quests will now give you 10 mercenary vouchers.
✤ You may now hire 2 mercenary cats by default. Players who learned [Mercenary Contract] may hire 4 mercenary cats at the same time.
✤ Hiring period may now be extended with Mercenary Vouchers. You may even extend before the hiring period expired.
8. Poring Fight Optimizations:
✤ Event time extended, you may now register during 20:00 -21:00(GMT+8) every Wednesdays.
✤ If you collected more than 5 apples, you will get a [greedy] buff which increases the damage but slow your speed.
✤ Add new skills and effects. The scenery of Poring Island will be changed too.
✤ Talk to Popo at Prontera South Field to be instantly warped to Poring Island.
9. There will be underline under the name of players on MVP board. Click it to interact.
10. Optimize some graphic shit.
11. Optimize Each take loot mode, the loot sharing range will now be 10 Meters.
12. 14 bug fixes.
14th August

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New Yuno region gameplay:
❖ There will be 5 Harpy eggs appear at fixed spot of Border Checkpoint. Break them all to summon Harpy★ at random spot on the map.
❖ Kill a certain amount of Diabolic at Magma Cave 1F will summon 2 Diabolic★.
❖ Cute Martin "Pow" is looking for food at Einbroch Field, bully it to summon the legendary Martin Princess (fixed spot) ❖ There will be 5 Archangel Guardians spawn weekly at Einbroch Field, kill them all to summon the strong boss of the week. Collect 6 collections from the loot to exchange for a complete version of collection.
❖ There will be 5 Firelord Guardians spawn weekly at Magma Cave 2F. Kill all of them to summon the strong boss of the week. Collect 3 collections from the loot to exchange for a complete version of collection.
❖ Submit a certain materials to Webster, the Researcher at Magma Cave 2F, accept his request and complete it to receive [Reward from Webster] 2. Add new rift fixing raid "Inferno Hell" for Yuno region. Players who reached lv100 may party and enter by talking to the NPC Kalerk Woody at Yuno.
3. Chest quests added to yuno region. There will be 7 daily quests randomly spawned at Yuno city, fields and border checkpoint everyday. Complete ANY 3 of them to receive a mysterious chest from the NPC.
4. Add new main story quest of Yuno region.
5. Dressing stage will be added near the Music player at Prontera South Field. Talk to the NPC and pay 10k Zeny to use the stage. You can also use it with another player.
6. 3rd Job exclusive headgear quests implemented. Talk to the mentor at Adventurer HQ to start the quest.
7. Market gifting rule adjusted: You can't gift to the new friend that added after you bought the item.
8. Optimize skill effect: Enemies' skill circle will be in red color.
9. Remove the warp portal inside Kafra War.
10. 21 bug fixes.
31th July

■■■ Client Update ■■■
✤ Development engine updated, old client can't run the game anymore. Please update your client to the latest version to play, update it on Apple store or Taptap (use VPN or wait hours for new APK release) AFTER THE MAINTENANCE.
✤ FREE HEADGEARS GIVING AWAY from Miu at Prontera Balcony after maintenance.(please feel bad if you still don't know where the heck Miu is in Prontera, also you can only get it once with one account) ✤ System will send everyone 1x Golden Badge, 1x Adventurer Coin, 100x Proof Of Unity, 4x Mora Coins, everyday for 7 days.
✤ Players who login at least 5 days between 31st July ~ 6th August will get: 1x Luxury Repair Fragment, 30x Big Cat Voucher I, 10x Big Cat Voucher II.
✤ New client will be put on Taptap ASAP after maintenance is done: https://www.taptap.com/app/7133 Guest users please remember to bind account before any shit happen. Thanks.

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Yuno quest extended
✤ Add Yuno main story quest Part 2. Players who finish part 1 may get the quest from President at Yuno.
✤ Add Yuno Elite quest : "Snake and the silent planet". Lv99 players may get the quest from 波普利 at Yuno.
✤ Add sub quests of Yuno region.
✤ Lv98,99,100 players may get quests from NPCs at Yuno Wilderness.
✤ Add shining collections of Yuno Region.
✤ Lv98,99,100 players may explore at Yuno & Einbroch Field, Magma dungeon 1F ✤ Add new elegant sit area at Yuno region.
2. New pets available: Lil Witch, Cruiser, Teddy Bear. Catch items can be obtained from Endless Tower. (Old Luxury Clip, Toy Gun, Toy Box). Catch items can also be exchanged with Rainbow Shell.
3. Class exclusive mount
✤ New Rune Knight mount - Wargon. Buy it with 30,000,000Zeny from Cartier at Prontera. Learn Dragon Training to ride it.
✤ New Royal Guard mount- Saint Gale/Night Gale. Buy it with 30,000,000Zeny from Cartier at Prontera.
✤ New Ranger mount - Rhyle. Buy the rental ticket with 198 Bccoins from Cartier at Prontera. Use the ticket to start the quest to get the beast. Then learn Warg Rider to ride it.
✤ New Ranger mount - Garm. Buy the rental ticket with 30,000,000Zeny from Cartier at Prontera. Use the ticket to start the quest to get the beast. Then learn Warg Rider to ride it.
✤ New Mado Gear - Mado Helmet. Buy it with 3,000,000Zeny from Acheson at Prontera. Use it to select 1 of 16 colors Mado Helmet. Can only be used by Mechanic.
✤ New Mado Gear - Mephosto X(and the helmet). uy it with 30,000,000Zeny and 5,000,000 Zeny(the helmet) from Acheson at Prontera.Can only be used by Mechanic.
✤ Gryphons have been trained to fly with low altitude.
4. New 10 actions: Run, beated, fight, normal attack, casting, sleeping, collecting, victory, throwing, class exclusive pose. Some of them can be obtained with achievements or quests.
5. New "RO Community" button, click it to visit Fanart section.
6. New Notification feature
✤ The player that doesn't run the game will get phone notification 2 minutes before the weekly event start.
✤ Switch on/off at More > Setting to decide which kind of event notification you want to receive.
7. Optimization of mentor system and pick up rules.
✤ Searching for mentor/student will be a real time matching now.
✤ You may still be the mentor/student by clicking target's avatar.
✤ Mentor may receive 30% battle time bonus of the consumption of student's battle time if Mentor is in Premium status and party with students. (Ex: Mentor get 18 sec of stamina for every minute of student stamina consumed). Max 120 minutes of stamina can be obtained with this method everyday.
✤ In Each Take mode, the stamina, droprates,and EXP of party members that out of the pick up area will not be affected by each others now.
8. Optimization of cooking system
✤ Simplified the eating action. Now you may select char or pet to eat it. Food can be eaten massively.
✤ Food may now be cooked massively too, just select the ingredients or recipes.
✤ Cancel the satiety limit, you may now eat unlimitedly... be fat...
✤ New food buff stacking rules: Increase your gourmet level to increase the food stacking buff limit. The old buff will be replaced if you still consume the food after you reach the limit.
✤ [Eyes Of Chef God] can be used massively now.
✤ Add selling feature to cooking food and ingredients.
9. Optimization of refinement and enchantment of Gacha headgears
✤ Headgear Mana Extractor: Able to transfer the enchantment of Gacha headgear to another gacha headgear of same part.
✤ Roughly Repair Fragment: Able to repair green quality Gacha headgears.
✤ Luxury Repair Fragment: Able to repair blue and purple quality Gacha headgears.
✤ They're in testing phase so you can only get it from Meowa the enchanter.
10. Enchanted equipments can be put on Auction now
✤ Equipment part will be selected randomly every week, to be allowed to sell on Auction.
✤ The equipments that can be registered will be put on top of the inventory if you open the auction during registration period.
✤ The equipments that have at least 2 liked enchantment stats or combo tag are allowed to be registered.
✤ Only one of the same equipments can be registered.
✤ Enchanted equipments will be shown publicly together with Boss cards at 12pm Friday and put on Auction at 8pm. Total bidding items will be 10.
11. New guild facility: Poring Sofa
✤ Can be created with Lv.10 Magic Sewing Machine.
✤ Level up the Poring Sofa may increase the max Level of Sewing·Reinforce and gifting rate of Cat Butler Paks.
12. Three new buttons for inventory : instant sell, instant store, instant sort.
✤ Instant sell: Sell all white quality equipments in bag
✤ Instant store: Store the items that existed in storage that can be stacked ✤ Instant sort: Same function as you drag now the bag
13. Skill slot extension
✤ Adventurer skill slot Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ may now unlock 6 slots each. You can have a maximum of 4 rolls of skill slots.
14. Bulletin Leader may use [Bulletin Completer] now
✤ Click "组队接取(Group accept)" to use the item together with your party members, if you party members don't respond in 3 secs, it will accept by default.
15. Breakthrough optimizations
✤ The job level that display on STAT user interface will now show current Job lv/unlocked breakthrough lv cap.
✤ Set purchase limit for [Fragment Of Summit], unable to buy it if you already have 81 of it.
✤ New notification with in-game mail: system will now inform you to continue the quest after your transjob reached lv40 and got the quest.
✤ Add guide on Butler/Maid.
16. Hell's Plant optimizations
✤ Fix Hell's Plant dmg bug (Full lv dmg 210% increased to 390%)
✤ Hell's Plant attack gap adjusted from 0.5 to 0.75
✤ Optimize Hell's Plant model to make it look like a plant from Hell rather than a plant from Mt.Mjolnir.
■■■ Other optimizations ■■■
4. You may now check other player's costumes while checking their equipments.
5. Add friendship card reward to Oracle Raid.
6. Optimize Morgan's model... Now it's more Morgan than before.
7. Fix the bug of Rift Purifier and add 5s countdown if you using it with party.
8. You won't be able to purchase Ancient Tower Catapult of the certain level if you haven't clear it yet now.
9. You may now use Wing Of Fly directly from extended Mini Map.
10. Decrease the amount of Star sign quiz
11. Optimize UI: replace some text with icons, adjust text size and composing.
12. Some other optimizations that nobody really care.

■■■ and 31 bug fixes ■■■
Some special notices: Bugs that not yet fixed on CBT client
1. New pet can't be caught yet, you gonna waste the catching items.
2. Game crash if you enter Clock Tower 1F & 2F
3. iPhone X problem for FanArt section
4. Butler text error in guild base.
26th June

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Skill optimizations:
※ Alchemist skill adjustments:
✦ [Hell's Plant] remove casting time, distance +5m ranged.
✦ [Hell's Plant] attack speed doubled, remove attack mount limitation.
✦ [Hell's Plant] can cause Curse status with attacks, and able to reveal hidden target.
✦ [Hell's Plant] dmg increased after using [Mediumship] & [Life Science].
✦ [Crazy Weed] may now be able to remove only 8 ground type magics at lv10.
✦ Decrease the materials to craft Alchemist items. (Acid Bottle, Marine Sphere Bottle, Bottle Grenade, Plant Bottle) ✦ [Pouring Lava] cast distance adjusted from "around caster" to "target area".
※ Monk skill adjustments:
✦ [Fallen Empire] will not required to be used after [Dragon Combo], it can be used directly now, but dmg will be doubled if used after [Dragon Combo].
✦ [Howling of Lion] adjusted from "use it on area in front you" to "select target to use". Distance adjusted from "Cone area" to "area around target".
✦ [Gentle Touch - Revitalize] duration adjusted from 14/18/22/26/30 to 36/42/48/54/60 secs.
✦ [Cursed Circle] area adjusted from 3m to 4m.
※ Crusader skill adjustments:
✦ [Over Brand] splash distance +1 meter
2. Update defence type Goddess praying: You may now use the Defence Praying Chipset to boost M.dmg reduction, DEF, MDEF.
9 bug fixes.
12th June

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New job switching feature
※ You may unlock job switching feature after changing job to trans job. Click character avatar > jobs to check and use.
2. Buy a new job
※ You may buy another job from your same class (ex: buy a rogue job slot as an assassin originally) with 500k Zeny. If you want to buy a job slot from different classes(ex: buy a wizard job slot as a knight originally), you need to pay 88 Bc Coins.
※ If you buy a job slot from a new class you don't own, it will start from Job lv1 first job.
※ If you buy a job slot from a class you already owned, it will synced with the highest first job level.
※ Job lv40 and finish the job changing quest to change job.
3. Job switching
※ You may only switch your job inside cities or guild base, each switching will cost you 10k Zeny.
※ After switching job, equipments/runes/stats/skills/job lv will be defaulted as the last time you switched job. ( Runes will be reset if insufficient guild contribution or gold badge) 4. VERY IMPORTANT: Please login your MAIN CHARACTER after updated to EP4.0, the character as you first logged in will be able to unlock the switching to the job of other characters inside your account FREEE!!.
※ If the job of Alt character is different with Main character, the job and job level will be duplicated to Main character (second job or above), the job level will not higher than the Breakthrough level(job level) of main character.
※ If Alt char job is same with main char or it's a first job with job level 40, you will get a free job unlock voucher instead. You may use it to unlock the second job of ALT CHAR on MAIN CHAR (ex: your alt char is a job lv 40 thief, you will get a voucher which can unlock assassin/rogue on your main char).
※ If your main character is first job, your alt char will get job unlocking voucher after first job level 40.
5. You will get perma buff after changing job to trans or 3rd job.
6. War Of Crystal optimizations:
※ The party member dots on mini map will on top of guild member dots now.
※ Adjust the rule of ranking: If the crystal amount is same, the one who lost the crystal will get the lower rank.
※ Fix the bug which your party will disband after entering the map.
7. MVP War optimizations:
※ Fix the wrong amount of MVP that showed on Quest info.
※ Fix the bug of cooldown time after quitting the matching party.
8. 6 bug fixes.
5th June

■■■ EP4 New Content ■■■
1. Add quests to Juno.
✦ Players who reached Lv99 may talk to bard NPCs at Juno to get bard quests.
✦ Players who reached Lv99 may talk to NPC in Magma Dungeon 1F to get Monstrology Scholar quest.
2. Implement the headgear recipes that dropped by monsters of Juno.
3. Add new cards to King Poring's Advanced Customization:
Unlock Buff
Stored Buff
Leadership Card
P.dmg of party members extra +8% after using [Leader Aura]
If Leadership Card is equipped: extra +2%
Materials: Orc Warrior Card x1, Big Foot Card x1, KhalitzburgCard x1, Fong's Salt x800, Zeny x2000000 Psycho Boost Card
After using [White Imprison], Ghost dmg +20%, for 5 secs
Materials: Marionette Card x1, Familiar Card x1, Rideword Card x1, Willow Card x1, Fong's Salt x200, Zeny x1500000 Strengthen Poison Card Card
[New Poison] consumption of [Poisoning Weapon] -1
Materials: Argiope Card x1, Poison Spore Card x1, Marc Card x1, Thief Bug Card x1, Fong's Salt x200, Zeny x1500000 Loch Monster Card
Fire dmg received-5%
Dmg to fire monsters+10%
Materials: Vadon Card x1, Horong Card x1, Greatest General Card x1, Fong's Salt x80, Zeny x10000 Marionette★Card
Ghost dmg received-10%
Ghost dmg+5%
Materials: Marionette Card x5,Fong's Salt x200,Zeny*500000
DEF Piercing +3%
Ignore target's DEF by 3% if STR or DEX reached 225
Materials: Andre Card x10, Fong's Salt x600, Zeny x1500000
Materials: Familiar Card x10, Fong's Salt x600, Zeny x1500000
P.Dmg received-8%
Materials: Golem Card x5,Fong's Salt x300,Zeny*500000
M.Dmg received-8%
Materials:Muka Card x5,Fong's Salt x300,Zeny*500000
Materials: Yoyo Card x3, Fong's Salt x150, Zeny x100000
4. Optimize the monster's AI of Juno region
✦ Correct the buff skill of Archangeling
✦ Shorten some skill delay of Fire Lord Kaho.
✦ Optimize the skill using of Archangeling and Fire Lord Kaho.
5. Add new skin for Lv.10 intimacy pets: Baphomet Jr. Black Cat K, White Dog Amaterasu, Lunatic, Monster Nian.
6. Optimize Butler feature:
✦ Finance: Optimize the display.
✦ Recommendations: Fix the red dot, it will disappear after all reward is received.
✦ Fix the bug of NPC name after open Butler UI.
✦ Optimize the memory of tab
✦ Add “MVP war” to Event tab.
7. Optimize Cooking Food (HELL YEAH)
✦ After learning how to cook, you will get a 【Lunch Box】.
8. Wedding system optimization
✦ You can back to previous page by clicking date card.
✦ All reservation will be displayed on date card at date choosing UI.
✦ Fix Iphone X bug.
✦ You may now check the reservation of "today".
✦ 【Wedding Invitation Card】 will still remains during the wedding (1 hour).
9. Adventure skill UI optimization
✦ Optimize the order of adventure skill, the skills that bought from shop will put in front.
✦ There will be hint if the skill can be ticked.
10. Data saving system optimization
✦ Saving will not change the order of saving slot now.
✦ Skill switching button will not disappear when reading another character ✦ Fix some bugs.
11. New weekly event reward: 【Guarding Badge】. Ioin Poring Fight and Big Cat Invasion to has chance to obtain it. Use it to open the shop and exchange for Gold Badge, Silver Badge, Praying Chipset Pack, Magic Potion etc. (Magic Potion is a material for Third Job clothdyestuff) 12. The items that can open a shop will now have hint at the top left corner.
13. Add save data+1 desc on Premium Card benefit.
14. Add Garm to Endless Tower.
15. Adjust【Poison Smoke】 as Buff type dmg. It will not reveal hiding from now on, will not affected by Race, Size, Properties. Ignores FLEE & HIT. It isn't Poison property, and can be stacked.
21 Bug Fixes.
22nd May

■■■ EP4 New Content ■■■
※Base setting & gameplay※
1) Max Base Level increased to Lv110
2) Max Stats increased to 119
※New Map※
1) New city: Yuno - the capital of Schwarzwald Republic. Please proceed from the North of Al De Baran.
2) New field maps: Border Checkpoint, Einbroch Field, Magma Dungeons.
3) New Boss: MVP - Archangeling, Fire Lord Kaho. Mini Boss - Magma Witch 4) Main story quests - Yuno, can be unlocked after Lv. 98 by talking to Metheus Sylphe at Yuno.
5) New equipments. (Please check here). EP4 gear Sheet still working in progress. Please check the doc file instead for now.
※New Job※
1) 3rd Job available. Trans job character who job level reach 70 may get the quests at job changing hall.
2) After unlocked Rune feature and changed job to 3rd job, you may get the 3rd job rune unlocking quest by talking to Violet at Guild Base.
3) 3rd job Builds added.
4) New mount quest available for Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Ranger and Mechanic. Exclusive mount available (Cost: 198 Big Cat Coins) for Rune Knight: Atlan Dragon, Durango Dragon, Relada Dragon; For Royal Guard : Blue Gryphon, Red Gryphon, Brown Gryphon.
5) New Consumable items for 3rd job will be selling at Item shop: New Poison, Thorn Plant Seed, Surface Paint, Holy Water, Magic Gear Fuel, Cannon Ball, Runestones.
6) Skill adjusted:
✦ Dangerous Soul Collect - Maximum 5 spheres can be collected at a time ✦ Finger Offensive - Attack target from far (with maximum 5 spheres at a time) ✦ Change ‘Falcon’ to ‘Beasts (Falcon/Warg)’ on the desc of Blitz Beat, Tamer, Wild Awakening. You can only choose one, Falcon or Warg.
※War Of Crystal - Relic Of Gods※
1) Rules:
✦ WOC-ROG will be started every Sundays 9:30pm (21:30 GMT+8), for 30 minutes.
✦ At 9:25 pm (21:25), all the defender guilds that won perfect defender victory of Castle 1 of all cities will be qualified to take part in War Of Crystal. Use the WOC Warp portal in Guild Base at 9:27 pm (21:27) to warp into the War Of Crystal map.
2) Battlefield rules:
✦ Each round of WOC will match 4 qualified guilds to battle for ranking.
✦ Battle and item rules are same with War Of Emperium, but you will be respawned at Guild Respawn point inside WOC Map if you get repelled or revived.
3) How to win:
✦ The guild who collected 5 crystals will get the First Place instantly.
✦ If there is no guild that able to collect 5 crystals within 30 minutes, it will be ranked by the amount of crystals that collected by guilds, the more the highest. If the amount is same, the guild who reached the amount earlier will get the higher place.
4) How to collect crystals:
✦ There will be Guild areas at each corner of the map. North and South parts of the map are Crystal Monster area, East and West parts of the map are Crystal Towers. There is a core area at the center of the map.
✦ Players will be respawn at their own guild respawn area. There will be one Emperium Crystal inside each guild area, it can be attacked 7 minutes after the WOC started. The guild will lost 1 cyrstal if the crystal broken.
✦ A new MVP will be respawned every 3 minutes at Crystal Monster area. The guild of MVP player will get [Resource of Crystal Fragment] x1. Collect 4 resources to combine into 1 Emperium Crystal.
4) Ranking & Rewards
✦ Lowest rank to highest rank : Star > Moon > Sun
✦ Different amount of God coins, Proof Of Glory, Praying Chipset Pack will be given according to the rankings.
5) New facility - Headgear Workshop
✦ Unlock to craft God Headgears
✦ Level it up to increase the max amount of God headgears that can be obtained ✦ The materials can be exchanged with God coins at new shop in guild base.
※MVP War※
1) Event time: Every Fridays 19:00~22:00 (GMT+8)
2) How to join:
✦ Req: All party members Lv.70 or above. Party leader may apply to join at Prontera Event Plaza. May join in unlimitedly during event time.
✦ There will be 10 minutes cool down time for matching after getting in the map. It can be removed after killing any MVP inside the map or the round ends.
✦ Talk to the NPC to get back in if left the map in the middle.
✦ Amount of MVP & MINI will be adjusted according to the parties that matched.
3) Battle rules:
✦ You can kill other players inside, but Fly wings and transformation scrolls can’t be used. Rules are same as PVP room.
✦ MVP and Mini killing rules are same as the one on fields.
4) Reward:
✦ MVP party will get the rewards of the killed MVP and also Rough Mithril & Proof Of Glory.
✦ Max 4 MVP & Mini rewards can be obtained each event round.
※Cloth Dye※
1) New NPC - Enersys will be added to Prontera. Unlock the Cloth Dye feature with 3rd jobs.
2) You may check the unlock requirement of some available colors inside the Cloth Dye shop.
1) Unlock Butler feature with Lv. 20. Hire a butler at the Lobby of Palace.
2) There are two services provided by Butler: Recommendations & Finance 3) Recommendations:
✦ Complete the daily and weekly quests that reminded by Butler to increase intimacy to get rewards.
✦ Some quests may give you one time reward and it's account shared.
4) Finance
✦ Able to check the economy info and rankings of Markets.
✦ Able to check the dropped and raised prices.
✦ Top 20 items will be displayed on the rank and refresh every 4 hours.
※Top Up※
✦ Double reward of first topping up has been reset!
✦ New ep4.0 Premium Card, now discount with 50 Yuan. Use it to get: Motley Cat●Reya, Paradise Coins x1000, Float Coins x1000, Relic Coins x50, random Boss material pack x1 (Float coin and Relic Coin are EP4.0 special coins). Price of EP2.0 / 3.0 Premium Card will be back to 73 Yuan.
(iOS user will need to update their client to buy the EP4 Premium Card, please download the client after XD uploaded it on appstore) ✦ Summit Fragment may now be purchased with 20 Big Cat Coins at BBC shop. Only 20 can be purchased per week.
※Data Save※
1) To manage and test various builds and jobs (Job switching feature is still in testing phase), Adventurer Rank C players may get this feature by learning “Time Traveler” skill to save your build data.
2) Rules to use:
✦ You will get “Ymir’s notebook” after learning the skill. This item is shared among characters and can only be used in cities or guild base.
✦ Use it to check/save/load/delete the characters info under your account.
✦ It can save/load the character’s name/job/equipments/runes/stats/skills.
✦ Each account will get 2 free saving slots, 1 more extra slot for premium users. Maximum 12 slots can be purchased.
✦ Unable to save data of Novice and First Job characters.
✦ Able to switch characters by loading the data.
✦ There will be default name for save slots, double click the slot to rename.

■■■ Other Updates ■■■
1. Implement passive skills of pet adventure, and adjust some skills.
2. Add new cards of CT and Lutie to Gacha Machine 3 and King Poring.
3. Change your costume sex with 10 BCC (beside the sexchange NPC at prontera) 4. Optimize some desc.
5. Talk to the Butler NPC in Guild Base to quit guild.
6. 8 Bug Fixes
8th May

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Add some new exclusive cards for Oracle Raid.
❖ Has low chance to get exclusive cards from Tarot Album.
❖ The exclusive cards may unlock the buff once you obtained it and it can’t be sold on Market.
❖ Poker Album & Tarot Album can be sold on Market.
2. New Bag slot Adventurer skills ( More bag slot optimizations coming in the future): ❖ Bag Expand - Add 20 bag slots. Req: Adventurer Rank E, 120k Zeny, 1 Adv skill point.
❖ Storage Expand I / II - Add 20 personal storage slots. Req: Adventurer Rank D / C, 420k / 500k Zeny, 1 Adv skill point.
3. Add War Of Emperium Castle battle status on Guild Interface during WOE time.
4. Optimize Mini Map and Warp Portal. Make more noticable color difference to dangerous maps and monsters.
5. Pet Labor optimazation: Reward will get into Temporary bag now if inventory is full.
6. Remove the dummy of Mt.Mjolnir away from the auto attack list.
7. Optimize Oracle Raid: Monsters that teleported to isolated island will be warped back to main map.
8. Remove Mr. Pringles from Prontera.
9. Remove quest icon of sex change quest on mini map.
10. 11 bug fixes.
24th April

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New weekly raid - Oracle raid
❖ Players have to challenge 60 Sigmund's cards in the Oracle Raid. Different cards have different monsters, environment, or tools. Defeat all the monsters to win.
❖ All party members have to be Lv60, Party leader talk to the Fantasy Circus NPC at Prontera Event Plaza to get in the raid.
❖ There are 3 difficulties. All of them can be cleared weekly. Reset at every Mondays 5am.(GMT+8) ❖ You can get different amount of [Fong Salt], [Dust Of Oracle], and [Quartz Of Oracle] from different difficulties. [Dust Of Oracle] and [Quartz Of Oracle] are the materials for headgear enchantment.
❖ There is also chance on getting [Poker Album] and [Tarot Album], open it to get random card (WILL NOT UNLOCK THE JOURNAL) ❖ Exclusive cards of this raid will be obtained from the albums above in the future.
2. Implement Headgear, Mouthgear, Facegear, Back, Tail enchantment - Meowa the Enchanter (at Geffen) ❖ Intermediate & Advanced enchantments of headgear, facegear and mouthgear will consume [Dust Of Oracle]. Back and Tail will consume [Quartz Of Oracle].
❖ [Dust Of Oracle] & [Quartz Of Oracle] can be obtained from Oracle raids, or buy them from Meowa. Please note that there are purchase limit 3. Implement Sexchange feature - Talk to Fiona at lower left corner of Prontera for sexchanging.
❖ Only 1 character in the account can use this feature and only ONCE!! (it's free btw) ❖ Married / engaged players can't use this feature.
❖ Specific sex only costumes will be unequipped.
4. Change the effect of Warming Foods:
❖ Body Warming Food - Stores 120000 Hp, 8000 Sp. Restores 500 HP every 6 secs if HP is lower than 70%. Restores 50 HP every 6 secs if SP is lower than 40%.
❖ Heart Warming Food - Stores 600000 Hp, 40000 Sp. Restores 500 HP every 6 secs if HP is lower than 70%. Restores 50 HP every 6 secs if SP is lower than 40%.
❖ The storage of Body Warming Food & Heart Warming Food can be stacked, won't be replaced.
❖ Recommended for players under Lv40.
5. Optimize item tips:
❖ Cooking Food item tips will now show player's cooking & tasting rank.
❖ Item tips of Headgears, recipes,and cards will now show the unlock/stored status.
6. Optimize WOE players display, which sometimes won't show on your map...
7. Optimize guild chest reward announcements.
8. Love letter may now be sent to the players who added you as friend.
9. Optimize photo wall of guild base: slide up and down to check uploaded pictures. Hold it to delete.
10. Update the avatar of [Whisper Mask] & [Solo Play Box1[1]]
11. Fix the notification of instant upgrade of final tier.
12. 15 bug fixes.
10th April

■■■ New Content ■■■
1, Add new Cards to ‘Advanced Customize’ of King Poring:
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/275576712958443520/432888711336820746/card-1.jpg 2. Add new feature "Card Recycle(or Decompose you could say)" to King Poring: Decompose cards into [Fong's Salt], which can be used to combine into new cards.
3. Add map navigator to quest tracker (on world map).
4. Rice call shop new items:
❖ Ancient Tower Catapult: Use it to instantly clear the specific floor of ET Tower and get the rewards.
❖ Training Ground·Monster Report: Use it to instantly clear Training Ground(Bio Lab) 5. [Asura Strike] will now ignore [Kyrie Eleison]
■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1. Optimize build & upgrade of Guild Facilities: you may now check the member's donations and ranks.
2. Optimize the job change quest of 2nd job & trans job: DOUBLE CONFIRMATION ADDED (FINALLY). (The job change quest that accepted before maintenance will be reset!) 3. Optimize the Whisper killing quest of Adventurer Rank F, add new visible and attackable Whisper to the map.(The Adv Rank F quest that accepted before maintenance will be reset!) 4. Optimize the Mentor system reward receiving UI.
5. Hairstyle Manual can be stacked now.
6. Rename some items.. headgear:[Hand Of God] to [God•Hand], giftbox:[Onyx] to [Red Onyx] 7. Makes the effect of [Amber Dust] prettier.
8. Optimize the skill effect of [Strengthen Body] of Mercenary Wasabi.
9. Optimize the desc text of pet labor.
3rd April

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New feature : Pet Labory
1) Pet Labory system:
❖ You can send the pets which intimacy lv 5 or above to work for you to get items, contributions, Proof of Glory, Big Cat Voucher etc.
❖ All workplace, pet labor, rewards receiving are shared among characters in same account.
❖ Pet skills, intimacy and level will affect the performance of your pet at work. The higher the performance the shorter the working hours.
2) Get the Labor Shuttle from the pet catching quest(pet starter quest), use it to send your pet to work.
3) New pet skills:
❖ All pets will get 1 new working skill (randomize levels)
❖ Please note that, for existed pet, you have to return it back to egg again to get new working skill.
4) Working hours will be shortened once your pet intimacy level reached 5/8/10.
5) New premium card benefit:
❖ Unlock premium workplace: Kafra Corp.
❖ Max amount of workplace at the same time +1
6) New adventurer skills:
❖ Labor Leader(Rank D) : Max amount of workplace at the same time +1 ❖ Labor Master(Rank B) : Max amount of workplace at the same time +1 ❖ The skills above are shared among characters in same account.
7) Remove the Rice Balls reward from Quest Bulletin.
8) 3 Bug fixes.
27th March

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. WOE optimizations:
A) When party members get Glory points by killing, other party members will also get 50% of the glory points.
B) Personal target optimization: UI will guide you to check when you done the target.
C) Adjust the warp portal to balcony: now only defender side may use it.
D) Adjust 【Double Warp Portal】 distance to 3Meters. It may now be detected with detective skills.
2. Auction system optimizations:
A) The Auction items will be displayed before 8 hours: Registration dateline: Fridays 11:30. Examination time: 11:30~12:00. Displaying time:12:00~20:00. Auction will still begin at 20:00.
B) Adjust the starting price of bidding. Starting price now = 60% of the price on Market.
C) Optimize the bidding confirmation.
D) You may now check the player detail by click the avatar.
E) You may now chat even on Auction UI.
F) Unable to raise the price with +10/+100 if current bidding longer than 5/10 minutes.
3. Guild Luxury Chest adjustments:
A) The personal reward of Luxury Chest adjusted to only available to players who joined the guild before this Monday 5am.
B) Open the guild chest with Big Cat Coins will now consume Gift Credit. The ratio of consumption & spent BCC will be 10,000:1 4. New adventure Rice Ball shop(access it with your adventure rice ball): A) Mercenary Delivery-RequestⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ: For the players who level Base1-55, 85, 100 to instantly complete the bulletin quests. (Optimize Mercenary Delivery-Request: It will complete the moment you get the quest instead of using the item after accepting the quest) B) Purified Cup•West Field...Dragon Plateau: Separately purified the monsters inside the Rifts from Prt West Field to Dragon Plateau (Specific Purified Cup for specific map) P/S: "Ancient Tower•Gold Catapult" can be purchase in the future(Use it to instantly jump into target floor of Endless Tower and get the reward). And also "Bio Lab•Lab Report"(Use it to instantly Clear Training Ground).
5. Optimize some skills:
1) Homunculus, pet and cart will be hidden too if you used Hide.
2) Effect time of 【言语之术】 will be affected by caster DEX and target's VIT & DEX.
4) Optimize the Icon of breakthrough version of [Amplify Magic Power].
6. Optimize some interior scene.
8. Optimize the skin UI of pets.
9. Optimize the notification when you receive several items.
10. Add more guild emblems, can be unlocked at guild Lv8.
11. Optimize the UI of secure PIN.
12. Optimize the Icon of Gold Badge and Silver Badge.
13. 14 bug fixes.
20th March

■■■ Updates ■■■
1. Update divorce quest icon.
2. Update Prajna and Smiley Of Fox King avatar.
3. 2 bug fixes.
13th March

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Implement new town : Amatsu, the Land of Destiny. There will be main story quests and collection quests available. Lv95 players may proceed to Amatsu by talking to Ship Captain Karu at the harbor of Izlude.
2. Implement marriage system:
❖ Complete the quest from the NPC “Miss Hanako” under the Cherry Blossom tree of Amatsu to unlock marriage feature.
❖ To make a Reservation for your wedding ceremony, hold hand with your partner and talk to "Miss Happiness" in front of Prontera Church to pay 2 million Zeny for the reservation.
❖ You may select 1 hour, from 12:00 to 24:00(GMT+8), within the next 14 days, to be scheduled for your wedding ceremony.
❖ The players who not yet complete the quest may also check the wedding schedule by talking to the NPC.
❖ 【Marriage Manual】 will be obtained after scheduled for the ceremony. You may check the details, select ceremony style & wedding rings, wedding album uploads and proceed to wedding shop.
❖ Due to the policy, same gender characters can't get married. (System will send out gender changer as compensation IN THE FUTURE,not now!) ❖ Ceremony Proceedings : Royal Carriage touring around the city, guest attendance, ceremony commencement, Happiness Roller Coaster, etc. 【Marriage Certificate】 will be given when the ceremony is done.
❖ Wedding skills - Special skills will be given after married.
- 【I Miss You】- Summons your partner to you.
- 【Welcome home】 Warp to the honeymoon room.
- 【Party BUFF】 JOB & BASE EXP bonus +1%
❖ Votive quest : The married couple may visit “Miss Hanako” again for the quest. Unlock Honeymoon room after completing the quest.
❖ Divorce system
- If both of you agree about this, talk to Miss Happiness in front of Prontera Church to apply for divorce.
- Talk to Lucy at Amatsu to forcingly divorce.
3. Adjust the monsters on 9 maps and add another 9 new maps.
❖ Pyramid 2F > Pyramid 3F. Payon South > Payon South Forest. Payon Cave 2F > Payon Cave 3F. Orc Village > Orc Village South Field. Geffen Tower > Geffen Tower 2F. Kordt Forest > Kordt Deep Forest. Dragon Plateau > Dragon Outskirt. Glast Heim Lobby > Glast Heim Hall. GH Churchyard > GH Churchyard 2F.
❖ The monsters stats, amount, dropates, characteristic will be same as the original maps.
❖ The monsters on the original 9 maps will be weakened, and won't be aggressive. Droprates decreased by 30%.
4. Optimize the required materials for Guild Facilities
❖ Randomize the required materials for upgrading 【Magic Sewing Machine】&【Legendary Metallurgy】 5. WOE & God Artifact adjustments:
❖ WOE time adjust to every Thursdays and Sundays 21:00(GMT+8). Baphomet Jr.★/Bathory★/Teddy Bear★ invasion time adjust from 21:30~22:00 to 20:30~21:00 everday!
❖ Castle maps adjustment: every first castle map of the town marked as safe zone. The players inside the map will be invulnerable.
❖ WOE personal reward adjustments: 【Outstanding Reward】 no longer can be obtained directly now. You have to achieve your personal target to get the reward: Participate time, Emperium attacking time, Emperium breaking amount, Reviving other players, Expel enemies, kill monsters in Neutral castles and etc. The progress of the personal target and reward can be checked in Guild Base. You may also received "Glory" every time you killed an enemy. The limit of "Glory" that obtained from personal target and killing will be 1200, you will receive a Praying Chipset Pack if the "Glory" reached 500 & 1000.
❖ Replace【Joining Reward】 with 200 Glory points and 2 Praying Chipset Packs which you will get if you been to the castle more than 5 minutes during WOE and occupied the castle.
❖ Fragment of God Artifact and materials will not be stored into guild storage directly after occupying castle now. Guild Leaders may obtain it by opening the chest box from the NPC “Chest Guardian-Al” at the God Artifact Lobby.
❖ Every members may check the chest reward and castle source by talking to the "Chest Guardian-Al” 6) Add【Luxury Chest】
❖ Guild Leaders can buy the Luxury Chest from “Chest Guardian-Al” with Guild Funds. (1 weekly) ❖ Members can buy the Luxury Chest from “Chest Guardian-Al” with Big Cat Coins. The price get higher if you purchase more.
❖ There are two types of Luxury Chest - "Town Random Chest" & "Castle Chest". Both of them shared the same purchase limit.
❖ "Town Random Chest" can be bought by any guild, it contains 2~3 random fragments and materials from the town you select. All members may randomly receive contributions/glory points/Zeny as reward.
❖ "Castle Chest" may only be bought by the guild that occupied castle. It contains the fragments and materials of the castle you occupied. All members may randomly receive contributions/glory points/Zeny as reward.
7. Adjust the Top Up feature:
A) Double reward with first top up for Big Cat Coins (only BCC!)
❖ After the maintenance, EACH first top up of 30/128/328/648 Big Cat Coins, you will get double reward when you first buying them with each account (YES, FOR EACH).
❖ The first top up will be reset with every new EPISODE version.
B) 【Valkyrie Guidance】 purchase limit adjust from 5 to 10.
C) Add 【Praying Chipset Pack】 to top up shop. Price: 10 BCC. Purchase limit: 20 weekly per account.

■■■ Adjustments ■■■
1. Alchemist balancing:
A) Skills
❖ Homunculus skill - [Bio Explosion] skill magnification adjust from 100%/120%/140%/160%/180% to 160%/220%/280%/340%/400% ❖ Fix a bug which lower the damage of [Caprice]
❖ Remove the consumption of Condensed Red Potion x1 by using [Touch of Heal] ❖ The skill level of [Acid Terror] will affect the VIT related damage of [Acid Demonstration] ❖ Amistr normal attacks will now with these effects: Movement speed -20%. Can be stacked.
❖ Massively increase the reductions of damage received from Demi-Human race, reduction of P.dmg and M.damage of Homunculus.
B) 【Aesir Monument(Runes)】
❖ [Touch of Heal-Red] - Remove the consumption of Condensed Red Potion x1 ❖ New effect add to [Bless Of Lif] - [Acid Demonstration] damage +2% if Lif is summoned.
C) Equipments
❖ New effect add to [Alchemistry Alloy Armor] : [Acid Terror] & [Acid Demonstration] fixed casting time -0.5 secs if Lif is summoned.
2. Add "Holy Damage" & "Reduction of Holy Damage received" to the element buffs of Goddess Praying.
3. Gap of Critical Rate adjust from [0, 95] to [0,100]

■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1. Add Guild Emblem validation rule and detail when you upload guild emblem for validation.
2. Optimize the buff display of [Holy Dagger]
3. Optimize the crafting of headgears:
❖ You may now craft the headgears directly if you have enough materials.
❖ It will now show an icon of storage if you crafting headgear with the recipe in storage/cart at Miss Smile.
4. Optimize the guidance and hints of Poring Fight.

■■■ 22 Bug Fixes ■■■
6th March

■■■ Updates ■■■
1. Optimize the material list that required for upgrading guild facilities.
2. Nian Card will be put into the card pool of Gacha Machine III and King Poring. The level is same as Blue Card.
3. 3 bug fixes.
27th Feb

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Implement 【Breakthrough】:
❖ Players who reached Trans Job Lv 40 will get a quest named 【Penance】: Increase Job Level cap to 43 and unlock Breakthrough skills.
❖ To increase more job level cap, collect "Fragment Of Summit" for NPC Alice·Fuuna at guild base. Job level cap can be increased with a maximum up to Lv 70.
❖ "Fragment Of Summit" can be purchased from Unbelievable Vending Machine at Guild Base.
2. All giftboxes can be used massively at one time now.
3. New special quest: Day & Night lovers: Players can accept the quest from Tami at Prontera West Field. Different genders may receive different titles and toys.
4. Update the avatar of Glast Heim Ghost Mask & Aori Ramen[1]
5. Buffs of Pray·Dog Year may now be stacked.
6. Optimize the recipe display order of Miss Smile.

■■■14 bug fixes.■■■
8th Feb

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. MVP board new timer update:
❖ MVP respawn time will now show as remaining minutes.
❖ BOSS will appear randomly in last 60 secs. Players will see the announcement on the same map if the MVP appeared.
2. Purchase limit on Gacha Machine: 50 times daily per character.
3. Journal Optimizations:
❖ Collection system optimization:
- Get Max HP+15 stat as reward with collections after completing the quests.
- Add hint on Journal and map for collections that haven't being activated.
❖ Costume Optimizations:
- The strengthened/refined headgears may now stored on Journal.
4. Item combining optimizations: You may now choose to combine 1 or all Elunium/Oridecon etc.
5. GVG basic optimizations:
❖ Defenders that entered the Castle earlier before the starting of WOE will not be warped out now.
❖ Healing Emperium of Defender will not reset the countdown timer now.
❖ Defenders will not be warped out after perfect defending.
❖ Chatroom will not be allowed to use inside Castles.
❖ Optimize the Quest log during WOE.
6. Optimize the start game screen.
7. Optimize the 3D Model of Female SinX and some monsters.

■■■ Class Related Adjustment ■■■
❖ "Breakthrough(Job Lv70)" will be implemented after Chinese New Year because it's still in testing phase. Thanks for understanding. The skills below will be adjusted to fit the feature in the future: 1. 【Gangster's Paradise】skill effect changed: Clear enmity instantly(no effect on boss). CD: 10secs 2. 【Asura Strike】Skill optimization:
❖ Skill distance adjusted from 1.5m to 3m
❖ Remove the limit of 4 million damage as maximum damage
3. Add part of HIT correction to【Finger Offensive】 (no idea what is this supposed to mean) 4. Optimize the auto using of 【Ki Translation】: Use【Ki Translation】 if the sphere amount on party members lower than 5.
5. Boost the classes that main normal attack as build:
1) Stat points:
❖ Melee physical normal attacks: Normal attack dmg +5 with every STR ❖ Ranged physical normal attacks: Normal attack dmg +3 with every DEX ❖ Ranged magical normal attacks: Normal attack dmg +3 with every INT 2) Skills:
❖ 【Sword Mastery】&【Spear Mastery】 of Knights,【Spear Mastery】of Crusaders,【Mace Mastery】of Acolytes, 【Iron Fist】 of Monks, 【Dagger Mastery】 of Rogues : Normal attack dmg +20 with every skill level that listed above.
❖ 【Elemental Arrow】 of Archers: Normal attack dmg+10 with every skill level.
3) Rune (Aesir Monument):
❖ 【N.Attack-Power】 of Knights & Crusaders: Normal attack dmg +40 with every rune point on.
❖ 【Powerful Strike】&【Magic Strike】 of Priests: Normal attack dmg +50 with every rune point on.
❖ 【Strength Mastery】&【Normal Attack-Master】 of Monks: Normal attack dmg +50 with every rune point on.
❖ 【Swelling Strength】 of Blacksmiths: Normal attack dmg +20 with every rune point on.
❖ 【N.Attack-Power】 of Alchemists: Normal attack dmg +60 with every rune point.
4) Equipments:
❖ 【Slash】 add new effect: Normal attack dmg +3% with every Refine Lv.+1 ❖ 【Heart Breaker】add new effect: Normal attack dmg +3% with every Refine Lv.+1 ❖ 【Kayin Blitz】add new effect: Has chance to use 【Fatal Arrow】Lv.1 while normal attacking. Normal attack dmg +20 with every Refine Lv.+1 ❖ 【Claw】add new effect: Normal attack dmg +60 with every Refine Lv.+1 ❖ 【Black Wing】add new effect: Normal attack dmg +30 with every Refine Lv.+1 ❖ 【Forest Staff】add new effect: With every Refine Lv.+1: FLEE+3, Gear ASPD+1% ■■■23 bug fixes.■■■
30th Jan

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Implemented Adventurer Rank B quest: Those who Adv Lv30 and finished Rank C quest may get the quest with talking to NPC “Soro Tuck” at Payon.
2. New Adventurer skill [Stay Calm]: Auto equip the striped equipments / use Panacea / use repair metal when the debuff of stripped equipments/abnormal status/destroyed equipments status ended.
3. Implemented achievements of Lutie Story quests.
4. Adjust Al De Baran & Lutie headgears unlock & stored buff:
❖ Smile Of Miss Murakhtin[1] : Unlock buff now : ATK+10. Stored buff now: MATK+8 ❖ Gold Christmas Bell : Stored buff now: ATK+10
5. The [Praying Card Pack] inside “Unbelievable Vending Machine” now can only be purchased 5 per week for every characters. Can be increased with achievements 6. New benefit added to Premium effect:【Proof Of Glory】 obtaining+10%.

■■■ Adjustments ■■■
1. "Breakthrough(Job Lv70)" still in testing phase, might be implemented before Chinese New Year. The skills below will be adjusted in order to fit in the "Breakthrough" feature.
1) Mage classes:
❖【Elemental Focus】adjusted to : Damage to Fire Bolt,Cold Bolt,Lighting Bolt +10%” 2) Merchant classes:
❖ 【Unfair Trick】 adjusted to : Consumption of Mammonite +10%/20%, but the Magnification of the skill +30%/60% 3) Crusader:
❖ Edit 5 “AGI+1” runes to 【Shield Boomerang-Powerful】
❖【Shield Chain】,【Shield Boomerang】 adjusted from non-elemental P.damage to P.damage 4) Alchemist:
❖【Acid Demonstration】 adjusted from "target VIT/50" to "the higher the target's VIT, the higher the damage", the damage will be dealt with different degree according to target's VIT. The lowest damage will be target's VIT/50.
❖ Remove the casting time of 【Caprice】&【Bio Explosion】
5) Assasins:
❖【Poison Pitcher】 cooldown time adjusted from 10 to 3 secs. Panacea &【Detoxify】may cure the effect of 【Poison Pitcher】 6) Other classes will be balanced and adjusted too.
2. Implemented Strengthen feature to all headgears.
3. Adjust "Refined MATK" to "the deal damage that ignores the properties penalty & reduction"
4. Adjust the stat of God Artifact
❖ 【Mysteltainn】: decrease ATK but increase percentage of ATK
❖ 【Wrath of Helheim】: increase ATK but remove percentage of ATK

■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1. Optimize the display of & storage.
2. Optimize the selling notification.
3. You may now upgrade the gears in your inventory without talking to the NPC.
4. Some items may now stored into shared storage.
5. Optimize the system msg of WOE.
6. Optimize the costume on Journal.
7. Add mount costume slot to all classes.
8. Market selling list will now show items on cart & storage.
9. You may now open gift boxes massively.
10. Some other UI optimizations.
11. 30 bug fixes please check original patch notes if you’re interested.
16th Jan 2018

■■■Game Client Update■■■
To use the custom Guild Emblem feature and purchase the new EP Premium card after the maintenance, please kindly update your game client on Taptap. (Download link)

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Maintenance Compensation changed:
[Adventurer Coins] will now be given as one of the maintenance compensations, the item list will also changed: ❖ Add: Mercenary Delivery-Request, Gospel Church-Purified Cup
❖ Removed: Mastela Fruit, Box of Apologizes 3.0, All random Card dex, all refine vouchers ❖ The purchase limit will stay.
2. Implemented War Of Emperium:
1) Time: Every Thursdays & Sundays 8~9pm(GMT+8)
2) How to participate:
❖ During the WOE period, every players can conquer the Guild Castle.
❖ The winner of WOE will own the Castle they conquer, just break the Emperium at the deepest room of the castle and defend it until the end of WOE.
❖ Players that aren't on Guild Channel can't do any damage/heals on Emperium. Players without guild may also join the WOE but can't do any damage/heals on Emperium.
❖ 1 Castle per guild only. If you're defending Castle A, but then occupied another Castle B, your guild will become the Defender of Castle B (Guild Leader can switch it off in the future, to prevent guild members damaging another Emperium) ❖ As defender, if the Emperium hasn't been damaged within 15 minutes or the Emperium isn't completely broken until the end of WOE, the winner of this round of WOE will be counted as Defender side.
❖ Guild Leader and Guild co-Leader may give up the guild Castle by talking to the [Guild Keeper] (be careful don't miss click it LOL).
3) Personal Reward:
❖ Players who participated and successfully occupied a castle may receive: Random Chipset Pack x2, Proof Of Glory x1200 ❖ Every players who participated the WOE may receive: Random Chipset Pack x2, Proof Of Glory x100 ❖ WOE rewards will be sent through Mail in game.
4) Guild Reward:
❖ Occupy a castle may receive a fixed chest, occupied 2 or above times of the castle(of same city) will receive 2 chests.
❖ Occupy the Castle No.1 of each city will receive a random chest, continuously occupy with 2 times will receive 2 random chests, 3 times for 3 chests.
❖ Continuously occupy Castle No.2 & 3 of each city with 3 times or above may receive 1 random chest. (No random chest if you occupy less than 3 times) ❖ Fixed chests contain 1 Fragment of God Artifacts (different cities have different God Artifacts) & 1 random God Artifact crafting material.
❖ Random chests contain 1 fragment from the list of the God Artifacts (of the city, which has 2~3 castles) & random God Artifact crafting material.(Payon & Al De Baran only have 2 castles so there's 33.3% chance of not getting fragment from their chests.) Sorry for the confusing, I'm also confused AF
GA Type
GA Name
Fixed Chests
(1,≥2 times)
Random Chests
(1, 2, ≥3 times)
Valkyrie Realm 1
Valkyrie Realm 2
Wrath of Helheim
Valkyrie Realm 3
Bane of Mimir
Luina 1
Desolation of Hel
Luina 2
Gentle Touch of Frigg
Luina 3
Britoniah 1
Avalanche of Niflheim
Britoniah 2
Woe of the Vanir
Al De Baran
Greenwood Lake 1
Hymn of Jotunheim
Al De Baran
Greenwood Lake 2
5) Character stats during WOE:
❖ All classes HP increased by 400%
❖ Gain immunity for same debuffs
❖ No effect with knockbacks
❖ The consumable healing items that restore HP with percent rates (such as Yggdrasil Berry, Honey etc) will restore your HP with the percent of your HP amount OUTSIDE the castle.
❖ The items that sold on Cat Cafe (at guild base) can only be used during WOE, and it will restore the HP with the HP percent INSIDE castle.
6) Revive & Expel:
❖ Revive CD: If you get revived you have to wait until the cooldown timer counted to 0 to revive.
❖ If your deaths happened within 15 secs, the cooldown timer will increased by 5 secs.
❖ Revive CD timer will reset to 0 again if you survived more than 30 secs.
❖ You can still use Yggdrasil Leaf to revive other players even get silenced.
❖ Force expel: If attacker/defender died in WOE, they will be expelled after 180/30 secs to save point.
❖ Manual expel: Click the player's corpse, cast the expel skill to expel the player.
7) Items that forbidden to use during WOE:
❖All kind of Fly Wings, Transformation Scrolls, Itchy Club, love letter, cooking food, summoning toys.
8) Skills that forbidden to use during WOE:
❖Warp/Teleport related skills (Double-sided Portal is usable)
3. Implemented [God Artifact]
1) God Artifact quest:
After finish building the guild facility : [Legendary Metallurgy] and obtain at least 1 Fragment from WOE, Guild Leader/Vice leader may accept the God Artifact quest (It's a temp quest for now, will update in the future) 2)God Artifact forging:
The crafting will be unlocked after finish the God Artifact quest: Guild Leader/Vice leader may talk to Suhnbi at God Artifact Lobby to craft.
3)God Artifact assign:
❖ Guild Leader/Vice leader may assign or take back the God Artifact to/from guild members ❖ Add guild storage interface, which shows the shared material of guild.
4. New guild facility :[Legendary Metallurgy]
1)Unlock [God Artifact crafting] feature
❖ The crafting will be unlocked after finish the God Artifact quest: Guild Leader/Vice leader may talk to Suhnbi at God Artifact Lobby to craft.
❖ Upgrade it will increase the amount of God Artifact & same type of God Artifact you have.(no idea what this means.) 2)Unlock [Advanced Refinement]:
❖ Consume materials to perform advanced refine on equipments.
❖ After being Advanced Refined, the stats that getting from common Refinement will be increased.
❖ Materials of Advanced Refinement can be purchase from [Unbelievable Vending Machine] or combined(with materials & boss materials) from the assistant of Suhnbi.
❖ Upgrade the facility may unlock higher type of refinement.(current only weapon & accessories are available) 3) Upgrade the facility will get rewards from Paks the Cat Butler annually.
5. 【Unbelievable Vending Machine】 new item:
❖ Equipments:Midgard Guard Helm, Midgard Goggles, Midgard Mask, Midgard Backpack, MDEF Spirit ❖ “Advanced Refinement material”:Strong Essence I, Strong Essence II, Strong Essence III 6. New feature [Bless From Goddess]:
❖ Talk to Valkyrie at Guild Base to perform "Bless From Goddess"
❖ "Bless From Goddess" can increase your attack, defence and element, and will consome attack/defence/element chipset.
❖ The amount of chipset that required are different for different stats and levels.
❖ The stats that obtained from "Bless From Goddess" will be displayed on Guild > Faith > Goddess Temple.
7. Custom Guild Emblem
1) Guild leader may now select to picture in device to crop/upload for Guild Emblem.
2) The uploaded Emblem need to wait for approval(by XD) to be used as Emblem. (not more than 3 working days) TIPS: We have to update our client on Taptap/ios store to use this function. Latest APK will be uploaded once the client is available.
8. New Top up reward list:
1) New EP Premium Card
❖ Buy the new EP Premium Card at - Menu > Top Up > Premium Card (Please update your client at App store as iOS user) ❖ EP Premium Card price: 73 Yuan, only 3 cards can be purchased. Limited promotion:50 Yuan, available until new EP Premium Card released.
❖ EP Premium Card is different with monthly Premium Card, it doesn't include Kafra Services.
❖ Current available EP Premium Card and the obtained items:
「EP3.0 Premium Card」——Devil Cat ×1, Paradise Coin ×1000, Edelweiss ×1000, Snowman ×50, Red Stocking ×5, randomly get 1 boss material (from Boss of EP3.0 or earlier) 「EP2.0 Premium Card」——Doodoo Raccoon ×1, Paradise Coin ×1000, Broken Space Pointer ×1000, Clock ×25, randomly get 1 boss material (from Boss of EP2.0 or earlier), free gift -「EP 1.0Premium Card」 which obtained GH Ghost Mask×1, Paradise Coin×1000, Royal Badge of Glast×1000, Dark Wings×25, Fine Sand×10, randomly get 1 boss material (from Boss of EP1.0 or earlier) 2) New BCC Shop at Top Up page:
❖ 「Novice Blessing Giftbox」——12 BCCoins, can only purchase 1——Zeny×1000, Chain Laeding ×3, Kafra Storage Voucher×100, Kafra Warp Voucher×20, Mysterious Mercenary Voucher ×5, Heart Warming Food ×5, Blue Potion ×50, White Potion×50 ❖ 「Adventurer Life Giftbox」——12 BCCoins, daily purchase:1——Eyes Of Chef God ×10, Expert Ingredients Pack Ⅲ ×5, Adventure Ball×20, Rainbow Shell ×10, Lv5 Talent Fruit ×1, Rank B Food Pack×5 ❖ 「Hollgrehenn Giftbox」——30 BCCoins, weekly purchase:2——Zeny×250000, Mora Coin ×5, Oridecon×10, Elunium×10 ❖ 「Valkyrie Guidance Giftbox」——6 BCCoins, weekly purchase:5—— Reward From Guild ×5, Golden Badge ×1 ❖ 「Branches Pouch」——60 BCCoins, weekly purchase:1—— Bloody Dead Branch 3.0 ×5, Random Rare Material Pack ×10 9. MVP【GARM】: There will be 8 Lunatic respawn around the Ice River of Lutie every 2 hours. Garm will be summoned once the 8 Lunatics are killed.
10. New Elite series quests at Lutie (Teddy Bear Vicky, Toy Fiesta, Black Peter Gina), Sub quest (Prince William & Flower of Thorns), Shiny quests at Lutie.
11. Journal Optimization:
❖ Implemented filter feature: can filter with stats and keyword
❖ Add quartermaster headgears to the headgear list on Journal.
12. Anti Addons:
❖ MVP Boss & players at WOE will now display their HP amount directly.
❖ The respawn cooldown of MVP & Mini Boss will be random within a small range, the respawn time will also be blurred.
13. New Brown color contact lense: Classic Adventurer.
14. 1st Anniversary of ROM, Prontera will be decorated! Please check the event detail on my page LATER (too much to translate)

■■■ Sum Adjustment ■■■
1. Safety refinement max level increased to 10.(the one provided from NPC) 2. 【Nemesis】 adjustment:
❖ Tier IV: MATK+18, MATK+5%, Magnus Exorcismus damage+1% with every Refine Lv+1, if Refine Lv+10: Increase the affection of LUK to the damage of [Holy Light], if Refine Lv+15: Increase the affection of LUK to the damage of [Judex] ❖ Edit the affection of LUK to [Holy Light] & [Judex], adjust the Real Damage to M.damage, the damage that dealt by increasing LUK, adjusted from 20 to 50 3. [Kyrie Eleison] adjustment: When [Kyrie Eleison] blocked the damage, the user will not receive 1 dmg anymore, the attacked animation will also be removed.
4. Fix the bug of [Magic Crasher] which it used to not P.damage. After fixed: (EXAMPLE) You can deal dmg on Detale even it's immuned Magic attacks, can't attack enemy who stand in Pneuma, Phreeoni will now reflect the magic crasher dmg.
5. Fix the desc & effect of Whisper Of Speh Charles.

■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1. You may now kill the MVP in Endless Tower to complete the Adventurer Rank quests(which ask you to kill MVP).
2. Instant buy feature now available to Guild Constructions.
3. Cat Butler Paks will now be a handsome butler.
4. All the buffs you got from food/titles/collections will now shown on your stat UI.
5. Optimize the Market price checking speed.
6. Some other optimizations not worth translate. Also 18 bug fixes i’m lazy to translate. Feel free to check here if you’re interested.
4th Jan 2018

■■■ New Content ■■■
Guild Facilities Construction
1) New Guild Facilities Construction system: Guild Lv 3 or above. Guild Leader/vice leader talk to Cat Butler in Guild Base and use 20 Emperium to unlock the Guild Facilities Lobby.
2) Once unlocked you may build facilities in Guild Base or upgrade the facilities, the facilities provide various function and rewards:
❖ Unbelievable Vending Machine: You can buy [Rough Mithril], [Praying Card Pack](for praying at Goddess in the future). Unlock more items with higher facilities level.
❖ Cat Cafe: Consume [Proof Of Unity] to buy WOE consumable items. Unlock more with higher facilities level.
❖ Cat Litter Box: Consume [Shiny Marble] to randomly obtain: Zeny/Paradise Coins/Proof Of Glory/Contributions. Has chance to unlock more with higher facilities level.
❖ Magic Sew Machine: Able to Reinforce off-hands, Garments, Armors, Footgears with Sewing. Able to refine Headgears with Mithril. Unlock higher reinforce Lv cap & more refinable types for headgears with higher facilities level.
3) Building reward: Cat Butler will send rewards to guild members times to times according to the building progress of Guild Facilities. Amount and time are depending on the facilities Lv and amount. Talk to the Goddess Statue to get the reward.
4) The construction process:
❖ Guild Leader/vice leader talks to Cat Butler to build/upgrade the facilities. Only one facility can be built/upgraded at a time.
❖ During the building/upgrading process, all guild members can contribute the required materials to speed up the process and get Guild Contributions as rewards.
❖ The contribution system is same as Donation system (Has daily limit, and will need to submit more each times) Guild Challenge
1) Guild Lv 3 or above and unlock Guild Facilities Lobby to have a challenge quest weekly.All guild members can obtain the reward from Goddess Statue if the challenge is success.
2) Each Guild may have multiple progress on challenges. Every members may take part in the challenge to help on the progress. All guild members may get the rewards when the completed players reached the target.
3) Guild Challenges will be reset every Mondays morning 5am. (GMT+8) (STILL NO IDEA WTF IS GUILD CHALLENGE)
Journal Optimizations:
❖ The boosted Stats of being different Rank of adventurers may now be checked on your Journal.
❖ Each adventurer rank will increase your character Stats.
❖ Add new feature to Headgear tab: craft tips, instant buy & previews.
❖ Able to view the stats even the cards haven't been unlocked.
Pet Adventure Optimizations:
1) You may now choose a specific monster for pet to hunt on the region of Pet Adventure.
2)You may improve the adventure efficiency by the following method:
❖ Higher Refine Lv of current equipping gears. Highest improvement: 40%
❖ The enchantment of current equipping gears. Highest improvement: 30%
❖ The Runes you have already achieved. Highest improvement: 30%
❖ Adventurer Ranks. Highest improvement: 5%
❖ Stored Headgears on Journal. Highest improvement: 40%
❖ Stored Cards on Journal. Highest improvement: 40%

Toy Factory 1F, 2F new game play:
1) Kill 250 Cruisers to summon ★Cruiser at Toy Factory 1F.
2) There will be some Myst Pouch monsters appear at Toy Factory 1F, kill the Myst Pouch and summon Greedy Toy Seller at random spot of Toy Factory 1F, you can trade materials with him during limited time.
3) There will be some Santa Gremlins appear at Toy Factory 1F, kill all the Santa Gremlins to summon the nightmare of bad kids-Krampus and his Servants.
4) There will be some Clown Sugarman appear at Toy Factory 2F, kill it to summon Weirdo Clown.
5) Every night 9:30pm(GMT+8), Teddy Bear★ will appear at Toy Factory 1F & 2F. for 30 minutes.
6) Kill the Servant of Chepets at Toy Factory 2F to locate Chepet and get Collections materials. Find the NPC the trade for complete collections.
7) New Lutie Quartermaster quests at Toy Factory 2F: Find NPC Bellegar to submit materials for quests.
8) Gift from Krampus will appear at Toy Factory 1F. Kill the monsters to get fragments of collections. Collect them to trade for the complete collections.
9) New monster Bag Bear will appear at Toy Factory 2F. Kill the monsters to get fragments of collections. Collect them to trade for the complete collections.
New quest at Toy Factory 1F, 2F:
1. Item exploring quests added to Toy Factory 1F & 2F.Yea, pick the shiny things on the floor again to proceed.
2. New Santa Bard quest: Santa Circus.
Endless Tower Optimizations:
1. Challenge record will now show the highest BOSS floor you reached last week. You may now receive PART the reward of NOT-BOSS floors from the progress of last week.
2. New system: auto battle to next floor. This will help you challenge the tower more easily (but it won't make you stronger). Tick the option on your auto battle interface.
Inventory optimizations:
1) New quest bag: all quest items will auto stored in it.
2) New Adv skill to increase your bag slots.
3) Important item such as Aesir Monument(Runes tool), Pet Manual etc will be put on top.
New Contact Lenses:
1) [Mermaid Heart-White] added to Miss Smile at Payon
2) [Morning Fantasy-Blue] added to Miss Smile at Al De Baran
3) [Time Wheel-Red]added to Miss Smile at Lutie
Event related updates:
1) Winter Fest has ended, [Mysterious Socks] will be removed from Market.
2) Implemente "Costume•Clothes" unlock & store buffs.
❖ Christmas Costume unlock buff: ATK+1%,MATK+1%. Stored buff: MaxHP+200.
❖ The same series costume(even the gender is different) can only be unlocked/stored with one.
3) Fix the action bug of [Xmas Night Blessing Card].
4) Adjust the stored buff of January Gacha headgears:
❖ [Never Forgetti-Poring Balloon] stored buff adjusted to MaxHP+120, ATK+1% ❖ [Guardian Of Prontera[1]] stored buff adjusted to ATK+6, MATK+6, MATK+1%

■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1, Add "Change Character" Button: Click Avatar at Setting UI to switch characters.
2, Add tips "Gifting status stayed for 3 days" at Market History.
3, Help friends to finish Valhalla Ruins to get Friendship Card: If you already killed the BOSS and received the reward in VR before helping your friend, but your friend hasn't receive the reward yet, then you will get Friendship Card and Guild Contributions. (Won't get multiple reward even if there are more than one friends in the party haven't complete VR) 4, Adjust Lv100 Backpack to Lv99 Backpack: Zeny x100000, Random Card Dex·Blue x1, Yggdrasil Berry x20, Rough Mithril x10, random MVP dead branch x1, random Mini dead branch x5.
5, You may now elegantly sit on reindeer in Santa Claus room at Lutie.
6, Adjust [Yggdrasil Berry] cooldown time in WOE: 10 secs
7. Other optimizations not worthy to translate.

■■■ Bug Fixes ■■■
1. Fix the bugged rune of assassins: Additional Damage to stunned target.
2. Some other bugs nobody noticed/cared... maybe...
26th December

■■■ Content Updates ■■■
1. [Auction] system testing.
❖ First auction registration will be started after this maintenance.
❖ Use the "More > Auction” button or talk to the Kafra Auction Staff near the Prontera Training Ground to choose the selected item that you own and register the item to auction.
❖ The testing phase now only accept MVP Card as auction item.
❖ Auction registration deadline: every Fridays 7:30pm (GMT+8). (30 minutes before the auction start)
❖ 10 items will be chosen randomly from the registered items. If there are multiple players registered the same card, only 1 player will be chosen (also randomly). Those cards are not being selected will be retrieved to the owners.
❖ Auction will be ended after all bidding is done/failed. Next registration time will start at 5am next morning.
❖ If the amount (type) of cards that being registered not more than 10, the auction will be postponed to next Friday 7:30pm.
【Bidding start】
❖ The auction begins at 8pm every Fridays.
❖ 10 items will be bid one by one.
❖ There will be a countdown after 2 minutes without any higher bidding price offered.
❖ The currency that used on bidding will be Big Cat Coins. The base price of the card will be the same the one on Market. (10,000 Zeny=1 Big Cat Coin) 【Bidding Finish】
❖ The failed bid item will be returned to the owner.
❖ The bidded card will be sent to verify for 30 minutes. The winner will get the card after the verification, the card seller will get the ZENY (as same amount of the Big Cat Coin that the bidder spent on Auction). (1 Big Cat Coins=10,000 Zeny) 【First Auction】
Three special item will be sold at the very first auction: Back-[Golden Deviruchi Wings], Headgear-[Refined Majestic Goat], Mount-[Pegasus]. The selling income will share among every players!
For lazy ppl who don't want to think / easily confused / will going to ask anyway : 1. You can only bid with Big cat coins.
2. You only receive zeny if your cards sold on the auction.
2. Big Cat Coin dealer NPC “Heaven Walker” will appear at Guild Base.
3. 【Magnus Exorcismus】 adjustment:
* Remove the amount limit, it can be stacked now.
* Effect gap adjusted from 2 secs to 1.5 secs. The damages are now depends on the effect amount instead of effect duration.
* Rune: Magnus Exorcismus Mastery - the damage to other races adjusted from 20%/40%/60% to 7%/14%/21%。 4. Rogue skill adjustment:
* Thief skill【Shadow Attack】 skill delay adjusted from 2 secs to 1 sec.
* Rogue skill【Back Stab】skill delay adjusted from 2 secs to 1.5 sec. Skill magnification adjusted from 250%/300%/..700% to 360%/420%/..900%。 * Rogue skill【Double Strafe】,【Triangle Shot】skill magnification adjusted from 180%/190%/..270% to 100%/110%/..190%。 5. 【Myst Case Card】 implemented 5 secs cooldown time, and the restoring amount increased to 10 points. Effect now : Restore 10 SP each time you killed a monster, but it can only be triggered once per 5 secs.
6. Optimize Market History: merged the history of same flash sale items at the same time.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix the bug of Glast Heim weapon skin quest: 【剥离的灵魂】 2. Fix the bug of 【Santa Blessing Hat】,【Santa Blessing Hat Recipe】,【White Cat·Julius】 which couldn’t be sold on Market.
3. Fix the bug of unlock reward from Journal NPC which no hint when your inventory is full.
4. Fix the bug of new jobs that can’t equip a certain equipments.
5. Fix the bug of some combo sets.
6. Fix the bug of 【Endless Tower】 which new boss can’t be select through auto battle.
7. Fix the bug of new weapon dealer which equip Lv and desc is different.
8. Fix the bug of rune-Magic Strike
9. Fix the bug of Santa Costume which you can wear the opposite gender costume.
10. Fix the wrong desc of Adventure Manual.
11. Fix the bug of Plagiarism
12. Fix the bug of Shattering Strike which no effect to boss
19 December 2017

■■■ Content Updates ■■■
1) Lv cap 99. Complete "Forever Clover"(永远的四叶草) quest at Prontera South Field to get Lv99 Aura.
2) Lower Transjob's JOB exp required to level up (Lv.11-40)
3) ET Tower & Guild Raid(Valhalla) add monsters and some Boss of Lutie.
4) Add Quest bulletin Lv 96-99.
5) Fear R Us : Req Lv.95, talk to James Lik (詹姆斯•里克) at Lutie for detail. Reward amount shared with Rift fixing New maps:
1) Lutie, Toy factory 1F & 2F
2) New main story quest: On Top of Snow. Player may proceed to Lutie by talking to the Santa Claus at Al De Baran.
3) Add mysterious chest DAILY quests to Lutie and Toy Factory 1F & 2F. There will be 6 daily quests per map, complete 3 of them to get chest.
4) Basic services like Kafra and bard quests added to Lutie.
New class:
1) Alchemist & Rogue. Merchant>Alchemist>Creator. Thief>Rogue>Stalker.
2) Blacksmith & Rogue quest will be reset as last EP. Don't mischoose the option again.
3) Add part of Maces/Axes/Swords/Daggers & Armors for Alchemists. Part of Bows/Daggers & Armors for Rogues.
4) New Alchemy items added to Item Dealer.
5) "Homunculus Liquid" added on Event Dealer NPC, the item can reset the skill of Homunculus.
6) Homunculus can be evolved. Req: Be a creator and Homunculus reached Lv.50, you will get the evolution quest automatically. Each Homunculus has different quest.
7) Implemented [Plagiarism] - auto learn Adventurer Skill[Copycat] : Use the skill that copied by Intimidate. [Plagiarism] will be failed if the skill level is lower than the copyable skill level of the target monster. Please check EP2.9 sheet for copyable skills.
Poring Fight:
1) Participer transform into poring, get random skill and snatch for golden apple at Poring Island. Reward will be given depend on the golden apple you get.
2) Temp event time : every Wednesdays 20:00~20:30 (GMT+8).
3) Event reward :[Joy of Poring]. The reward amount = (the amount of Golden Apple you got)x10, Top three can also win extra 240/120/60 [Joy of Poring]. Each account may obtain with a maximum of 600 [Joy of Poring] per event.
4) Each first time participant of the event will give you 10k Zeny and 3 EXP potions(depends on your level).
5) Event reward [Joy of Poring] can be traded for consumable items (exp potions, rainbow shells, golden badges etc). Exclusive headgear will be added soon.
New gears and upgrades added please check https://goo.gl/1YxYSb
Part of the gear adjusted:
1)[Feather Wand]
[Veteran Hammer] changed name to [Feather Wand]
Adjusted stat:
INT+2, ATK+218
Vanilmirth's [Caprice] formula sum+75%
[Caprice] formula sum+35% with every refine Lv.+1
[Feather Wand]+[Alchemistry Armor]+[Prophet Cloak]: [Caprice] formula sum+150% 2)[Wings Wand]
[Master Hammer] changed name to [Wings Wand]
Adjusted stat:
Int+6, Atk+438
Vanilmirth's [Caprice] formula sum+75%
[Caprice] formula sum+35% with every refine Lv.+1
[Feather Wand]+[Alchemistry Armor]+[Prophet Cloak]: [Caprice] formula sum+150%(edited) 3)[Erde]
Adjusted stat:
Increase the base rates of destroying target's equipments by using[Acid Terror][Demonstration][Acid Demonstration] With every Refine Lv.+1:[Demonstration]damage+5%,[Acid Terror]damage+5%,[Acid Demonstration] formula sum+30% Combo:
[Erde]+[Chemical Protective Gloves] : [Acid Demonstration] damage+15% 4)[Prophet Cloak]
Adjusted stat:
Able to be equipped by Alchemist
If Refine Lv.+10:MaxHP+500
[Feather Wand]+[Alchemistry Armor]+[Prophet Cloak]: [Caprice] formula sum+150% 5)[Chemical Protective Gloves]
Adjusted stat:
Able to be equipped by Alchemist
[Erde]+[Chemical Protective Gloves] : [Acid Demonstration] damage+15% 6) [Roguemaster's Bow[1]]
Adjusted stat:
ATK+210, DEX+6, Gear ASPD+5%
Has 5% chance to trigger [Bow Mastery] while normal attacking: ASPD+5%, Ranged P.damage+10%, for 3 secs [Triangle shot]damage+3% with every refine Lv.+1
7) Matyr's Leash
Basic ATK still 66, upgrade to VI tier total ATk+48
8) Bill Guisarme
Tier IV: If Refine Lv.+15 : Damage to Boss+20% adjusted to +30%. It means ATK+70, Damage to Boss+10%, If refine Lv.+10/+15:Damage to Boss+10%/+30%” Pet adjustments:
New pet adventure at Lutie. Your pet may also equip some of your headgears.(no stat effect of course) Mentor Lv adjusted from 80 to 85.(req of mentor, graduation quest,req of using teaching tools) Skill Adjustments:
Priest balancing:
1) Rune [Faithful Prayer]casting distance from 9m to 15m.
2) Rune [Magnus Exorcismus Mastery]: Magnus Exorcismus skill delay adjusted from -7% to -0.2secs, may also deal 20% of skill Dmg to all Races , deal 60% damage if the Rune is Lv.3 3)Add new Rune [Magnus Exorcismus-Power]: Magnus Exorcismus formula effect +30%: Edited 3pt Rune [Holy Amplification-Stun] to [Magnus Exorcismus-Power], edited 2 pt Rune [Advanced M. Defense] to [Magnus Exorcismus-Power] , edited 2pt Rune [Advanced P. Defense] to [Magnus Exorcismus-Power] , Edited 1pt Rune [Ruwach-Extend] to [Magnus Exorcismus-Power], edited 5pt Rune [N. Attack-Silence] to [Magnus Exorcismus-Power].
4) Only 1 [Magnus Exorcismus] may existed at the same time.
5) Rune [Holy Amplification-Stun] adjusted from “Stun chance of Holy Amplification +15%, but but CD time of [Holy Light] +2 sec” to “Stun chance of Holy Amplification +20%, but but CD time of [Holy Light] +2 sec” 6) Rune [Advanced M. Defense] adjusted from MDEF+2% TO MDEF+3%
7) Rune [Double Healing] effect adjusted to “Get [Double Healing] status for next 10 secs, Heals within the duration will heal the target, and also the lowest HP party member with 10% of the healing.” 8) Rune [Double Healing-Extend] Double Healing effect +3%。
9) Rune [Rapid Sanctuary]healing amount increased from 10% to 15%
10) Rune [Talking Skill] adjusted to Change the skill effect of [Lex Divina]: Extend all skill casting time casted by the enemy.With every rune point: Casting time +100% and fixed casting time +0.5 sec, for 10secs.
11) Rune [Kyrie Eleison-Rush] increase the damage endurance of [Kyrie Eleison]by 1500 12) Rune [Turn Undead-Recovery] changed to [Turn Undead-Power]: “Skill formula effect +100% while attacking Demons” 13) [Turn Undead] add effect: Deal 60%/120%/180%/..600% of M.Damage with Holy property to Demon monsters 14) New [Holy Spirit Card]: [Magnus Exorcismus] blue gemstone consumption -1. Player can combine it through King Poring : Zombie Card x1, Skeleton Card x1 + Wraith Card x1 + Bongun Card x1 +Carat Card x1 +1500000 Zeny Blacksmith :
1) Implemented [Shattering Strike]weapon & armor breaking effect.
2) New skill [Repair Weapon]
1)New req of [Shadow Attack]: must equip Dagger/Katars.
2) No need to learn [Elemental Arrow] to use Fire Arrows.
Battle System Optimization:
1) Auto skill slot
* New Adventurer skill : Combat Skill III. C Rank adventurer may learn it to unlock 1 more auto skill slot.
2) Trick dead
* Can now be put on auto skill.
* Cooldown only applied when you cancel the skill.
* Auto trick dead when HP/MP is lower than 10%, back to life after HP/MP higher than 90% 3) Adjust the AI of 【Speh Charles】: It will take less time to challenge it but requires more teamworks.

■■■ Gameplay Optimized ■■■
1. De Si Val (the one that sell rename cards) moved from Izlude to Prontera.
2. [Quest Bulletin] adjusted : more Chain Laeding and Rice Balls
3. Adjust the default amount of deposit and withdrawal of items to maximum.
4. Hide player names will now hide their pet’s name too.
5. Fix some model bugs.
6. Increase the price of Eden recipes and Proof of Faith.(No idea what is this) 7. Add hint to Journal-Collections: Click the question mark collection to check details (finally?) Bug Fixes:
1.Fix the desc of Rune [Gravitation Field]
2. Fix the portrait of Ghostring on GH-Lobby.
3.Fix the damage display of Knight’s normal attacks which disappeared.
4. Fix the max Refine Lv of [Axe Of Blood]
5. Fix the bug of Mercenary Voucher which you can’t use if you don’t have enough zeny.
6. Fix the desc of [Thief Bug Card].
7. Fix the bug of inventory which items won’t merged after refresh.
8. Fix the bug of Abysmal Knight Card which no effect on Mini boss.
9. Fix the bug of Alice Card which no effect on Mini boss.
10. Fix the glitch of spear knight
11. Fix the glitch of pet skin
12. Fix the bug of guild wall photos.
13. Fix the bug of Dark wings & Clock Tower Quartermaster quests.
5 December 2017

■■■ Content Updates ■■■
1. Journal Sharing:
▷ Journal system will now be shared among characters on same account.
▷ It share every buffs on Journal included: Unlocked headgears, cards, cookings, tasting, achievements, and storing buffs of headgears & cards.
▷ The unlocking reward(Paradise coins/adventurer EXP)will be obtained by 1 character only.
▷ Adventurer Rank, cooking level, cooking recipes, titles, portrait and other related unlocking content will be shared among characters too.
2. Journal Merging:
▷ The highest Adventurer Rank will be shared.
▷ If one of the character Adventurer rank is lower, you will receive the remaining adventurer skill points(from current lower rank to highest rank on your account) with in game mail.
▷ The monster killing amount, cooking, tasting and achievements will be MERGED!
▷ Scenery photo merging: the system will choose the highest rank character's photo as scenery photo is same scenery photo is taken. Other photos will be saved on Temporary album, which only saved for 20 days.
▷ If other characters unlocked/stored same cards/headgears, compensations/refund will be sent after the merging.
3. Some adjustments because of the merging/sharing of Journal:
▷ All headgears, cards, food ingredients, condiments, paradise coins may now be stored on shared storage.
▷ [Cooking Book] may now be shared among characters, but can't be stored on personal storage.
▷ Rare food ingredients and condiments buying limit will now account bound.
▷ 【Army Cap Recipe】&【Sunglasses Recipe】may now be sold on Market.
4. New quest system - Account bound quest: this kind of quest will be shared among the characters on same account, only 1 reward, but the unlocked content will be shared. The quests below has been adjusted as account bound quests: ▷ Journal unlock quest
▷ Adventurer Rank quests
▷ Adventurer challenge quests
▷ Cooking unlock quest
▷ Cooking daily quests
▷ Glast Heim/Clock Tower Quartermaster quests
5. Common monsters drop rates increasing:
▷ New Adventurer skill [Teamwork], can be learned with Adventurer Rank D: Before you reached max stamina, if the party members are on same map, and different jobs amount on party is 3/4/5, you will get an increasing of drop rates by 10%/15%/20%.
▷ Premium Card benefit adjusted: Removed the extra 100 minutes stamina(battle time), added: Common monsters drop rates & EXP +33% before you reached max stamina.
Tips: The drop rates mentioned above are PERSONAL drop rates, party member's drop rates won't be affected.
If the droprate is more than 100%, it will counted as another loot.
6. Increase the reward of Clock Tower Raid: [Timed Nightmare]
7. Contact Lense system: [Adventurer Rank C]Talk to the super cute Kafra-W beside the Hairstylist of Prontera, she will help you with contact lenses service!( Eyes Of Raymond Dayton are conflicted with contact lense currently, it will be optimized soon. Also new contact lenses are still developing!) 8. "Valhalla Vendor" location changed: from the guild base entrance NPC "Hervor" to the top left corner room of guild base NPC Valhalla Quartermaster "Te Morris"
9. As the reward from Valkyrie, Valhalla vendor added new Einherjar series face gear: [Lightning Pattern] 10. New control on inventory & storage: Double click to switch items, stacked items may switch the amount.
11. Prontera will be decorated with Christmas theme again.Enjoy.

■■■ Gameplay Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize Mr Pringles. Clo is still selling the code if you're interested please PM on discord.
2. Optimize the mask of Assassin Cross. You may know notice their mouths.. :3 3. Carts may now be sold to NPC.
4. Optimize the notification when your premium duration is about to expired.
28 November 2017

■■■ Content Updates ■■■
1. Channel Merge. (Please check https://goo.gl/L1ffHr) Don't forget to grab your channel merging compensations!
Event details : https://goo.gl/Fn6hpy
2. End of Icey event, Icey series gears can be sold/bought on Market.
3. Optimize Market gifting price : gifting credit will now same as the price u bought the item.
4. Fix some cape glitches and model glitches.

■■■ Bug Fixes ■■■
1. Fix the repairing bug which broken gears can't used on fixing broken gears.
2. Fix the bug of instant buying which you can't use it if the amount is too high.
3. some other bugs.
21 November 2017

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Market Gifting system implemented:
▷ After you purchase the item on Market, you may gift the item to a Friend that online IF you have enough gift credit. (You can only gift the item that you bought on Market) ▷ The item you want to gift must be at least 100,000 Zeny.
▷ You need to pay some Zeny for the deliveryman to deliver your item. It will play different visual effect depends on the zeny you paid for it.
▷ The players who topped up will receive a Point Card(that shows your gifting credit).
▷ You will receive 10,000 Gifting Credit for topping up 1 China Yuan. The gifting credit will be kept for 31 days.(Yes, it will expired after 31 days) ▷ The record of topping up within 90 days before the gifting system implemented will be converted into gifting credit too. The credit will be kept for 90 days.
▷ Gifting will consume same amount of gifting credit as the zeny you spent on the item. (EX: You bought a 500k Zeny item and you want to gift it to someone, then you will need to pay 500k+ 500k Gifting Credit + Delivery Fee) ▷ The device you're using to play the game must be a "trusted device", which passed the phone verification when you logged in.
2. New NPC Helville(赫尔维尔) added to Guild Base. It's a Nibelungen Fragment dealer, you can use Nibelungen Fragment to trade some Einherjar series gears.
3. Archer classes adjustments:
✦ Arrow Shower: Damage adjusted adjusted from 75%/80%/85%...140% to 75%/90%/105%...210% ✦ Charge Arrow: Damage adjusted adjusted from 115%/130%/145%/160%/175% to 200%/250%/300%/350%/400% ✦ Blitz Beat: Additional damage(ATK+Refined ATK)x5%/10%/15%...50%, the damage will apply to【Falcon Assault】&【Hunting Assault】 and won't be affected by one of the damage formula and runes.
✦ Split Arrow】main Damage adjusted from 120%/140%/160%...300% to 180%/230%/280%...630%, splash Damage adjusted from 35% to 75% ✦ Round Shot: Damage adjusted adjusted from 240%/280%/320%...600% to 240%/300%/360%...780%, Sp consumption from 34/38/42...70 to 34/36/38...52, Cooldown time adjusted from 8 secs to 3 secs ✦ Tamer: Max stacks increased from 2 to 3
✦ Claymore Trap: Damage adjusted adjusted from 90%/110%/130%/150%/170% to 90%/140%/190%/240%/290%, max stacks increased from 2 to 4 ✦ Freezing Trap: Max stacks increased from 2 to 4
✦ Land Mine: Damage adjusted adjusted from 200%/300%/400%/500%/600% to 200%/340%/480%/620%/760% ✦ Ankle Snare: Immobilize time adjusted from 4/8/10...20 secs to 2/4/...10secs, the immobilize debuff can't be cured by Panacea.
✦ Trap Mastery: Trap amount by default increased from 4 to 8
4. Assassins classes adjustments:
✦ Shadow Attack: Damage adjusted adjusted from 115%/130%/145%…250% to 150%/180%/210%…420%。 ✦ Sonic Blow: Damage adjusted adjusted from 140%/180%/220%&500% to 300%/350%/400%…750%。 ✦ Slash Attack: Damage adjusted adjusted from 220%/240%/260%…400% to 220%/280%/340%…760%。 ✦ Grimtooth: Damage adjusted adjusted from 110%/120%/130%…200% to 210%/240%/270%…480%, casting distance increased from 3 meters to 6 meters.
✦ Soul Breaker: Damage adjusted adjusted from 150%/200%/250%…600% to 180%/240%/300%…720%, randomized damage adjusted from (500,1000) to (INT×5,INT×50), casting distance increased from 5 meters to 6 meters.
✦ Enchant Deadly Poison: Duration increased from 20 secs to 40 secs. Add switches for Enchant Deadly Poison-Strengthen. (so you can turn it off/on) 5. Add new feature to auto battle which can auto using combo set. Put the combo skills on auto skill slot, it will auto be used if it's triggered. Example: If you learned Triple Attack, Raging Quadruple Blow, and Raging Thrust, just put Raging Thrust on your auto skill slot. The skills (Raging Quadruple Blow & Raging Thrust) will be casted if Triple attack is triggered.
6. Boosted the Max HP, ATK, MATK stats on Runes. Increase the ratio of the MATK and ATK on runes of Priests & Monks.
7. Journal collecting bonus adjustments:
✦ Boosted the Max HP, ATK, MATK stats of most of the Headgear storing buffs, Card unlocking & storing buffs.
✦ Added storing buffs on the headgears and cards that not yet have any buffs.
✦ Please check for new stored card buff list: https://goo.gl/bsqAWt 8. Mentor system optimizations:
✦ You may now check your student's quests progress on Mentor interface, and receive your reward on it.
✦ Remove [Friendship Card] from Mentor shop and add [Mora coins] on the list. Only 5 coins per day can be purchased.
✦ [Ph.D Hat] added to Mentor shop.
✦ [Guarding Scroll] usable max level adjusted from Lv.80 to Trans job.
✦ Optimize some desc and the using logic of [Guarding Scroll] & [Adventure Manual] 9. Implemented [Change Cart]. Merchants may now obtain Wooden Cart from Cart Rental at Prontera or buy [Nyan Cart] with 1.98m Zeny.
10. Boosted Pet and their ASPD:
✦ Pets now have 90% reduction from P.damage & M.damage. Restore 10% Hp every 5 secs.
✦ Pets immune to all debuffs.
✦ AGI of pets will now decrease the time between each attacks.
11. Instant buying optimizations:
✦ Instant buying now also implemented to Gear repairing & Gear upgrading. The instant buying interface will be showing up if you lack of materials.
✦ Instant buying now support Zeny, Paradise coins, and Big Cat Coins purchasing which not only buying from Market but also from NPC.
✦ Buying order : Market > NPC shop > Paradise Coins shop > Big Cat Coin shop.
✦ It will recommended the lowest price as priority.
✦ Limited items, PVP items, Timer items will not appear on Instant buying list.
■■■ Optimization ■■■
1. Add "proceed to use" button on some items (ex: Ferris Wheel ticket, it will lead you to ferris wheel NPC) 2. Paradise Coins will now be an item on your inventory. (another item take over your bag slot) 3. Optimize the Senior Researcher quest at Clock Tower 2F: You may now freely choose to hand over Crystal Of Time/Witched Starsand/Crystal Bone.
4. Change some item icons.
5. Makes your pet less annoying.
6. Optimize the interface of safety refine, repairing, slotting and upgrading.
7. Add more items that can be used multiplely at once: Foods, Awakening Potions, Pet chest etc.
8. Optimize the animation of [Icey Tassel]
9. Optimize Guild interface.
10. Some text optimizations.
11. Max Adventure Level on Journal now increased to Lv.50.
12. Optimize Achievements on Journal : It will now show the required quests of the achievement.
13. Optimize Achievements status.
14. NPC security master reward now changed to Old Blue Box 2.0
15. Add Shield skin slot to Crusaders. You may now equip another shield as a costume.
■■■ 17 Bug Fixes ■■■
31 October 2017
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bugged skill effect of [Asura Strike]
2. Fix the bug of Graduation quest. (Those who encountered the bug, the quest will be done automatically after maintenance) 3. Fix the bug of [Repent] which also affect the players other
than the caster.
4. Fix the bug of Pringles Emoticon.
5. Fix the wrong text of pet talking.
6. Fix the bug of guild donation which Lv51-90 material donation amount is lower. Compensations will be sent to those who encountered the bug, please wait patiently.
7. Fix the bug of [Journal-Food] which Pringles appeared on it.
24 October 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. 《RO Mobile》 is having crossover with 《ICEY》 game (New game of XD), players can find Icey around the South West direction from Fountain at Prontera.
▸ Event Date: 24th Oct 5am ~ 28th Nov 5am
▸ Able to buy 【Icey Hairband】【Icey Headset】【Wendy】after complete the quest.
▸【Icey Hairband】Equip stat: INT+2, DEX+2;Store Buff: MaxHP+15.
▸【Icey Headset】Equip stat: FLEE+5, LUK+3;Store Buff: ATK+1, MATK+1.
▸【Wendy】Equip stat: MaxHP+300, AGI+3, LUK+3;Store Buff: MaxHP+25.
▸【Icey Hairband】+【Icey Headset】+【Wendy】Combo set bonus: Movement speed+15%, DEX+5, FLEE+10.
2. 《RO Mobile》is having crossover with Pringles (potato chips) : Pringles in the RO Land.
▸ New NPC "Uncle Pringles" will appear at Prontera Event Plaza. Players can redeem special headgears and Pringles Emoticon from the NPC (with the redeem code that printed on RO version Pringles, which only sell in China).
3. New 【Player Rename Card】&【Guild Rename Card】.
▸ Player Rename Card: Change your character name.
▸ Guild Rename Card: Guild Leader change the Guild name by talking to the Guild Keeper at Guild Base (with the card of course).
▸ New NPC “De Si Val” located at Izlude 12 O'clock direction will sell the Rename Cards.
4. 【Friendship Card】 Obtaining rules adjusted:
▸ 【Quest Bulletin】: If you party with Friends to finish Monster killing quests together , both of you will get Friendship Card as rewards. If there are more than one friends in the party, you will get multiple amount of Friendship Card (depends on the amount of friends in party).
▸ 【Rift Fixing】 &【Endless Tower】: If you party with Friends to complete Rift Fixing or Endless Tower, both of you will get Friendship Card as rewards. You won't get the Friendship Cards again if all the friends in your party has finished Rift fixing / Endless Tower.
5. Guild Donation rules adjusted:
▸ New materials of current EP will be removed from Donation list.
▸ Guild Donation will now available for players whose Level is 71 and above. The Proof Of Faith that obtained as rewards of basic common materials(except those that bought from NPC) increased from 1 to 2. Fix the donation bug(Proof Of Faith)of Level 91 players.
6. Monk Skill balancing adjustments:
▸【Critical Explosion】: Increase Normal Attack damage with (5x INT) in Critical Explosion status.
▸【Raging Quadruple Blow】Skill effect: from 260/320/380/440/500 to 400/480/560/640/720.
▸【Raging Thrust】Skill effect: from 360/420/480/540/600 to 560/640/720/800/880.
▸【Chain Crush Combo】Skill effect: from 350/400/450/500/550/600/650/700/750/800 to 500/600/700/800/900/1000/1100/1200/1300/1400.
▸【Occult Impaction】Sp consumption: from 18/26/34/42/49 to 12/15/18/21/24.
7. Knight Skill balancing adjustments:
▸【Berserk】: Duration adjusted from 60sec to 20sec, Cooldown time from 300sec to 90sec;Remove the effect of reducing HP by 2% for every 10sec. Decrease of DEF & MDEF adjusted from 100%/95%/90%/85%/80% to 90%/80%/70%/60%/50%.
▸【Pierce】: ATK110%/120%/130%/140%/150%/160%/170%/180%/190%200% to 120%/140%/160%/180%/200%/220%/240%/260%/280%/300%.
▸【Spiral Pierce】Sp consumption: from 18/21/23/26/29/32/35/38/41/45 to 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20.
8. Pet system adjustments:
▸ Add confirmation when you want to sell your pet eggs to NPC.
▸ Add auto battle-OFF button to Pet. You can use the button to control your pet to assist you to battle or not.
▸ Add Max Level skin to pets. Current available for : Poring, Sohee, Desert Wolf Baby, Isis, Earth Petite, Savage Babe, Yoyo, Deviruchi, Baphomet Jr., Mandragon.
9. Players will now obtain extra Bag slots & storage slots as rewards when reached Base Lv.40,50,60,70,80,90,95.
10. Starsign divination added 【Hey!This is Scorpio!】 action item. Players may now start the divination for Scorpio!
11. The Craft gears prices on market will now the same as total price of the the materials that required to craft the gears.
■■■ Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize the auto battle AI for [Devotion]: Will now only use [Devotion] on current locked target.
2. Optimize the User Interface when using UltraWide screen device to play.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Correct the desc of [Fire Arrow Shower] & [Fire Burst]. They will be triggered with Fire property attacks 2. Fix the bugged order of achievement system :[Adventure: Monster photo] 3. Fix the purple glitch after fixing rift.
4. Fix the desc of Clock Tower Raid.
5. Fix the bug of [Silver Badge] which can still be obtained with PVP even reached the max weekly limit.
6. Fix the bug of [Detonate] which additional damage sometimes failed.
7. Fix the bug of [Dark Food] which you will still get EXP from cooking it.
8. Fix the bugged UI of [Journal-Cooking]
9. Fix the bug of [Dark Food] which will display the gourmet level when eating it.
10. Fix the bug of Hiding which you can't pat your pet when you're hiding.
11. Fix the error display when cooking 5 Star food.
12. Fix the bug of Element Arrow which you can't cancel the using of the arrows when you unequip the weapon, and it still consume your element arrows.
13. Fix the bug of effect of [Ramen Hat] which Crusaders & Monks unable to trigger.
14. Fix the wrong conversation text of Deviruchi.
15. Fix the bug of Ivy Dagger which poisoning effect doesn't have 20% limit.
16. Fix the bug of [Double Healing] which won't switch target when auto battling.
17. Fix the slotting appearance bug of [Imperial Silver Guard].
18. Fix the error desc of [Eden Dagger].
19. Fix the bugged UI of Pet Adventure when you switch from 3 pets adventure to 2 pets adventure.
20. Fix the bug of "Check Detail" which your friends still can't check your gears even the privacy has been set to "show for friends only".
21. Fix the bug of achievement “Destroy the Aliens” which can't be completed.
22. Fix the missing icon of hugging pet.
23. Fix the repeated emoticon bug of pets.
24. Fix the typo on Mentor UI.
25. Fix the bug of [Adventure Manual] which the buff duration paused when you offline.
26. Fix the bugged stat of +15[War Boots].
27. Fix the bug of [Silver Badge] which you won't get them after defeating GH raid [Night of Destruction] & CT raid [Golden Night] bosses.
28. Fix the bug which players unable to use consumable items after being stone cursed by [Chimera] & get Recovered by priests.
17 October 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New "Receive all" button on Market.
2.New Mentor system:
▸ Req of mentor: Base Lv.80, finish【Mentor Quest】.
▸ Req of student: BaseLv.10—80, doesn't have a mentor yet.
▸ Mentor Quest: Those who Base Lv.80 and doesnt have a mentor, may go to Prontera Event Plaza and talk to "Tec" to receive the 【Mentor Quest】.
▸ Amount of Student: Each Mentor can have 3 students.
▸ Go to "More" > "Friends" > "Mentor" to check your mentor / students.
【Reward of being a Mentor】
▸[Mentor Badge] will be given to Mentor everyday according to the amount of daily & weekly quests that done by the Students.
▸ Mentor will get [Mentor Badge] every time the student leveled up.
▸ Mentor will get a certain amount of [Mentor Badge] if the student graduated.
【Reward of being a Student】
▸ Mentor can use the [Teaching Tool] that bought from [Mentor Vender] on students.The [Teaching Tool] will give students a lot of Job & Base EXP, EXP bonus and stat bonus.
▸ Students may obtain massive Zeny & Job & Base EXP by completing daily quests.
▸ When students reached a certain Job Level, they may get [Reward from Mentor] which contain Adv Eden gears, materials and etc.
【About Mentor Vender】
▸ [Mentor Vender] NPC "De De Mee" is located somewhere north of Prontera Event Plaza, you may also track the npc by click the Vender button on Mentor interface.
▸ [Mentor Vender] has various feature of [Teaching Tool] and some tool related to【Mentor Badge】.
【Using of Mentor Badge】
▸【Mentor Badge】can be used on exchanging items from [Mentor Vender] "De De Mee" including :【Friendship Card】,【Paradise Coin】,【Reward From Guild】 and etc.
▸ Once the students reached Base Lv.80, they may go to Prontera Event Plaza and find "Ta Ta Chi" to get the graduation quest. Receive some graduation rewards after finish the quest.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug of 【Berserk】which ASPD increasing doesnt work
2. Fix the bug of 【Blitz Beat】 when 【Beast Master】is lv.10, it will additionally count the amount of enemy's physical damage reduction.
3. Fix the wrong icon of【Fuel】.
4. Fix the bug of selling item which won't show the Tier of gears.
5. Fix the missing 3D Model of 【Permanent Clockwork】
6. Fix the bug of 【Owl Duke】&【Dark Illusion】 which normal attack and skills wont affected by Race damage reduction.
7. Fix the bug of Monk's Rune skill【Strength Mastery】 which desc and actual effect is different.
8. Fix the bug of some buff which only working after re-equiped.
9. Fix the bug of Cooking food which the icon disappeared when the buff is still there.
10. Fix the bug of eating same cooking food and it will refresh the buff duration. Each cooking food duration will be counted individually after the bug fixed.
10 October 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Implemented some gears & cards effect:
▸[Mithril Robe]:"Received [Advanced Casting] status when received dmg: Next skill will be Instant Cast."
▸[Ivy Dagger]:"Cause the Poisoned status can't be cured by Panacea"
▸[Phreeoni Card] store effect: "ATK+10 every time you dodged. Can be stacked up to 10, lasts for 5 sec."
2. [Holy Saint Boots] new stat: Movement speed+5%。
■■■ Optimization ■■■
1. Show stored & unlock buff of Cards & headgears on item tips.
2. Show the buff that unlocked by crafting the recipe on recipe tips.
3. Optimize the remaining time of Buff icon.
4. Remove the cooldown time of [Pet EXP Potion-S] , [Pet EXP Potion-M] , [Pet EXP Potion-L] 5. Optimize the damage of [Occult Impaction] : fix the bug of damage which lower when your ignored DEF effect is higher.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fixed desc of [Bathory★]
2. Fixed bug of[Vitality Necklace] which only 1 will have effect even you equipped two.
3. Fixed desc of [Triple Attack]
4. Fixed bug of MVP killing amount which the MVP that killed from Guild Raid still counted.
5. Fixed interface of safety refinement.
6. Fixed the bugged interface of [Pet Adventure] when you changed map.
7. Fixed the bug of [Head Crush-Disabling].
8. Fixed the bug of [Lunatic Brooch] which damage increasing effect works on boss.
9. Fixed slotting bug of [Katusa Flower[1]]
10. Fixed desc of [Heart Warming Food] [Body Warming Food]
11. Fixed bug when you queue the next skill.
12. Fixed text of upgrading gears.
13. Fixed the missing Buff icon when [Kronos] triggered [Illusion] . 14. Fixed bugged first skill on auto list after you pat your pet.
15. Fixed wrong materials used on Alloy crafting.
16. Fixed lower healing amount received when [Steel Body] is activated.
17. Fixed bug of [Suffragium-Extend] .
18. Fixed [Owl Duke] at [Endless Tower] which will affected by debuff.
19. Fixed desc of [Bronze Cardo]
20. Fixed bugged interface of [Journal].
21. Fixed skill icon of pet.
22. Fixed the bug [Reflect Shield] which damage won't consume the battle time(stamina).
23. Fixed the bugged collection fragment of Clock Tower monsters which can't be consumed and wasting your bag slots.
19 September 2017
They strengthened MVPs and forget to announce it last week. Level cap is higher and armor is better so the MVP is stronger now.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fixed the bug of stamina that restored by Music player which can't be used on pet adventure.
2. Fixed some blank of upgrade gears on Journal
3. Fixed the killing amount bug on journal caused by pet killing
4. Fixed the critical damage bug of Holy Avenger which wont apply after upgrade 5. Fixed the journal bug of Chef Hat.
6. Fixed the bug of system msg which wont appear if your bag is full and recycle gacha.
7. Fixed the CRIT bug of Saint Katars
8. Fixed the aggresion of Big Ben
9. Fixed the wrong formula of Earl Fruit Juice, Fascinating Salad, Prontera Royal Veggie Soup 10. Fixed the bug of Holy Cross damage which doesn't decrease when Crusader equip weapon other than spears 11. Fixed the mercenary cat in party bug which won't count as party member 12. Fixed the bug of Bathory ★ which stat is same as Bathory and no drops 13. Fixed the bug of Sacrifice which critical damage showed as normal damage.
14. Fixed the bug of achievement 制作触发灵感 which can't be complete.
15. Fixed the intimacy bug of pets which stucked for some players.
16. Fixed the display bug of "Don't display other players" which still show the pets of other players.
17. Fixed the bug of Saint series gears which won't give you extra 10% EXP when you're in a party.
18. Fixed the ASPD bugs.
12 September 2017
■■■ New Event ■■■
New Pet Lover event link : https://bbs.xd.com/thread-3210278-1-1.html EVENT 1 : Newbie Supplies
Event date : 12th September 5am -19th September 5am (GMT+8)
Event content :
Players who reached first job will receive a Newbie Supply pack with mail in game.
Newbie Supply Pack Can only be opened as First Job classes.
Contains: 「Small JOB potion」x5, 「Small BASE Potion」x5, 「Proof Of Faith」x10, 「Silver Badge」x5, 「Second Job Newbie Supplies」x1.
「Second Job Newbie Supplies」Can only be opened as Second Job classes.
Contains: 「Medium JOB potion」x5, 「Medium BASE Potion」x5, 「Reward From Valkyrie」x2、「Golden Badge」x2, 「Proof Of Faith」x20, 「Paradise Coins」x200, 「Trans Job Newbie Supplies」x1.
「Trans Job Newbie Supplies」: Can only be opened asTrans Job classes.
Contains: 「Large JOB Potion」x5, 「Large BASE Potion」x5, 「Reward From Valkyrie」x2, 「Golden Badge」x3, 「Proof Of Faith」x30, 「Paradise Coins」x500.
1. The First Job character that login within the event period will get 「Newbie Supply Pack Lv.1」 with mail in game. The players who changed job to second & trans before the event will not get any supplies.
2. You can’t open the Newbie supply pack again if you changed job to second job. You can’t open the Second Job Newbie Supplies as Transjob. Please use it immediately while it’s still available.
EVENT 2 : Eclipse pet skin
Event Details : EVENT 3 : Gacha
Event details : please check Number 11 of new content of this patch notes!
EVENT 4 : Big Cat Pouch
Event details : please check Number 16 of new content of this patch notes!
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New classes:
► New 2-2 for Swordman class : [Crusader] and the transjob [Paladin], players who meet the job change requirement may go to Adventurer HQ (job change hall) and talk to Shurank.
► New 2-2 for Acolyte class : [Monk] and the transjob [Champion]. players who meet the job change requirement may go to Adventurer HQ (job change hall) and talk to Leinas.
► Monk may now use the weapons and gears that sold by NPC. Monk classes are able to wear [Statue Of Virgin] & [Advanced Survivor's Manteau].
► Job quest of Knight & Priest will be reset. Swordman and Acolyte who accidentally accepted the job change quest can choose the class again. (Doesn’t work if you’re already Knight/Priest) 2. Cooking system :
► Players who’re want to try out cooking system may talk to the NPC “Mordona” at the North part of Prontera. He will then lead you to Cooking Association.
► Cooking starter quest requirement: Adventurer Rank F
3. Pet system :
► 10 pets available for now. (Poring, Lunatic, Yoyo, Savage Babe, Mandragon, Desert Wolf Baby, Deviruchi, Sohee, Isis, Baphomet Jr.) ► Use different taming item to catch different pet, incubate them and let them fight along your side.
► Pet starter quest requirement : Base Lv. 30 and talk to Agnes at Prontera South Field.
► Pet Adventure system : Own 1 pet and the intimacy level must be more than 3. Complete a quest and obtain Pet Adventure Manual to start the pet adventure.
► Open Pet Adventure Manual to start the pet adventure. It will consume [Adventure Ball] and your Stamina (battle time) to send your pet for adventure.
► Pet can’t be put in shared storage due to Level problem. It will be adjusted in the future : If the owner’s level is lower than pet, the pet’s level will be adjusted to same as new owner’s level, but the actual level and EXP won’t be lost.
► Add achievements about pet.
► Add pet taming item shop NPC“Smokie Siu Siu”at [Prontera South Field] ► Add pet accessory recipe shop NPC “Dean” at [Prontera South Field]. You’re able to buy it when your pet reach the intimacy level.
► New pet item [Rainbow Shell] to exchange pet taming item at pet taming item shop. It can be obtained with pet adventure.
► New item [Talent Fruit] & [Lv5 Talent Fruit], use on pet interface to randomize the pet skill. The items can be bought from event dealer : Horklump Gin at Prontera 4. New Maps : [Prontera North Field] . [Al De Baran] . [Clock Tower 1F] . [Clock Tower 2F] 和 [Clock Tower Basement ] ► New Raid of Clock Tower : [Golden Time]. Player must be Base Lv.90 and formed a party to get in at Al De baran. Golden Time shares the same reward cooldown as Rift / Raids of other maps.
5. Max level cap increased to Lv.95.
► New Lv.90 Guild Dojo will be available once the guild reached Lv.5 ► Base & Job EXP bonus +50% for Quest Bulletin of Base Lv.90.
6. New rare gear upgrades:
► All the gears that dropped by boss will be in “Rare Gears” category.
► Some rare gears can be upgraded, it won’t change the name and won’t lost the refinement Lv.
► Some upgrade tier will require players to be trans job.
► Pino Ugarte & Augusto Ugarte at Al De Baran have some new formula for upgrading some rare gears that dropped by MVP/MIN. (Please check https://goo.gl/SqTfbr for effect/materials) 7. Equipment Recycle system:
► Rare gears can be recycled. A certain number of [Rainbow Ruby] can be obtained with recycling rare gears.
► [Rainbow Ruby] can be used on upgrading rare gears.
8. Combo set bonus will be kept even after the gears upgraded to final form. Ex: Advanced Feral Boots still have combo effect with Cat Blessing & Muffler of Blue Eves.
9. 5x the EXPs obtained by repairing Rifts. EXP of [Monster Waves] (Gardosen) increased to 10x. EXPs obtained by completing Quest Bulletin increased by 50% . 10. Adjust the strength of monsters :
► Lower the damage of quest monsters at [Payon], [Payon South Field], [Payon Cave 1F],[Orc Village], [Geffen Tower], [Orc Dungeon], [Dragon Plateau], [Glast Heim Culvert], [Glast Heim Chivalry], [Glast Heim Lobby] ► Wild common monsters damage dropped by 30%
► Job Change monsters damage dropped by 70%
► Adjust the amount of monsters in Orc Dungeon.
11. Gacha System :
► [Fantasy Creator I] (Gacha Machine) will be located at South part of Prontera (7 o’clock inside Prontera) ► Theme of season one : [Magic Mask Party~The Fairy Tales]
► Gacha list : [Alice's Rabbit], [Missouri Umbrella] , [Hand Of God] , [Caged Elizabeth] , [Mad Hatter] , [Poison Countess Mask]. Their gacha rate are 5%、6%、7%、23%、28%、31%.
► Use 21 [Big Cat Coins] or 30 [Big Cat Voucher I] to play the gacha.
► Season one will be end on 30th September. There is a 30% discount during event period, after the event the cost will be 30 Big Cat Coins (30 China Yuan) per gacha.
► The Gacha Headgears that obtained from[ Fantasy Creator I] can’t be sold on Market.
► Playing the Gacha will consume Big Cat Coins or Big Cat Voucher I. Big Cat Coins can be bought on Top Up page, Big Cat Voucher I can be obtained with some events.
► For details please check for translated effect 12. [Fantasy Creator II] (Gacha Machine No.2) will be located at South part of Prontera (7 o’clock inside Prontera) ► Saint series gears can be obtained by playing [Fantasy Creator II] with Big Cat Coins or Big Cat Voucher II ► The Big Cat coins will be consumed gradually each time you play Gacha on [Fantasy Creator II] : the price will be 10 > 15 > 20 > 35 > 50 …. The increasing price is account bound, maximum will be 50 coins, reset everyday 5am.
► If you use [Big Cat Voucher II] to play the Gacha, the price will be 10 vouchers per time, it’s fixed.
13. [Fantasy Creator III] (Gacha Machine No.3) will be located at South part of Prontera (7 o’clock inside Prontera).
► The Gacha obtained most of the cards in game. (Please check the interface in game to see which cards can be obtained) ► The Big Cat coins will be consumed gradually each time you play Gacha on [Fantasy Creator II] : the price will be 30 > 60 > 100 > 150 > 200…. The increasing price is account bound, maximum will be 200 coins, reset everyday 5am.
14. New stuff in Guild Base:
► Add personal storage (same function as Kafra Storage) in guild base.
► Implement the [CD Player] in guild base.
15. New emoticons : Emote - Idea , Emote- Money. They can be obtained by completing achievements.
16. [Big Cat Pouch] can be bought on More > TopUp
► Price :12 China Yuan
► Obtained : [Luxury Card Album] x1, [Reward From Valkyrie]x2, [Silver Badge] x10 ► The cards obtained from [Luxury Card Album] will unlock the perma buff on Journal.
► The [Silver Badge] obtained from [Big Cat Pouch] will not be counted in weekly cooldown.
► 3 [Big Cat Pouch] can be bought per month.
17. Some Gears adjusted:
► 【An Eye Of Dullahan】,【Orleans Glove】 can be slotted
► 【Silk Robe】can only be equipped by Mage classes now.【Exorcist Robe】can only be equipped by Acolyte classes now.
► Implement [Crescent Scythe] weapon effect - [Baphomet's Rage] : Deal Dmg(1~(Base Lv x Adjusted Sum) on target instantly. The Dmg caused by owner will accumulate into the final Dmg of [Baphomet's Rage]. For every Refine Lv.+2, Adjusted Sum increased by 5% ► Holy Avenger] effect adjusted FROM “Have 8% chance on dealing Holy Dmg to target in area. Holy Dmg+5% for every Refine Lv. +1” TO “Have 8% chance on triggering【星陨】: Deal Holy damage to target in area. For every Refine Lv. +1 : Swordman classes normal attack damage+5% & damage of 【星陨】+5% 18. Mercenary Cat stat adjusted:
► Damage of 【Ka Meow Ha Meow Ha】 from 【Paul】 adjusted from 2.2 to 5.
► 3x the Max HP & DEF, 4x the MDEF of all Mercenary cat.
19. The first gate of Guild base【Valhalla Ruins】 can now be activated with Base Lv.40 . 20. Increase the bag slot of Adventurer skills 【Large backpack】&【Double compartments】from 10 slots to 20 slots 21. Adjust some items market price:
► Increased maximum price of Scrolls, CDs, Recipes (not from MVP/MINI) ►【Dark Priest Card】 minimum price adjusted from 1,570,000 Zeny to 600,000 Zeny. NPC price (sell to NPC) adjusted from 392,500 Zeny to 78,500 Zeny.
► Decreased minimum price of some materials, cards, recipes, scrolls. Also lower the selling price of them to NPC.
22. Adjust the CDs you get from 【White CD Box】:《I miss you》, 《Baby Don’t Cry》, 《The End of Adventure》, 《Hero of Bravery》.
23. The Duel Coins you get from Dueling quests can’t be stored on shared storage anymore.
24. Add “Convallaria” & “Clovers” as decorations on some maps.
25. Change the login background picture to EP2 : Pet Lovers. (Download the latest client to be able to view it) ■■■ Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize 【Journal-Card】tab : Now you can view the cards that you haven’t obtained with King Poring’s Advanced Customize.
2. Optimize the joining rule of Mercenary Cats. If there is empty slot in the party, the available mercenary will join the party instead of the expired mercenary.
3. Add the obtaining source of 【Silver Badge】, 【Golden Badge】, 【Friendship Card】on item tips.
4. Optimize the scene of “UFO CAT” & 【Endless Tower】.
5. Optimize the text display of character stats.
6. Optimize the display of Slots. The outline of available slot (can be slotted but not yet slotted) will be displayed as dashed line.
7. Optimize the safety hair of some headgears. Try the best to keep the original hairstyle.
8. Optimize the skill using controls:
► Be able to prepare next skill by clicking the skill when current skill is casting or cool downing.
(Ex: Click Fire Bolt when you’re casting Storm Gust so the Fire Bolt will be auto cast after you finish casting Storm Gust.) ► Can only reserve 1 skill as preparing skill. (the last skill you clicked) ► There will be effect showing if you clicked a skill to be prepared as next skill.
9. Optimize the 3D model size of 【Honey hairstyle】.
10. Optimize the scenary photo saving rule : Scenary photos can now be saved on Personal Album too. Just click the “save to personal album” button after taking the photo.
11. Optimize achievement system :
► The homepage of achievement will now showed the stat of unlocked titles.
► Add “Title details” button, click it to show all the titles.
►【Journal-Achievement】 now add Red Dot hint : It will ask you to receive the reward on the tab every time you achieve an achievement.
► Optimize some achievement & title desc
► Optimize the requirement of achievements.
12.【Mora Coins】, 【Friendship Cards】 added “Use it now” button for convenient.
13. Optimize Party system : Leader may now invite only a party member to follow you and cancel the following action of party members.
14. Decrease the cooldown time of 【Mystic Frozen】,【Great Nature】,【Flame Heart】,【Rough Wind】,【Awakening Potion】 to 0.5 sec.
■■■ Bug fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug of unbalance date display on [Premium Card]
2. Fix the bug of Check character detail interface.
3. Fix the bug of Gears that can be upgraded to Final Form but doesn’t display the materials needed.
4. Fix the bug of “Expired” tag displayed on party members.
5. Fix the bug of red dot position on character avatar.
6. Fix the missing pose of [Hey! This is Virgo] of some classes.
7. Fix the wrong display of 【Sigrun's Wings】
8. Fix the bugged effect of 【Fentek's Wristband】1 ATK with every 10 Flee for assassin classes.
9. Fix the bug of continue the contact of Mercenary cat which won’t has any feedback if you’re lacking of zeny.
10. Fix the bug of changing map when following.
11. Fix the bug of checking Buffs when you click the icon but the duration won’t refresh.
12. Fix the bug of 【Meteor Storm】which won’t show action after finish casting.
13. Fix the bug of sync system of rune skill【Elemental Diffusion】(Sync 3 now) 14. Fix the bug of 【Detonator】 which the damage won’t increase.
15. Fix the bug of 【Lex Aeterna】.
16. Fix the bug of 【Kyrie Eleison-Rush】 which desc and effect isn’t the same. ( Rush duration is 3 sec now) 17. Fix the bug of 【Shadow Attack】 when using 【Advanced Hiding】which the stunning effect will be immuned.
18. Fix the bug of 【Parry】 which won’t decease M.damage in PVP.
19. Fix the bug of the achievement of refining accessories.
20. Fix the bug effect of triggered skill 【Meteor Storm】of 【Bloody Knight Card】&【Dark Lord Card】 which different with 【Meteor Storm】 that used by Wizards.
21. Fix the bug of【Seize Opportunity】which still has effect after reset.
22. Fix the bug of Gryphon in Endless Tower which can be debuffed.
23. Fix the weapon glitch of Assassins.
24. Fix the error counting bug of Mercenary cat achievements.
25. Fix the wrong text of 【Deathcat Manteau】 from Priest classes to Acolyte classes.
26. Fix the missing red dot when obtaining new portrait.
27. Fix the bug of skill interface.
28. Fix the wrong portrait of NPC Shing Hen.
29. Fix the Follow bug when party is repairing rifts.
30. Fix the glitch of assassins when previewing other weapons.
31. Fix the bug of temp bag.
32. Fix the dialog bug of Nicky Dee.
33. Fix the bug of unlock requirement of “Public Lover”.
34. Fix the bug of Journal which shows red dot when using Premium Card even you haven’t receive the Journal.
35. Fix the bug of Q&A NPC“Ryan” which some answers are actually wrong.
29 August 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New Star Sign Divination - Virgo.
New pose available :【Hey! This is Virgo】
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the auto skill setting bug which will still notify you even you put on attacking rune skills.
2. Fix the graphic bug of party interface which won't show the back part gear.
3. Fix the wrong msg pop out when doing enchantment.
4. Fix the wrong desc of rune skill [Spell Crit]. From 2% CRIT to 10% CRIT.
5. Fix the notification bug of Quest Bulletin Leader.
22 August 2017
Summer Faire event start!!
Detail please check
https://www.facebook.com/pg/CloRagnarok/photos/?tab=album&album_id=904045956438088 Please click in the photo to check every event details!
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Glast Heim quest "The begining of Knight" will now give away Paradise Coins as rewards. (The players who finish the quest before this will have the coins mailed to you tomorrow after maintenance) ■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug of【Lasting Healing】 which won't work on self
2. Fix the card bug that obtained from Endless Tower which
won't unlock the perma buff on Journal.
3. Fix the wrong level of triggered skill [Assumptio] of【Angelic Protection】.
4. Fix the interface of TIPS on storage and Journal.
5. Fix the bug of the plain gears that dropped from Rift which don't contain any refine lv.
6. Fix the error quest amount of item that withdraw from Storage and cart.
7. Fix the bug of shortcut which you can't unequip the gear
by clicking it from shortcut.
8. Fix the glitch after using Mercenary Cat Transform Scroll.
9. Fix the bug of Journal which won't give you Paradise coins when you activated the NPC dex. (OBB and paradise coins will be given to players who occured this bug in 24 hours after maintenance) 10. Fix the bug of mount which unmount when you switching
11. Fix the error dialog of Falcon Rental.
12. Fix the bug of Desert Wolf Baby Card which doesn't existed on Journal.
13. Fix the bug of【Suffragium】 which causes the skill action doesn't sync.
15 August 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New fashion preview feature added on gear Tips. Players may now try on the gear to preview how it looks like on you.(Like this : http://i.imgur.com/GD21cMn.png) 2. Market Manager NPC added beside the Music Player at Prontera South Field.
3. Valhalla-Aesir Monument new feature added : [Activate all] & [Reset].
► [Activate all] : It will automatically choose the shortest way to activate the target Rune Skill from the Rune Skill you have learnt. Can’t be use if Guild Contributions & Golden Badges are not enough.
► [Reset]: You may now reset your runes with consuming some Zeny.(The amount will depend on how many rune points you want to reset, more points will cost you more Zeny. Maximum consumed Zeny is 500k Zeny each time) . The Guild Contributions & Golden Badge will be refunded after the reset. You can reset as many times you want (as long as you can afford).
4. New rules of uploading guild photo album:
► The players that have the authority to upload photos on the guild wall, may upload with maximum 4 photos. Click the photo on the wall to edit or replace.
► Guild leader and sub leader can edit the authority of uploading photos. Guild leader can give sub leader the authority to edit other member’s permission.
► The old photo wall that used to auto upload the pictures of members will be closed temporary. It will be optimized in the future.
5. Add scenery photo category in personal album. You may now check all your journal scenery photo on your personal album.
6. Adjust the unlock system of Star Sign series headgears : from “Craft to Unlock” to “Obtain to Unlock” (You may now unlock it on Journal by just obtaining it). Add source of obtaining Star Sign Headgears on the item tips.
7. Add [Game Agency and Licensing Contract] info on game login screen.
■■■ Gameplay optimization ■■■
1. Optimize “King Poring” system:
► Show the cards you may obtain when opening the Card Recreation interface.
► Add animation. It will play the animation by default, untick it to cancel the animation while recreating the cards.
2. Optimize inventory :
► If your inventory is full , when you unequip gears / use gift packs or old blue box or card album / quest items, will be added into inventory with temporary additional slot. Other common items will be placed into temporary bag.
► The vanish countdown will only start if the amount of items in temporary bag is more than 10. Countdown duration adjusted from 24 hours to 72 hours. The countdown will not refresh even if the amount of items changed.
► There will be red dot appeared on temporary bag if there’s new item placed there.
3. Optimize the slotting tips: You may now check if the gear can be slotted or not by checking the gear info. If it doesn’t show anything means the gear can’t be slotted.
4. Optimize some desc of “Valhalla-Aesir Monument”(runes) :
► [Sword Mastery-Power]: “P.ATK of [Sword Mastery]+X%”.
► [Charge Attack]: “Learn [Charge Attack], instantly rush to the enemy afar and deal 200% P.damage. Longest charge distance +X Meter and damage +X% with every rune point.
► [Magic Strike]: Normal attacks influenced by MATK +X%”.
► [Gravitation Field Ⅱ]: Learn [Gravitation Field] Lv 2, continuously deal non-elemental M.damage to all the targets around the caster and lower the movement & ASPD by 10% for X sec (consume Blue Gemstone x1). M.damage +X and movement & ASPD -X with every rune point.
► [Gravitation Field Ⅰ]: Learn [Gravitation Field] Lv 1, continuously deal non-elemental M.damage to all the targets around the caster and lower the movement & ASPD by 10% for X sec (consume Blue Gemstone x1). M.damage +X and movement & ASPD -X with every rune point.
► [Blitz Beat Ⅵ] :Have X% chance to double the damage of [Blitz Beat] ► [Lasting Healing] : Targets affected by [Heal] will get a Regen buff (works on self too). For the next X sec, regenerate 10% of the Heal amount every 3 sec ► [Normal Attack Ignite]: Normal attacks will trigger [Ignite] effect after using Flame Heart.
5. Optimize the muted rule: You can still chat in party / guild channel if you’re muted now.
6. Optimize the debuff icon of Decrease AGI.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug which you can’t store/withdraw stacked item if the shared storage or inventory is full.
2. Fix the bug of abnormal amount of ASPD on Perma buff interface.
3. Fix the bug of Quest list which won’t show the reward when you click and hold it.
4. Fix the bug of Journal when you click it through titles, the data won’t sync.
5. Fix the bug of STAT points which won’t take effect on resisting debuff status.
6. Fix the bug of Achievement : Glast Heim Collections which some players can’t complete even you met the requirements.
7. Fix the bug of some titles which won’t be able to obtain even after unlocking the achievements.
8. Fix the wrong triggered skill level of [Angelic Protection] .
9. Fix the bug of [Talking Skill] which can be applied on Boss monsters.
8 August 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. Double Guild Donations & Guild Quest contribution rewards:
Event date: 8th August 5am (GMT+8) ~ 15th August 5am(GMT+8)
Event detail : Guild Contributions that obtained from Guild Donations & Guild Quests will be doubled.(Golden Badge not included) 2. Adjust requirement of activating Valhalla-Aesir Monument : From Base LV.40 to Second Job Change.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug of some players will leave their mount when switching maps.
2. Fix the bug of double party leaders.
3. Fix the bug of [Double Armor] which can’t trigger DEF reduction.
4. Fix the disappeared additional healing buff bug of [Holy Boots] & [Staunch Ring] after switching maps.
5. Fix the glitch of casting bar of some skills.
6. Fix the bug of flying chat which can’t be activated after switching maps.
7. Fix the bug of Glast Heim Collections achievement which show wrong amount.
8. Fix the bug of [Fire Pillar] which sometimes can’t be triggered.
9. Fix the bug of [Ice Break-Spread] which the frozen effect won’t turn the monsters into Water element.
10. Fix the bug of Sunken Ship quest reward which asked Priest class player to choose weapons.
11. Fix the bug of [Meteor Storm] which the meteors further than the area it showed.
1 August 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New achievement “Amazing Journey & exclusive headgear.
2. Adjust skill effect of [Meteor Storm]:
* Increase damage of [Meteor Storm]: Every damage caused by meteor will be increasing as the meteor amount of the same level.(No ideal what this is, confusing as always) * Increase skill area of [Meteor Storm]: increase from radius 3 Meter to radius 4 meter * Implemented Hit rate of [Meteor Storm] : In effected area, every meteor actual damage area will be radius 3 meter.
3. Increase [Gravitation Field] skill area: increase from radius 3 Meter to radius 4 meter 4. Adjust [Energy Coat] effect: Maximum reduction of P.damage received will be 70%. The exceeded percent of damage received will be converted into a certain percent of M.damage bonus.
5. Adjust [Spear Boomerang] skill value : from 100%, 200% ,300% to 300%,400%,500%.
6. Add personal album feature. You may now save common camera photos. Click More > Album to check.
7. New Adventurer Rank E skill [Album Folder II] and Adventurer Rank D skill [Album Folder II]. The skill will expand your personal album space.
8. New avatar display feature, show off your style. (Some implemented , some are not, will be updated in the future) 9. The cards you obtained from [Endless Tower] may now active the buff on [Journal].
10. PVP exclusive skin [Marchosias Backpack] can now be exchanged by talking to Quartermaster at Prontera.
■■■ Game Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize the display of titles: Title will now be displayed in front of character name.
2. Optimize mechanic of [Board Captain] : The players that have this skill may now accept and complete all the Bulletin Quests for the party that followed the him/her.
3. Optimize the Mercenary Cat rules:
* If the party is full and there’s a mercenary cat in the party, the mercenary cat will be replaced by the party member who asked to join (auto join).
* Party members may now kick their own Mercenary cat from the party. (used to be only party leader can kick it out from the party) 4. Optimize the desc of following achievements:
* 大家中意你: 2 players use [Me Likey You] on you at the same time within 1 minute.
* 大众情人: 5 players use [Me Likey You] on you at the same time within 1 minute.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the error avatar of “Flash” in Journal NPC dex PC.
2. Fix the bug of Rune skill [Riding] which also take effect even you’re not riding.
3. Fix the bug of [Tornado Axe] which caused the monsters at spawn on same spot temporary invincible.
4. Fix the amount bug of achievement “Travel People”.
5. Fix the lost resource bug of [Gemini Coronet[1]] model.
6. Fix the bug of [Fire Pillar] that can’t be triggered.
7. Fix the bug of [Falcon-Clearance] which will remove the [Fatal Arrow]buff from monsters.
8. Fix the Blue gemstone consumption bug of [Gravitation Field]. (correct amount :1) 9. Fix the bug of [Gravitation Field] that caused Critical Magic Damage.
10. Fix the bug of male Lord Knight that the shoulder height is different when riding...
11. Fix the bug of MVP notification that sometimes will not pop out.
12. Fix the bug of item that obtained from Market flash sales which can’t be stored on Journal.
13. Fix the hair glitch when equip [Skull Cap]
14. Fix the collection bug of achievement “古城收藏家” which included[Greeting Card from Big Cat] & [Certificate of Tutor] 15. Fix the bug of [Wing Of Victory] that can’t be stored on Journal.
16. Fix the display bug of “Amplify Magic Power” hairstyle model & avatar.
17. Fix the bug of cards that picked into temporary bag can’t active the perma buff on Journal.
18. Fix the bug of Rune effect which it will automatically switched on every time you log out (even if you switched it off) 19. Fix the glitch of quest NPC at Guild Base.
20. Fix the bug of whisper list which required you to send multiple times to be able to be seen.
21. Fix the bug of some collection exchanging quest that can’t be completed.
22. Fix the bug of shortkey list when equip [Matyr's Leash]
23. Fix the bug of [Wing Staff] which you will still restore SP even unequipped it.
24. Fix the bug of [Stormgust] which sometimes the damage color will turn blue.
25. Fix the bug of [Elemental Diffusion] which target amount and damage are wrong.
25 July 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
[Navy Blue Beret],[Canna Beach Hat],[Bless Of Happiness],[Hydrangea Hairpin]adjust to "Cannot placed in account/shared storage".
■■■ Game Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize insert card in inventory interface. Default insert slot will be chosen when card is chose.
2. Optimize shared storage insert rules: If the equipment is slotted with a card that cannot be placed in shared storage, that equipment cannot placed in shared storage.
3. Optimize marketplace:
- Optimize equipment listing rules. Stack those equipment that have exactly the same stats.
- Optimize the filtering and listing speed.
■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix [牺牲颂歌] no buff icon appear bug.
2. Fix Endless Tower some monster have hp shield bug.
3. Fix [Capricon Crown] wrong description, should be equipment ASPD +1%.
4. Fix quest monster [Jumping Bug] able to unlock monster achievement in Adventurer Book.
5. Fix when follow player, unable to change map or stuck when talking to NPC.
6. Fix Minorous Card wrong description. (Change from "Ignore Big size monster" to "Ignore monster") 7. Fix Hunter - Aesir Monument, skill [Ankle Snare Extra Damage] and [Deterrence] activate at the same time but wrong damage output bug.
8. Fix Skill [Change Cart] description, stated extra slot not tally with given extra slot.
9. Fix Orc Warrior Card wrong description. (Change from "Reduce received damage from Brute monster -20%" to "Reduce received damage from Brute monster +20%"") 10. Fix incorrect rules in obtaining achievement [MVP! 疾如风].
11. Fix wrong item icon, [Skull Cap].
12. Fix wrong number of unlocked Headgear displayed in Adventurer Book - Achievement.
13. Fix unable to complete taking picture of different job achievement.
14. Fix temporary party leader unable to enter Endless Tower.
15. Fix missing icon of [禁锢箭] [Imprison Arrow].
18 July 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New GH Lobby daily quest : Quartermaster’s requests (军需官的请求). The quest can be obtained from NPC Arnold at GH Lobby. By completing the quest will made you collect the [Dark Wings] faster.
2. Add new dating location [Nyan Nyan House]: Players that reach Base Lv.80 can unlock the map by completing the elite quest - Traitor Joey(叛变的佐伊) from NPC Fafnir at Glast Heim.
3.The players who finished Second Chapter of Main Story Quests can rewatch the Ending Animation again by talking to the NPC Emirin Yuna at [Geffen Tower Library] 4. New title system:
* Some titles can be unlocked by obtaining achievements on Journal
* Titles can unlock Perma STAT buffs, include [Permanent] & [Advanced] type, it will be displayed in front and behind the character name.
5. Achievement system Extended :
* Added Achievement category: [Character] , [Social] , [Adventure] * Added some fun hidden achievements, you can try explore them.
6. PVP balancing adjustments:
* MaxHP on PVP maps increased by 4x. The percent of MaxHP & MaxSP stay the same before and after you enter PVP maps. (Damage of [Burn Life] skill of Knight will not affected by the increasing MaxHP, the damage will be the same as common maps.) * Added Debuff immunity system on PVP maps. You will gain immunity for a certain time if you heep hitting by same debuff for a certain time.
7. Add new NPC - Quartermaster , nearby the Training Dummy at Prontera (outside jobchange hall). You will get [Battle Token] by winning in PVP : kill / help killing / win at Desert Wolf & Mini WOE mode, and you can use the [Battle Token] to exchange some PVP exclusive Headgears and Cards by talking to Quartermaster.
8. Adjustment of Debuff Resistance:
* STAT points will affect the resistance of Debuffs.
- INT will affect resistance of Poison, Bleeding, Freeze, Stone Curse, Curse, Blind, Sleep, Fear.
- VIT will affect resistance of Poison, Bleeding, Immobilize, Silence, Burn, Stun.
- DEX will affect resistance of Freeze, Stone Curse, Curse, Blind.
- STR will affect resistance of Immobilize, Silence.
- AGI will affect resistance of Burn, Stun.
- LUK will affect resistance of Sleep, Fear.
* Sound Effect will be played if the Debuff is being resisted & immuned.
9. Adjust the Refine effect of Weapon & Accessory : Ignore a few P.Damage & M.Damage reduction of target if the weapon and accessory Refine Lv. reached +5, +10, +15.
10. Add more flowers at Dating place [Hill of Promise • Floral Sea] 11. The reserved system msg of guild member online notification will be adjusted to 3 minutes.
12. Adjust the monster type of [Weak Puppet] from common monster to MINI BOSS.
13. Adjust the carding rule : You can replace the card(that already put in equipments) directly by using the card from Inventory. No need to go to Magic Furnace to remove the card again. Please note that the fee of replacing cards directly will still the same as removing card by talking to Magic Furnace.
14. Class balancing adjustment: Max reduction of P.Damage of [Energy Coat] will be adjusted to 70%.
15. Aesir Monument can be stored into personal storage.
16. Some item desc :“不可存入仓库”(can’t be stored) adjusted to “不可存入通用仓库”(can’t be stored in shared storage) ■■■ Gameplay Optimization■■■
1. Optimize the skill desc of [Lightning Rod]
2. Optimize the system text after you closed the UI of Gear strengthen/refine.
3. Optimize the Max guild funds and display of daily reset.
4. Optimize the Icon of [Star Amora]
■■■ Bug Fix■■■
1. Fix the bug of [Meteor Storm] & [Fire Pillar] which can’t trigger [Ignite] 2. Fix the bug of Stone cursed monsters which the Def won’t change after stone cursed.
3. Fix the wrong desc of Rune skill : [Ignore Space]
4. Fix the wrong desc of Knight Rune skills: [Counter Attack-Magic] 和 [Counter Attack-Ranged] 5. Fix the wrong desc of [Tornado Axe] & [Split Axe] which different with skill damage.
6. Fix the wrong track source of some cards.( such as Sealed Bacsojin Card & Sealed Apocalypse Card).
7. Fix the missing Boss pages on [Journal - Monsters]
8. Fix the missing Boss Card pages on [Journal - Cards]
9. Fix the bug achievement : “这就是终结” which can’t be finished even you finish the quest.
10. Fix the wrong portrait of monster in Dojo.
11. Fix the wrong “follow” status in party after warpning.
12. Fix the bug of [Mistress Card] which still cost you Blue Gemstone when using [Warp Portal] & [Double-sided Portal] 13. Fix the missing desc of [Sashimi]
14. Fix the bugged damage of [Beast Master] that doesn’t increase when equipped with [Double Bound] 15. Fix the bug when using [Charge] (it will made you leave the mount) 16. Fix the bugged amount of NPCs on Journal.
17. Fix the bug of [Staff of Elemental] which doesn’t have any effect on [Meteor Storm] 18. Fix the bug of Journal which you can unlock the additional achievements by only killing the MVP BOSS once.
19. Fix the bug of Collection Items which can’t be exchanged again even after collecting the required amount IF you sold it before.
20. Fix the wrong desc of [Hair Dyestuff-EX Color].
11 July 2017
■■■ New Event ■■■
Kafra Fiesta
For celebrating RO Mobile 6th Month! Enjoy the Event!!
Event detail please check:
https://www.facebook.com/pg/CloRagnarok/photos/?tab=album&album_id=877745929068091 ■■■ Gameplay Optimization■■■
Optimize desc of [Forest Staff] : Priest attack will not have splash damage when using this weapon.
■■■ Bug fix ■■■
1. Fix the disappeared green tick bug of Card Recreation.
2. Fix the bug of [Premium Card] which also increase shared storage slots.
3 . Fix the bug of [Double Side Portal] which the portal still visible even after leaving the party.
4. Fix the bug of [Double Side Portal] which can’t be attacked by AOE skills.
5. Fix the bug of [Premium Card] which won’t increase your bag slot immediately after using it.
6. Fix the bug of [Magic Wand-Poring] which repeat animation action if you used it from inventory.
7. Fix the distance bug when you talking to NPC Mit.
8. Fix the disappeared countdown when all party members died and one players leave the scene.
9. Fix the bug of “King Schmitz’s Memory” which won’t refresh.
10. Fix the Photo glitch of Guild Base.
11. Fix the bug of [Eddga Card] which will still be knocked back by [Firewall].
12. Fix the Stamina bug which won’t increase even after the character is dead.
13. Fix the bug of [Blessing] which won’t take effect on party member’s Mercenary Cat 14. Fix the bug of fired Mercenary cat that still joining back to party after switching map.
15. Fix the desc of cards below:
* Penomena Card : “无形种族减伤-10%” to “无形种族减伤+10%” (Reduce damage received from Formless monster by 10%) * Teddy Bear Card : “不死种族减伤-10%” to“不死种族减伤+10%” (Reduce damage received from Undead Race by 10%) 16. Fix the auto battle bug which won’t attack [Green Ferus].
4 July 2017
1. Add “King Poring” at Prontera South Field (Poring Map) that provide [Card Recreation] & [Advanced Customize] services.
►The cards you obtain from [Card Recreation]& [Advanced Customize] can unlock the perma buff of Journal as well.
► Card Recreation: Consume 3 cards to get a new card randomly.
► Advanced Customize : Consume specific Cards to get a designated card.
► Add a group of new cards that can only be obtained by King Poring Card system.
► Add new item : Torn Page Of Card Album & Torn Page Of Premium Card Album . You will get 1 torn page with every card recreations. You can combine 5 Torn Pages Of Card Album into [Emil Card Album] , 15 Torn Pages Of Premium Card Album Into [Emil Premium Card Album]
► Add new item : Emil Card Album & Emil Premium Card Album. Open it to get 1 new card.
2. New Premium card user exclusive bonus:
► During the period of the premium card, unlock 1 more auto skill slot.
► During the period of the premium card, respawn time of Mini Boss can be checked on MVP board on “More” button on menu.
3. At the West side in Prontera City (in the city), add new Goddess NPC for [Romance Divine].Hold hands with your partner to begin the divine (daily). Everyday you divine for the first time you might have a chance to get some Star Sign related rewards. (Renew monthly, this Month is Leo) 4. New Photo wall added in Guild Base. The scenery photos that taken by Guild members (that joined at least 24 hours) recently will appear on the wall.
5. [Valhalla-Aesir Monument] Trans job runes are now available.
► Update all trans job rune effect
► Unlock the trans job runes by accepting the quest from Valkyrie-Olrun at guild base (with Trans job character of course).
6. Increase the white & green rank cards drop rates from common monsters.
7. Add new plant : [Clover] & [Convallaria] on all maps.
8. Remove the healing shield effect of Baphomet & Dark Lord.
■ Gameplay Optimizations ■
1. Mercenary Cat related Optimizations :
► Mercenary cat will now display the owner name
► Optimize the display of expiry and contract of Mercenary cat.
► Optimize the auto join party
► You may now hold your hand with your cat if you learn hold hand skill.
2. Optimize some Axes appearance .
3. Optimize the appearance of [Drooping Baphomet Jr. ] , [Parcel Hat], [Golden Gear ], [Laurel Wreath, [Western Grace], [Ghost Bandana] 4. Optimize the display order of Guild Donation list.
5. Optimize the environment of Guild Base. Add Music Box.
6. Optimize the text on Guild Page. Guild EXP will now be Guild Funds.
7. Enlarge the map of Valhalla Ruins.
8. Add Tips on some item that can’t be stored in Shared Storage.
■ Bug fixes ■
1. Fix the bug which cause players unable to move if open a chatroom and enter guild base.
2. Fix the bug of shortcut Chinese chat text.
3. Fix the bug of Jupitel Thunder which sometimes it will Critical.
4. Fix the bug of [Bloody Axe] unlock quest which the req level is actually not 70.
5. Fix the bug of Endless Tower which some party members can’t proceed to next floor.
6. Fix the bug of Enchant Deadly Poison skill that doesn’t take effect.
7. Fix the disappear of ‘Chen Sir’ at Pyramid 2F.
8. Fix the abnormal spawn spot of Plants
9. Fix the incorrect effect of Alice Card
10. Fix the wrong skill icon of [Warp Portal] & [Double Healing].
11. Fix the bug of Ruwach skill which won’t cause damage.
12. Fix the bug of [Dark Lord] that have HP protection.
13. Fix the bug of [Ivy Dagger] that STR+5 doesn’t have effect.
14. Fix the bug of Fire Arrow Shower which max stack of Burn isn’t 4.
15. Fix the bug of [Shield Of Abysmal Knight] doesn’t have display effect.
16. Fix the bug of Bloody Ruby that can’t be destroy by classes other than Knight. It may now be sold to NPC.
17. Fix the desc text of [Assumptio] which it doesn’t mention it will take effect to whole party.
18. Fix the bug of the triggered skill [Assumptio] of equipment [Angelic Protection] which take effect to whole party.
19. Fix the disappear of Murgu at Glast Heim Lobby.
20. Fix the wrong portrait of Orc Hero Dojo.
21. Fix the portal glitch which occurred if you go from GH Culvert to GH Chivalry.
22. Fix the bug which you talk to NPC Magic Furnace will occur error dialog and display ‘Gear Disassemble’ button.
27 June 2017
1.Update Guild Base wall with the guilds that joined the photo event.
2.Adjust the burning status of Fire arrow shower into 4 stacks.
■■■■ Bug Fix ■■■■
1. Fixes the abnormal monsters summon amount of Alice
2. Fixes the wrong desc of Skull Bracer
3. Fixes Bug of Blood Sucker which it won’t absorb HP
4. Fixes wrong desc of Warp Portal skill.
5. Fixes a bugged quest which you won’t get “Scared” emotion after finish it.
6. Fixes the unrespawn bug of Ant Eggs at Sograt Desert.
7. Fixes the bug of Eden Training Cloth[1] which only Merchant can equip.
8. Fixes the bug of some Premium Card Headgear that exclusive to F/M only.
9. Fixes the action bug of Bash from Bongun Card.
10. Fixes bugged damage of Blitz Beat from Cursed Lyre which lower than Bliz Beat from Double Bound 11. Fixes error desc of Sharing Photo UI
12. Fixes missing stat of Tier III of Round Buckler : HP+200
13. Fixes the missing desc of Sashimi
14. Fixes the End Tier desc of Fox Bracer which different with Luxury Bracer 15. Fixes bugged quest “Room of Death”& “GH Beauty” which tracing location is wrong.(Quest will be reset) 16. Fixes the following Savage behind some players that won’t disappear.
17. Fixes Aesir Monument that can’t be getting out from temporary bag.
18. Fixes abnormal duration of Frost Nova used by Alice
21 June 2017
1. New Dating location [Hill of Promise • Floral Sea] (约束之丘•花海), use 1 [Fantasy Card•Silver] at NPC near the hanging bridge at Mt. Mjolnir. Enjoy a romantic journey with your partner.
2. [Premium Card] New Content: Monthly VIP Headgear Fashion
► After using [Premium Card] for the first time, player will receive [Premium Exclusive Headgear] for that particular month( For users that uses [Premium Card] before maintenance, players will receive their [Premium Exclusive Headgear] by mail) . ► New Headgear Exchange NPC - Miss Ina [伊娜小姐] at [Prontera] (near Prontera West Field teleport portal) . Player can use the current month Premium Card to exchange for more [Premium Exclusive Headgear] . (The premium headgear of May is still NYI, it will be available soon!) 3. New Guild Activity: Valhalla-Aesir Monument (瓦尔哈拉-阿萨神碑) ► All Job except Novice with Base Level 40 can find “Valkyrie-Olrun” at Guild Hall to receive starting quest “Aesir Monument”.
► [Aesir Monument] gives runes enchantment, allow player to create character with more job characteristic, more trans job runes enchantment will be added in later patch.
► Rune Enchantment requirement: Guild Contribution, Golden Badge. Golden Badge can be obtained via Guild Donation.
4. New [Glast Heim Lobby(Inside Glast Heim)] Elite Quest:
► After level 88, quest [Memory Fragment] (记忆碎片) will appear on map.
► After level 86, quest [Sealed Memory] (禁锢的记忆) will appear on map.
5. Upgraded Guild Donation Function, players can receive more guild contribution via Guild Donation: ► Increase tools type and rare material request, increase request tools amount.
► Complete rare material request to receive 60 Guild Contribution and 1 Golden Badge.
► After completing guild donation request, there will be follow-up quest which require same materials but larger amount and the quest reward will be the same.
► Increase the appearance rate of guild donation quest that require normal material that can be obtain in later maps.
► Total amount of Emperium required in a guild donation quest will not increase as the guild level up.
6. Added Safe Refinement feature: When you’re refining at +4 or above, you can choose to refine safely , consume some amount of gears, materials and zeny to get 100% success rate on refinement. (You can only choose to refine safely until +8 for now) 7. Add limitation on obtaining Silver Badge : 80 per week for Level below 80, 100 per week for Level above 80.
8. Add limitation on obtaining Friendship Card : 100 per day. Weekly limit is still 500.
9. [Potions] will be put under [Items] category on Market.Added [Festival Material] under [Item] category.
10. The Collections that actived on Journal will be disappeared from inventory if you use it again.
■ ■ ■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■ ■
1. Optimize 3D model and 2D icons of some headgears: Bomb Wick, Candle, Jewel Crown, Angel Wing, Orc Hero Helm, Crown(More headgear artwork optimizations will be coming in future).
2. We may now hide each Fashion parts.(Weapon part not included)
3. Add more Guild Quests.
4. More guild emblems and positions can be obtained by level up the guild.
5. Optimize the rules of monster activation on Journal:
► When the BOSS died, if you’re around the BOSS and your party member dealt damage to it, you may active the BOSS on Journal and the killing amount will also be counted.
► The monster killing amount will not be affected by “the Reward that not yet received from Journal after reaching the achievement” now.
6. You may now use [A bag of Zeny] directly even if your inventory is full.
7. Optimize the arrange order of inventory. Corrected some item category.
8. Corrected Awakening Potions, Element Stones, Blacksmith Crafted stone & Alloys categories. Change [Item-Consumable] to [Item-Potions] on Market.
■■■ Bug fixes ■■
1. Fix the aggression bug of some MVP BOSS.
2. Fix the bug of storage which rearrange the order after taking items out.
3. Fix the teleport bug of Creamy Card which can’t be used on certain place of Prontera Maze.
4. Correct the reset time of Lab Training Ground to 5am everyday.
5. Fix the glitch of inventory button when player is dead.
6. Fix the error of Guild buffs UI that won’t show in percent.
7. Fix the bug of adv skill [Face Off] which on take any effect.
8. Fix the bug of portal from GH Lobby to GH Churdyard, which you will get warped back if you don’t move.
9. Fix the bug of some items that can’t be stored on Journal. (You used to need to put them on shared storage and get them out from it again to store on Journal) 10. Fix the bug of Shortcut of chat screen which it won’t restore after you delete the text.
11. Fix the bug of max ASPD on stat UI which showed 479.9%.
12. Fix the animation glitch of dying Eggyra.
13. Fix the photo glitch : When you’re holding hand and doing photo quest at the same time, it won’t show the hand-holder 3D model after taking the photo.
14. Fix the bug of achivement : 远古考验 which can’t be done.
15. Fix the portrait of Chelis.
16. Fix weapon holding glitch of some monsters.
17. Fix the bug of [Double Strafe] of Cursed Lyre that has skill animation when it’s triggered.
14 June 2017
■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1. Fix some bug quests of Adventurer Guild that can’t be accepted.
2. Fix some bugs that caused some field MVP unable to heal. Affected MVP: Baphomet, Dark Lord, Giant Deviling, Dracula, Valkyrie Randgris.
3. Fix the bug which some monsters in Endless Tower able to use teleport : Baphomet, Bloody Knight, Dark Lord, Dark Illusion.
4. Fix the bug of Endless Tower monster killing won’t trigger the counting amount on Journal : Dark Illusion, Zealotus, Alice, Dark Lord, Bloody Knight, Baphomet.
5. Fix the bug of picking up Raydric Archer Card won’t take any effect.
6. Fix the bug of picking up Maya Card, the activated effect is different with the desc.
7. Fix the missing text on Premium Card.
8. Fix the bug of Auto attack that won’t work on Zealotus and Alice in Endless Tower.
9. Fix the bug of Baphomet Jr. Event at GH Lobby (Inside GH) which caused abnormal summoning area.
10. Fix the bug of Awakening Priest Event at GH Lobby (Inside GH) which caused abnormal summoned MVP respawn time.
6 June 2017
1. New Map - Glast Heim Chivalry and Inside Glast Heim.
■ For each 1000 kill of Monster-Rideword at Inside Glast Heim, 2 Rideword★ will respawn.
■ When all Awakening Priest at Inside Glast Heim are killed, 1 MVP will be awaken. Each week will spawn different MVP. MVP List: Giant Deviling, Chimera, Dracula, Randgris. MVP skill and property might have adjustment later. Awakening Priest will be spawn after 2 hours when MVP is killed.
■ Memory of King Schmitz will spawn at a specific location in Inside Glast Heim at each hour -1pm,2pm,3pm...etc. When Memory of King Schmitz is shattered, Royal Guard of Deads will be spawn to protect their King.
■ Special monster will spawn at Inside Glast Heim and drop Collection fragment. Collect the stated amount and exchange for [Collection Item].
■ Baphomet Jr.★ spawn every day at 9.30pm (GMT+8) at Inside Glast Heim for 30mins, kill and get nice reward.
■ 6 Demon Tester will spawn at Inside Glast Heim every 40mins. Killing Demon Tester will summon Weak Puppet. Kill Weak Puppet to get nice reward.
2. New Quest
■Chapter 2 God Article End Quest [Last Battle].
■[Inside Glast Heim] New Investigation Quest [Plague Disaster], [Cursed Devil].
■[Inside Glast Heim] New Elite Quest [Bloodthirsty Sword].
■[Glast Heim Chivalry] New Investigation Quest [Light in Darkness].
3. New NPC - Royal Gift Merchant to exchange GH Royal Medal at Inside Glast Heim.
■All exchanged item cannot be trade.■
- GH Royal Medal (non-tradable), obtain method: All Glast Heim map Monster (including MINI & MVP), special mobs at Inside Glast Heim will drop a lot.
4. New NPC - Royal Weaponry at Glast Heim.
■Weapon exchange from this NPC cannot be trade.■
- Complete Chapter 2 God Article End Quest [Last Battle] to get Royal Weaponry exchange item. Can exchange for weapon skin.
5. Max ASPD adjust from 400 to 480.
6. New upgraded gears added!
Please check https://goo.gl/lZL7bj
for gear effect/materials.
[Cutlus[1]] can be upgraded to[Nagan[1]]
[Double Bound[1]] can be upgraded to[Cursed Lyre[1]]
[Release Of Wish[1]] can be upgraded to[Wing Staff[1]]
[Holy Stick[1]] can be upgraded to[Nemesis[1]]
[Poison Knife[1]] can be upgraded to[Ivy Dagger[1]]
[Cleaver[1]] can be upgraded to[Switch Axe[1]]
[Katar of Quaking[1]] can be upgraded to[Katar of Agent[1]]
[Desert Twilight[1]] can be upgraded to[Sandstorm[1]]
[Falken Blitz[1]] can be upgraded to[Kayin Blitz[1]]
[Broken Bone Bracer] can be upgraded to[Skull Bracer]
[Golden Bracelet] can be upgraded to[Fentek's Wristband]
[Fox Bracer] can be upgraded to[Luxury Bracer]
[Statue Of Angel] can be upgraded to[Statue Of Archangel]
[Memory Book] can be upgraded to[Book Of Life]
[Silver Robe] can be upgraded to[Mithril Robe]
[Saint's Robe] can be upgraded to[Pilgrim Robe]
[Dragon Vest] can be upgraded to[Sniping Suit]
[Survivor's Manteau] can be upgraded to[Advanced Survivor's Manteau] [Goibne's Spaulders] can be upgraded to[Dove's Garment]
[Staunch Robe] can be upgraded to[Staunch Magic Cloak]
[Deathcat Boots] can be upgraded to[Deathcat Rain Boots]
[High Heels] can be upgraded to[High Fashion Sandals]
7.New effect on using[Premium Card] : Bag slot +30
8. Add 2 new hidden photo scenery at Glast Heim.
9. Add "Made by Blacksmith" & "Valhalla Ruins" on the tracking source of Items 10.On the SKILL MENU, click on[Auto Attack] and there will be an option there: Target the monster but not to attack 11.More guild emblem available, level up your guild to unlock them
12.Add monsters of GH Chivalry & GH Lobby to Endless Tower Lv.80 above.
13.Add[Butterfly Clip Recipe] on Miss Smile at Glast Heim
14.On the same map, your stamina will still decrease if you're dead but your party members still in battle.
■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■
1.Optimize the notice of killed amount of monsters
2.Optimize the auto-walk system on World Map.
3.Untradeable item will not get a deletion countdown after placed into temporary bag 4.Optimize secure PIN: you won't need to enter secure PIN when buying items from tool dealer now.
5.Adjust slotted enchanted gears price on Market
6.Optimise the AI of GH monsters, weaken the quest monsters that can summon adds and the quest monsters will not aggressive to players below Lv.90 7.Adjust the looting of "Fuel".Merchant class may now get the fuel even dead.
8.Safety Boots can now be equipped by merchant classes
9.Increase the drop rates of "Blade Lost In Darkness" in GH raid
10.Weaken the Dark Illusion in GH Raid [毁灭之夜]
11.Weaken all the monsters of GH maps.
■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1.Fix the glitch of Journal
2.Fix some lost desc of gears
3.Fix the glitch of world channel when there are too many msg and you can't drag to see all the msg.
4.Fix the bug of Ramen Headgear which Novice and Merchant classes can't trigger the skill effect.
5.Fix the bug of enchantment “专注" that affect casting time.
6.Fix the bug of quest “Hand of Goddess” which can't be done.
7.Fix the error quest tracker of Glast Heim bard : the target of collecting Illusion Flower is wrong. The quest Will be reset and you can get the Illusion Flower from Kobold Archer.
8. Fix some equipment not showing new special enchantment effect. For those bugged equipment, player can place 1 time enchantment for free at cat NPC (no need Zeny or Mora Coins, base stat will not change) 9. Fix Exorcism Bible + Holy Stick and Exorcism Bible + Nemesis set effect bug.
10. Fix Achievement - Enchantment need to click unlock to save achievement progression bug.
11. Fix party and chat achievement bug.
12.Fix the glitch of [Star-Stargazer Song]
13. Fix assassin job branch weapon display. Other player can only view 1 hand equipped with weapon, should show both hand equipped with weapon.
1 June 2017
■■■■Children's Day event■■■■
Children's Day event will be started tomorrow!!
Event details Please check event album!
(included material needed)
https://www.facebook.com/pg/CloRagnarok/photos/?tab=album&album_id=845631812279503 ■■■■ Gameplay Optimizations ■■■■
1.New effect on [Quest Bulletin Leader] : you may now complete the quest for other party members ■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1.Fix the wrong amount of monsters on Endless Tower
2.Fix the wrong warping fee of Kafra service
3.Fix the bug of Safety Wall which if you put on 3 at the same time, after the last wall reached its endure amount, the first 2 you put on will be vanished too 4.Fix the bug of [Haggle] which you won't get refund after your selling items are expired.
5.Fix the bug which the adventurer rank of friends on Journal won't sync.
6.Fix the bug which the latest obtained items will not show
on the top of selling list.
7.Fix the bug which some of the quest monsters were able to use teleport.
8.Fix the [Round Shot] skill bug which there will be no damage dealed if you didn't get any aggro from monsters.
9.Fix the character deletion cooldown bug.( Please cancel
the deletion and delete the character again AFTER MAINTENANCE TOMORROW to get in the NORMAL deletion timer. p/s: you still need to wait 2 weeks to delete another character after delete the first one) 23 MAY 2017
■■■ New Content ■■■
1.Guild Raid : Valhalla Ruin.
►There will be 5 different Mini boss or MVP inside the raid waiting for you behind the gate. You will get reward for killing each Boss.
►The Valhalla gate will be reset every week.
►Use the [Silver Badge] at guild base to open the gate of Valhalla Ruin when your guild reached Lv.2 .(You may open the first 2 door at Base Lv60 and unlock the third door at Base Lv80.
►You can get the [Silver Badge] from Daily Quest Bulletin, Endless Tower, Rift fixing, Monster waves, Guild quests, Traning ground etc. Use the badge to unlock different level of gates.
2.New[Guild Quest]
► Some NPC will appear at guild base randomly.The NPC will lasts for 48hours and every guild members can get guild quests by talking to the NPC.
► Base EXP, Job EXP and guild contributions can be obtained by completing the quests. Complete every two guild quests will give you an extra [Silver Badge].
► Higher level guild will have higher chance on triggering the NPC.
3.New security feature added: [Sec. PIN(Secure Password/ Secure PIN)],can be found on [Setting]-[Security] in game. Set your 2nd password there to secure your account, you need to enter it everytime you want to proceed action below(Only need to enter once Sec.PIN when you login): ►Refine +4 or above +4 armors and weapons
►Sell and buy thing on Auction
►Upgrade ,slotting and enchant
►Buy item from NPC
►Sell items that can be sold on Auction(Transform scolls and CDs not included) ►Delete Character
4.[Mercenary Cat] new cat available: Knight type mercenary - Wasabi , grab the unlocking quest at Geffen when reached Base Lv.25 5.New Combo set effect [Ears Of Raymond Dayton+Eyes Of Raymond Dayton+Tail Of Raymond Dayton+Raymond Dayton+Fish In Mouth] : Paul's P.ATK+10%,Missa's MATK+10%, Wasabi's MaxHP +10%.
6.Added Costume feature to weapon slot. You may now use another weapon to make the appearance.
7.Knight classes only quest:[Mysteltainn],Knight classes players (Knight/Lord Knight) may now getting the quest by killing the monsters at GH Culvert and obtain the special quest item to trigger it.
8.New Merchant classes 2nd job & trans job exclusive headgear quest. Talk to Goodrich at the Jobchange Hall of Prontera to accept the quest.
9.[Premium Card] new feature:
► Premium users may get Rank B dishes FOR FREE everyday from Food Vendor NPC(You may choose either one of these : Heart Warming Food/Dex Dish B/Luk Dish B/Vit Dish B/Int Dish B/Agi Dish B/Str Dish B. Only 1 per day) 10.New Rank C adventurer skill [Quest Bulletin Leader]
► If you're party leader and learnt [Quest Bulletin Leader], you may use party accept feature on Daily Quest Bulletin, use it for accept quests for all party members.(Only available on quests that ask you to kill monsters and kill for quest items) 11.New [upgraded gear reset] feature
► Upgraded gears (from Tier Ⅰ~Ⅲ ONLY, end phase not included) can't be traded now.
► You may now reset your upgraded gear (from Tier Ⅰ~Ⅲ) by talking to the Magical Furnace at Prontera. Your materials will be returned.(I know there will be ppl asking where is it again.. It's near the Blacksmith at Prontera...the magical furnace.. it's a furnace..in red.. ) 12.[Sit elegantly] can now be used on [Ferris Wheel] & [Guild Base]
13."Gardosen in disguise" at the mountain top of Mt.Mjolnir is now the dummy for test.. you can hit him from now on.. (sorry Gardosen) ■■■ Optimize reward for High level players ■■■
1.Double the droprate of Mini boss in [Endless Tower]
2.Add new loot in [Rift Fixing] :
► [Topaz] in Desert Rift.
► [Amethyst] in Payon Rift.
► [Orcish Voucher] in Orc Rift.
► [Orcish Voucher] & [Amethyst] in Dragon Rift.
3. Increase Zeny reward of Daily Quest Bulletin for players above Lv.56 by 0.2~1.2 4. Increase Zeny reward from common monsters at GH Culvert. Adjust the loot from Cramp and Sting: ►Cramp will now drop [Cyfar] instead of [Necklace of Wisdom]
►Sting will now drop [Necklace of Oblivion] instead of [Illusion Flower] ■■■ Alt characters balancing ■■■
1.New rule on character deletion: Within 14 days from the day u start deleting the character, you won't be able to delete other character.
2.Add maximum material drops amount on low-level maps, it will triggered ONLY if you kill too much and too fast.
3.[Share storage] will now adjusted to be used with at least Base Lv.40. Premium users will not be affected by this rule.
■■■ Adjustment about Enchantment & refinement ■■■
1.Special Enchantment effect "专注" &"耐心" won't be able to get with enchantment from now on.
2.New special enchantment effect:
► "利刃": increase Melee P.ATK (weapons/accessories only)
► "奥法": increase MATK (Garments/footgears only)
► "神佑": Magical damage reduction
3.Adjust the price of some enchanted gears : Those enchantment effect that doesn't match the weapon type such as Ranged Attack bonus on Blute weapon or Melee ATK bonus on Magic Staffs. Enchanted gears like those won't be sell with timer and the extra enchantment payment won't be count on it.
4.Same level is special enchantment effect can now be stacked (ex: 2"斗志4" enchantment effect can be stacked) 5.The gear parts of enchantment effect with "VIT" changed from "Weapon" & "Armor" to "Garment" & "Footgears"
6. Adjust some max stat of Advanced Enchantment:
► "HIT" from 10 to 20;
► "FLEE" from 10 to 20;
►"DEF" from 10 to 20;
► "CRIT shield" from 4 to 10;
► "MaxSP" from 40 to 80;
► "Resistance" from 10% to 25%.
7.The refined ATK on refined weapon and accessories will be increased to double.
8.Adjust the pricing rule of Refined Gears.
■■■ Data Balancing ■■■
1.Critical adjustment:
►Critical will now ignore Flee and DEF (used to ignore DEF only)
►Critical damage will now affected by Race damage reduction, P.damage reduction and VIT.
2.Refined ATK adjustment:
►Refined ATK will now NOT affected by Race damage reduction, it will only be affected by VIT(Some MVP and Mini Boss will increase their Refined ATK after went into "Berserk" mode) 3.Magical skill adjustment:
► The card, gears,items and Buffs with "Race Bonus Damage" will be applied on magical skills too.
► Magical damage will now be affected by the Race Damage's reduction 4.Increase the affection of "Extra Damage to Demi-Human" on "Reduced Damage of Demi-Human"
►(+% damage to demi human will be additive with demi human damage reduction now, so like if you have -30% dmg from demi humans and i have 2 hydra cards they cancel each other out)
5.Optimize the attack & defence element property rules:
► If you have multiple property buffs at the same time, here the priority list : Duration property buff >(Arrow property>) Card property > Armor property.
Ex 1: equipped Rudra Bow (Holy property) with Fire Arrows (Fire property),the attack will be in Fire property.
Ex 2: used a Rough Wind (Wind property BUFF) and equipped Rudra Bow with Fire Arrows,the attack will be in Wind property.
Ex 3: Put Evil Druid Card (Card that changed your armor into Undead property) on your Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano[1] (Fire property armor) but get frozen into Freeze status (which turned you into water property), your defence will be in Water property.
► The duration property buff you used will replace the duration property buff you used before and wiped the additional effect of the first buff too.
Ex : First, used "Envenom", then use "Flame Heart", your attack will be in Fire property and the additional buffs of "Envenom" will be wiped by Flame Heart.
6.Some gear's effect has been adjusted:
►[Buster] Tier Ⅱ effect : From "P.ATK+160" to "P.ATK+118"
►[Slaughter]Tier Ⅲ effect : From "P.ATK+100" to "P.ATK+70"
►[Survivor's Rod]effect : From "M.ATK+180" to " MATK+244" .
7. Implemented all headgear storing effects that were previously NYI.
8.Implemented some card's storing buff:
►[Savage Card] storing buff : VIT+1,Increase extra reflected Dmg for every VIT when attacked by Savage ►[Thara Frog Card]storing buff : Bowling bash Dmg you received decreased by 20 for every reduced % of Demi-human Dmg you received ►[Peco Peco Card] storing effect :Burn Life effect will be increased if equipped peco peco card.
►Edit and add[Marina Card]storing effect: Change "Decreased agi duration +2sec" into " 5% chance on causing Freeze on enemy while normal attacking, Damage +25% on frozen target if equipped Marina Card.
9.Guild buff level now increased from Guild Lv.10 to Guild lv.20. Buff max Lv. now is 100.
10.Increase the MaxHP of MVP Boss in guild Dojo.
11.Increase the MaxHP of Mini WOE in PVP modes.
12. [Skel Bone] Lowest price adjusted from 3200 Zeny to 2400 Zeny.
13. Outdated Event items can't be sold on Auction now. The event items on shelf will be returned as well. Event items: Firecrackers, Big Cat Cocoa, Friendship Chocolate, Eternal Dream, Badge of Bravery, Mind of Guard, Omen of Love,Map of Adventure, Melody of Healing, Easter Egg·Lucky, Easter Egg·Fertility.
14. You need to wait 24hours before doing any donation to guild after joining a new guild.
■■■ Game experience Optimization ■■■
1. Optimize the UI of gear upgrade.
2. Optimize the order the market selling. The last sold item will now always on top.
3. Optimize party quest bulletin. You can now click "help" to track your party member's quest progress.
4. Remove the NYI hairstyles on Journal and add the hairstyle location.
5. Your skill/buffs/item appearance effect will now be hidden when you're hidden.
■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1.Fixed the effect [Magnus Exorcismus] damage +20%] of [Exorcism Bible+Holy Stick] that doesn't take any effect.
2.Remove the NYI weapon [Infiltrator] that existed on Journal
3.Edit [Edge] upgrade End Tier desc from "Chance to stun target for 2 seconds with normal attacks, increases Dmg by 30% against stunned targets" to " Chance to stun target for 2 seconds with normal attacks, increases Dmg by 50% against stunned targets"
4.Fixed the bug of upgraded [Statue Of Virgin[1]] which caused you unable to put card in.
5.Fixed the bug of [Parcel Hat Recipe] that it can be sell on auction. The item that on shelf will be returned.
6.Fixed the bug of [Fuel] that it can be put in shared storage.
7.Fixed the bug which dead Merchant classes will still get [Fuel].
8.Fixed the unlocked & storing desc of [Strouf Card] : unlock bonus"Damage to Demon +2%"; storing bonus"Damage to Demon+3%".
9.Fix the random stucked of chat refreshing.
10.Fixed error listing of [PVP] - [Desert Wolf Mode]
11.Fixed some chinese text on[Exorcist Robe](Damage received from Undead race -15%) 12.Added[Haedonggum] End Tier [Sashimi] desc: P.ATK+5% if STR reached 75 13.Fixed the bugged effects that work on Melee but don't work for Merchant classes. (STR Dish A, STR Dish B, Padded Armor, Wooden Mail, Shield Of Abysmal Knight, Archer Skeleton Card, Goblin Leader Card) 14.Fixed the bugged Magical Damage of Hunter's trap skills which wont affected by Race bonus damage.
15.Fixed the bug of [Abysmal Knight Card] which take extra effect to Acolyte classes.
16.Fixed the bug which [Mandragon Card] doesn't take effect.
17.Fixed some error amount counting on Journal's Achievement system.
16 MAY 2017
■■■ Bug fix ■■■
1.Fixed some incorrect text on [Achivement] tab
2.Fixed some glitch timer on Market.
3.Fixed glitch display of [Evil Marcher Hat]
4.Added "Variable Cast Time-10%" on the End Phase of the upgrade of [Mage Coat] 5.Fixed [Strong Blow] status of [Bazerald] ,also fix the problem which the status won't disappear even after changing weapon.
6.Fixed bug of the team members' quest progress on Daily Quest Bulletin.
7.Fixed the bug of not getting double "Fuel" after Blacksmith using Chain Laeding 8.Fixed the glitch of "Bliz Beat" skill which caused by Hunter that didn't rent Falcon, it looks like "Charge" skill effect for other players.
9.Fixed the bug which [Parcel Hat] cant be stored on Journal.
10.Fixed bug of Auto-Join In system of Guild and Friends
11.Fixed error trigger percent of [Meteor Assault] debuff
12.Fixed the bug of [Frost Diver] which could change the property of BOSS 13.Fixed the bug which show wrong amount of players who joined [Yoyo mode] on [PVP] 14.Fixed the bug which you can still use [Cart Termination] without pushcart 15.Fixed [Maximize Enchanted Stone] 's Buff text“Ignore Size resistance” 16.Fixed the bug which there is always missed 1 more quest on Daily Quest Bulletin for players whose Base Lv≥86 (Compensation for players who reach 86 before maintenance:2「Chain Laeding」& 2「Old Blue Box」) 17.Fixed the wrong icon of [Statue of Angel]
18.Fixed the glitch of [Big Ribbon]
19.Fixed the bug which [Mistress] & [Ghostring] can't be hit by [Heaven's Drive] 9 MAY 2017
■■■■EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part 2)■■■■
1. Merchant Classes available:
► First job[Merchant]. Second job[Blacksmith]. Transjob[Whitesmith] ► Add Merchant Pushcart Rental outside the Prontera Job Changing Hall (HQ of Adventurer Guild) ► New Merchant gear added:
[Prontera]craft: [Buster[1]];
[Izlude]craft: [Orcish Axe[1]]. [Lord's Clothes];
[Geffen]craft: [Slaughter[1]];
[Morroc]craft: [Cleaver[1]];
[Payon]craft/upgrade: [Fatal Hatchet[1]]. [Windhawk[1]]. [Glittering Jacket]; [Orc Village]craft/upgrade: [Bloody Axe[1]]. [Vecer Axe[1]];
[Glast Heim]craft/upgrade: [Guillotine[1]]. [Slaughter Hatchet[1]]; MVP BOSS[Deviling]drops: [Giant Axe[1]];
MVP BOSS[Moonlight Flower]drops: [Sabbath[1]];
MVP BOSS[Doppelganger]drops: [Heart Breaker[1]];
► Merchant classes exclusive headgear will available in future updates.
2.PVP room will be added on“MORE”menu. You can enter the shared PVP room on any channel.
■ Yoyo Mode ■
►Maximum 20 players per room.
►You will have 30 points to begin with. Get warped out if point is 0.
►There will be 3 maps of PVP : Prontera, Izlude, and Geffen
■ Desert Wolf Mode ■
►Team PVP mode! Duration:15 minutes
►1 point per kill. The team which reach 30 points first will win.
►If time out, the team with more points win.
■ Mini War of Emperium ■
►3 teams fight each other in this mode. Duration:30 minutes
►Who break the Emperium at the end will win the battle.
►There will be 2 guardians guarding Emperium, you have to kill them first in order to hit the Emperium.
Removed PVP NPC at each town, please get in PVP on menu.
■ Requirement to enter PVP: Base Lv.40
3.Added[Achievement]tab on[Journal], to record all the journey you been through(some data will only start recording when this feature is up) 4.Rank C Adventurer quest now available by talking to Kakaro at Prontera.
5.New Adventurer quests:
► E Rank Adv Skill-[First Aid II]: Higher standard of First Aid. Recovery own HP by 150 points while using First Aid.
► E Rank Adv Skill-[Super Butterfly Wing]: Use the Giant Butterfly Wing and it will bring you and your party members to the SAVE POINT of the map.
► D Rank Adv Skill-[Super Fly Wing]: Use the Giant Fly Wing and it will bring you and your party members to the RANDOM position of the map.
► C Rank Adv Skill-[First Aid III]: Higher standard of First Aid. Recovery own HP by 200 points while using First Aid.
6.New item[Giant Fly Wing]&[Giant Butterfly Wing]will be sold at Tool deader, but you have to learn the Adventurer skills in order to use them.
7.New member added to[Mercenary Cat]: Mage type cat "Missa", can be unlocked with Base Lv.25 at[Geffen] 8.New Guild Dojo added :Green Ferus Dojo, Detale Dojo, Injustice Dojo, Mysteltainn Dojo, Abysmal Knight Dojo, Owl Baron Dojo. Requirement: Guild Lv4 and cleared Dojo before these.
9.[Elegantly Sit] may now be used on all maps and fields!
10.Glast Heim area quests:
► New Dragon Plateau collection items quest added[Valhalla]
► New MSQ[Morgan appeared], talk to Rei Tsang at Glast Heim to accept the quest(Requirement: Lv.85 and finish [GH Culvert Warp]&[GH Churchyard Warp]) 11.New MSQ Raid-[Dimension Word-Izlude]&[Dimension World-Geffen], can be unlocked by talking to Morgan at Glast Heim.(Prequest:[Morgan appeared]) 12.Some NYI effect now available::
►[Holy Avenger]effect: Holy damage+5% for every refine Lv.+1
►[Holy Avenger]max refine level adjust from 10 to 15
►[Survivor's Manteau+Survival Rod]Combo effect: Physical damage reduction +1% for every Refine Level of [Survivor's Manteau], maximum up to 10% ►[An Eye Of Dullahan+Wizardry Staff]Combo effect: Variable Cast Time -10% if Refinement of [Wizardry Staff] is above+10 ►[An Eye Of Dullahan+Croce Staff]Combo effect: SP recovery +10% if Refinement of [Croce Staff] is above+10 ►[Exorcism Bible+Holy Stick]Combo effect: Skill damage of [Magnus Exorcismus] +20% ►[Forest Staff]effect: Cause dmg to target and small area of monsters surrounding it when doing melee normal attacks ►[Isis card] storing buff: Have a chance on reducing target's SP gradually to 0 when equipped Isis Card ►[Falken Blitz]effect: 40% less SP Consumption for [Charge Arrow] and [Fatal Arrow] ►[Holy Stick]effect: Reduce variable cast time of [Holy Light], [Turn Undead] and [Magnus Exorcismus] by 25% ►[Holy Robe]effect: 40% less SP Consumption for [Kyrie Eleison], [Magnificat] and [Assumptio] ►[Pauldron]effect: SP Consumption of [Endure] -50%
►[Halberd]effect: SP consumption of[Pierce]reduced by 50%
►[Mistress Card]effect: Nullify the Gemstone requirement of certain spells(-1 Gemstone) ►[Fortune Sword]effect: Damage of Soul Breaker+20%
►[Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano + Unicorn Horn]Combo effect: Recover 10% from the damage you received into HP if received Fire attacks.
►[Saphien's Armor of Ocean + Unicorn Horn]Combo effect: Recover 10% from the damage you received into HP if received Water attacks.
►[Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor + Unicorn Horn]Combo effect: Recover 10% from the damage you received into HP if received Wind attacks.
►[Claytos Cracking Earth Armor + Unicorn Horn]Combo effect: Recover 10% from the damage you received into HP if received Earth attacks.
►[Flaming Earings]effect: Fire damage+10%.
►[Muramasa]effect: Increases swordman's normal attacks by 50% against stunned targets ►[Dark Lord Card]Unlock buff: Fire damage+8%.
►[Steam Goblin's Jetpack]effect: Bag slots+10.
►[Steam Goblin's Jetpack]Unlock buff: Bag slots+2.
►[Steam Goblin's Jetpack]Storing buff: HP & SP recovery +1 if there are 5 party members ►[Wedding Veil Recipe]effect: girl only
►[Deathcat Helm]effect: Death penalty decrease by 20%
■■■ New Content ■■■
1.New Tour mount released : Payon South — Kite
2.Decrease the monster amount of Dragon Plateau (GH Outskirt)
3.Weaken the monsters of Glast Heim, GH Culvert, GH Churchyard, Dragon Plateau(GH Outskirt) 4.Increase the dropping amount of[Piece of Armor]in Raid [Night of Destruction], add new dropping item[Blade Lost in Darkness] 5.Increase the dropping amount of[Skel Bone]in Rift of Dragon Plateau(GH Outskirt).
6.[Evil Chest]will drops more Zeny now.
7.Kill and get reward from the BOSS in[Endless Tower] can now unlock the Journal, take photo on it will also unlock the monster details on Journal.
8.Lower the difficulty of BOSS at LV80 & above [Endless Tower]
9.[Injustice]will not use [Sonic Blow] now.
10.Add the way to Gear recycling & Gear reset on[Journal]-[Explore]tab“let's go Adventure”. Edit the guide on how to go to PVP on Journal too.
11.Adjust effect of[Lightning Bolt],added "Real Max damage+200" effect.
12.Add new quest on[Payon]Bard“Boningen Manus”to unlock[Windhawk[1]].
13.3 new bard quest from “Preston Vincent”at [Kordt Forest]:Unlock new hairstyle [Energy Coat(M) ]. [Safety Wall(F) ]. New headgear[Parcel Hat Recipe]. [Bloody Axe[1]]Craft.
14.Lower the difficulty of GH maps.
15.Adjust skill of monsters at[GH Culvert], delete skills other than normal attacks(Except MINI BOSS) 16.Remove[Gargoyle] from GH Culvert.
17. Change loginscreen picture.
■■■ Game experience Optimization ■■■
1.Optimize the battle AI of mercenary cats.
2.Optimize the location system of daily quests of Dragon Plateau (GH Outskirt) 3.Status desc text optimized
4.Card effect desc text optimized.
5.Card storing buff text on Journal optimized.
6.Gear desc text optimized.
7.Stat desc text on Journal optimized.
■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1.Fixed the wrong race & property of boss in the raid[Night of Destruction] 2.Fixed some Boss of the [Endless Tower] summoned wrong amount of adds.
3.Fixed some quest monsters summoned wrong amount of adds.
4.Fixed the model display bugs after teamates used Trick Dead.
5.Fixed the display bug of Thief classes holding daggers.
6.Fixed the bug that there's a chance can't pick up thing after killing MVP BOSS.
7.Fixed the bug of Cursed Brothers quest at GH
8.Fixed the bug of hidden quest at GH causing lagness and DC
9.Fixed the desc on Scapulare .. that's Magnificat, not Sanctuary.
10. Fixed the bug that resistant to Stone curse, stun, burn not working.
11. Fixed the error damage reduction of Bunny Slipper from 0.7% to 0.9% 3 MAY 2017
■■■ Bug fixes ■■■
1.Fixed the wrong desc of [Heart of Beast]when you upgrade from [Mink Coat]: from "Variable cast time -10%" to "MaxHP+450, CRIT+5"
2.Fixed the bug which Magni's Cap combo set doesn't take effect
3.Fixed the bug which Orc baby portrait displayed wrongly.
4.Fixed the bug which won't show name when you apply for party.
5.Fixed the bug which can't edit Guild position and Guild annoucement.
6.Fixed the bug which the title of adventurer of your friend won't sync.
7.Fixed the activation bugs of [NPC]tab under Journal.
8.Fixed the bug which Mandragon Seed won't show on mini map
9.Fixed the "NYI" desc of Orc baby card, Jakk card and Dokebi card when you store them on Journal(removed NYI now) 10.Fixed desc of Statue Of Virgin (added SP Recovery +5% now)
25 APR 2017
■■■■EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part 1)■■■■
1.New Glast Heim maps: [Glast Heim][Glast Heim Culvert][Glast Heim Churchyard] ► Glast Heim region new craft gears added
► New raid[Night of Destruction]added. Talk to the servant 贝利赫尔 at Glast Heim to get in the raid (Requirement: Lv.80 & partied) ► Random quest : Weird Box . The box will be appeared at Glast Heim and GH Churchyard.
► New GH region main story quests can be get when you reach Lv.80. You can get them from Kate Somas at Prontera or Rei Tsang at GH.
► New GH region Elite quests: [幻影序歌], [诅咒兄弟], [真假预言] ► New GH region Headgear unlock: [Skull Hood[1] ][Sheila Hairnet][Maid Band[1]] ► New GH region bard quests
2.Max Level increased to Lv.90
3.Endless Tower released to 90F. The MVPs on above 80F will cooperate in combat.
4.New GH region explore feature. After reaching Lv.80, you will see some random shiny item on the map, pick them up to check something new.
5.New upgrade system:
► There will be 4 tier for gear upgrading system now. You may check the tips on gear for the desc , materials , and location for upgrade.
► Adjust the uprade materials for most of the gears. Decrease the amount of rare materials and increase the amount of common materials. This will also cause some price of the gears rised.
6.Mercenary cat system adjusted:
► New mercenary cat added : Gou Ron. Can be hired at Izlude after Lv.25.
► New adv skill for Adventurer Rank D [Mercenary Contract]: You may now hire 2 mercenaries ► The mercenary cat can now receive buffs of these skills:
Swordie Class: [Magnum Break][Sword Quicken][Concentration][Leader Aura][Head Crush] Acolyte Class: [Kyrie Eleison][Gloria][Impositio Manus][Angelus][Assumptio] 7.Battle logic optimized:
► When you clicked skill while you're attacking, the skill will be used after the action of normal attack ► If you clicked too many times on skills when it's waiting for the normal attack action to be end, it will only take effect of the last click 8. Some of the Card storing buffs (on Journal) updated (more will be released soon): [Roda Frog Card][Whisper Card][Argiope Card]. [Desert Wolf Card][Minorous Card][Archer Skeleton Card][Dokebi Card][Abysmal Knight Card]. [Peco Peco Card][Sting Card][Picky Card][Orc Archer Card][Anubis Card][Orc Baby Card][Jakk Card] ■■■■Content Updates■■■■
1.New NPC:“Zheng Ge”&“Tie Yuu”(Location: around NORTH East of Payon) ,players can trade element stone with them for element arrows.
2.[Elegantly sit] map added: Geffen Library, Adventurer HQ, Pront Sewer 1F, Pront Sewer 2F, Pront West Field, Pront Maze, Izlude, Byalan Island, Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, Undersea Cave, Undersea Temple, Mt. Mjolnir, Ant Cave, Morroc, Pyramid 1F, Payon, Payon South, Glast Heim.
3.Decrease the base price of Headgear recipes on auction.
4.Added [Collections] in Adventurer Book, player can gather Rare Collection in game to earn Adventurer EXP.
5.[Certificate of Tutor]and[Greeting Card from Big Cat] item type changed to[Collections], can be store on [Journal-Collections]tab (Player will receive a item replacement mail within 24 hours of maintenance if you own those 2 items.The old version of [Certificate of Tutor]can be sold to NPC) 6. Decrease Adventurer Skill point require to learn Adventurer Skill - [Large Backpack], [Storage Junior], [Double Compartments], [Storage Master] to 1 Adventurer Skill Point. (Used Adventurer Skill point will be return when player online.) 7. Added New Headgear Recipe [Deathcat Helm[1] Recipe]at Izlude Headgear NPC.
8. New loot drop from MVP Drake - [Deathcat Armor]
9. New loot drop from MVP Doppelganger - [Holy Avenger[1]]
10. Adjust [Mystery Box] content - remove all fun tools, add more buff food item.
11. Cannot use Itchy Club on other players if there are MVP nearby.
12. Endless Tower rules Adjustment:
►Cannot add player to party when the current stage is not yet finish.
►Will close all access to previous dungeon on every Monday 5am, will inform player 10mins before closing the dungeon.
13. New rule of broken equipment repairment: The gear that Refinement level ≤6 (6 or below 6), can now be used as a repairment material ,no matter it's broken or not.
14.MINI BOSS[Smokie]new skill[Super Disguision],It won't be found so easily after using it.
15.Add new sub quest at[Payon]:[Yuu the Fox]quest can be accepted after Lv.55 from Junn the Alcoholic.
16. Added the dueling quest at Undearsea Cave, Undersea Temple, Sograt Desert, Morroc 17. Combo set effect of [Orleans's Gown]&[Orleans's Necklace]now available: Fixed cast time -15% 18.[Loki Whispers]adjusted: Have chance to decrease 5% Physical Attack of the target for a certain time while doing normal attack or any skills.
19.[Nut On Head]adjusted: HIT+5, Ignore Physical Def for 5%.
20.[Premium card]NEW feature: Extra 5% Job EXP bonus
21.[Collections]item Tips will now show the rating of the new items.
22. Increase the Card droprates of common field monsters(MVP/MINI BOSS & star monsters NOT INCLUDED) 23. Adjust the price of enchanted gears on auction: The enchantment price will only be added if the gear has combo enchantment buffs.
24.[Solo Play Box1[1]] recipe]&[Maid Band[1] Recipe]can't be sold on auction now(But the headgear can still be selling on auction) ■■■■ Game play optimization ■■■■
1. Optimize the learning of Adventurer skills. If you learnt a prerequisite skill, the post skill will appear on the list instantly.
2. Same headgear recipes can be stacked in inventory now.
3. Optimize some Chinese text.生命回复”&“魔法回复”>“生命恢复”&“魔法恢复” 4. Optimize the appearance of weapon when Thief & Mage classes casting skills.(Other classes will be released soon) 5. Optimize display order of [Headgear]tab on [Journal]
6. Optimize the monster photo shot system. The monster will now be actived on Journal once you take the photo of it.
7. Optimize [Following] system , if you moved or talk to NPC manually while you're following someone, it will continue auto-following after 1 sec.
■■■■ Bug fixing ■■■■
1. Fixed the [check detail] bugs which won't show the mouth part gear.
2. Fixed the display error bugs of [Charge]skill of[Sprint Shoes].
3. Fixed the bug of[Assumptio]which teamates will not get any Assumptio buff when it's put on auto skill slot.
4. Fxied the bug if party invite which unable to invite guild members.
5. Fixed the icon display bugs of world map.
6. Fixed the invalid first hit after you moved the character.
7. Fixed the bug when you chat in guild Dojo.
8. Fixed [Following]system error which you can still moving after talking to kafra for teleport service.
9. Fixed the slow motion of camera system while using Fly wings to teleport.
10.Fixed the wrong desc of [Marc Card]'s storing buff.
11.Fixed the error when you double click enter guild Dojo.
12.Fixed the position display error of the map while creating party at guild base.
13.Fixed the bugs of some heaggears that can't be stored into Journal 14.Fixed the error text when you click complete button of quest board after helping teamates.
15.Fixed the bug of“Perma buffs”content that doesn't fully display on stat screen as expected(The buff that need to be triggered ,doesn't count.) 16.Fixed the "miss" bugs of Mage normal attack.
17.Fixed the bug which the property of mage's normal attack & Heavy Blow can be changed.
18.Fixed the bug of [Soul Strike] which it wasn't neutral property.
19.Fixed the desc of [Mace Mastery]: from “Hammer type weapon”to“Blunt type weapon” 11 APR 2017
New Event ■■
[Friendship with Meowa the Enchantor]
■ Event date : 11th April 5:00am - 14th April 5:00am
■ Event Content : Do 5 Rifts everyday , you will get extra reward from the event.
■ Event reward :
►11th April: Rank B Food Pack×4. Mora Coin ×2;
►12th April: Chain Laeding×2. Mora Coin ×2;
►13th April: Supplies Box×1. Mora Coin ×2.
■■ Content Update ■■
1. Easter day event sooooon (please wait for further announcement)
2. Pick up distance lengthen to 12m , will pick up the item nearest as priority 3. Monster respawn time has set to minimum 2 secs.
■■ Bug fixed ■■
1. Fix the bug that some Boss monsters may have a chance of auto losing HP 6 APR 2017
1. New feature: Cat Mercenary
■ Get detail by talking to Rubis(near the mailbox) at Prontera after Base Lv.15.
■ You can buy Mercenary with Zeny to help you battle.
■ Cat mercenary will appear as one of your party member
■ You can have 2 mercenaries in your party by learning new adventurer skill. (NYI) (More job mercenary will be added in future updates)
2. New feature added on Adventurer Book
■Headgear & Card collections will now have store function.You may store your headgears and cards inside the book to active the BUFFs..!
■You can still get your headgear or card out the book but the BUFF will be disappear. (Put in to active the BUFF again) Please note that some Headgears & Cards are still unable to store in this version of client.. It will be released in future updates.
(p/s: this is an EXTRA BUFF which work separately with Journal unlock perma buff!) ■Added hairstyles and Toy explore guide tab
■Added Upgrade Material list on Armor tab
3. Some price of rare card is being adjusted! Please check them on Auction!
4. Journal will now show you which map to find ★monsters too! (TAB:开始冒险吧) 5. ★Monsters quest will added to Undersea Temple, Prontera (★Thief bug), Prontera Maze and Ant Cave 6. New Map added : Ant Hell ( You can get there from Ant Cave )
7. Added hint system when you get a card dropping
8. Sit Elegantly can now be used on Geffen & Izlude!
9. Boosted MAX HP of MVP (in open world, not in ET) ! Remove the survive protection time (I don't know what is this) 10. Friendship card & Mora coins can't be put in shared storage now! (if you did put it in, you still can get it out) 11. Adjust the droprate of Dragon Scale Pattern recipe! and fix the icon..
12.You will get refund when you reset your adventurer skills now.
13.Added Big Cat animation on top up page
14. You need to be Lv.10 to use world channel now!
1.Character deletation cooldown:
Lv1-25 : 6hours
2. Optimize the AI of MINI & MVP:
■ Have a chance to gain enmity if you buff or heal the battling players ■ Have a chance to gain enmity if you debuff or skill attack the battling monster ■ Cancel the aggressive system of MINI & MVP on BaseLv.75 above players 3.Optimize the screen of checking other player's detail page.
4.Optimize Auction:
■ You can now key in the page you want to go
■ The order of refined and price will be ahead of "Bid timer"
5.Optimize the dim display of bettery saving mode
6.Optimize system msg of hand holding
7.Optimize some item appearance
8.Optimize ★monster's AI, they won't aggressive to low level players after maintenance ========Bug fixing========
1. Fixed worldchat stucking bugs
2. Fixed Rift fixing bug which is the dying party member kicked by the leader and can't finish the rift quest.
3. Fixed the no DMG bug when you stand on top left side of Orc Village and attack Orc Archer 4. Fixed the multiple display of Rift from different maps
5. Fxied the glitch when you sell gears directly from temp bag
6. Fixed the wrong slot amount of storage
7. Fixed the bug that you can't receive zeny mail when your bag is full 8. Fixed the bug of Marina Card which changed the MINI BOSS and MVP property 9. Fixed the Rift quest of Dragon Area showing the title as Prontera 10. Fixed the bug that you & friends get in different guildbase but can't form party with friendlist even when you're in same channel 11. Fixed some wrong display of Goblin Mask
12. Fixed the bug that you can't use Resurrection when it doesn't put on skill slot 13. Fixed the adnormal tax amount if the auction price is more than 280m 14. Fixed the desc of April Premium card
15. Fixed Mastering & Detale portrait
16. Added perma buff of Goblin Steamrider jetpack : Bag slot +2 (NYI) 17. Fixed the animation of apologize headgear
21 MAR 2017
1. New sit style : sit down elegantly. (requirement: Adventurer Rank D,1 adv skill point,150k zeny)You can learn it by taking to the adventurer tutor.It can sit down at some special place, you can try it at Prontera once you get the skill.
2. New hairstyle NPC added to Geffen,Morroc, and Payon.4 new hairstyles added.
3. Q&A NPC will now appear at Prontera south & west, Maze,Byalan Island,Mjolnir and Morroc randomly.If you answer 5 questions correctly you may receive 5 random materials.
4.New "Explore" feature added to adventurer book.It will show you how to get some gears and where to adventure & explore.You can check how to unlock the craft gear and the recipe on "Explore" page on the book.It can also lead you to NPC (it's quite useful but they're in Chinese so it's useless to us at the same time) 5.You may now remove the transformation manually if you used transformation scroll.
6.You can only get the crack drops now by attending the the crack battle.
7.Event boss droprate will not affected by Stamina(battle time penalty) now.
8.The price of Kafra storage voucher that you sell to NPC , decrease from 100z to 10z.
9. Decrease the damages of Spiral Pierce from Bongun.(THANKS GOD)
10.Edit the description of Soul Breaker,added "Property bonus only applied to the physical attack part"
11.Adjust the duration mechanic of Elemental stone and Awakening potion, it can now be overlayed and won't be decreased when you're offline or died.
12. Decrease the amount of Goblins that summoned by Goblin Leader.
1.You may now sell the loots on your temporary inventory.
2.You may now pass the party leadership to the teammates that offline, you will become temporary leader after that.
3.Optimize photo sharing feature, friendship coins descriptions, some card descriptions, some enchantment descriptions.
4.Edit descriptions of some items and card.(same effect, just the text is optimized into more understandable content) ==Bug fixing==
1.Fixed the abnormal weather effect of Kobold forest.
2.Fixed the wrong avatar of Orc baby on adventurer book.
3.Fixed some wrong size info of star monsters.
4.Fixed the High Priest quest :[邪恶的仪式] , the quest warp point is somehow wrong and cause players can't continue the quest. (the quest will be reset) 5.Fixed the cancelation of hand-holding when you change map.
6.Fixed the bug that some of quest ranged monster uses melee skills at Orc Village.
7.Fixed the Endless Tower bugs that when your character died inside the tower, your party member outside the tower get in and revived you, you have a chance on won't getting any reward afterward.
8.Fixed transformation buff bugs.
9.Fixed the bug that your EXP will be affected by party member's stamina.
10.Fixed Battery saving mode dim display bugs.
11.Fixed the bug of special goblin which can unlock the goblin page on adventurer book after you killed it.
12.Fixed the target bugs of Split Arrow.
13.Fixed the temporary invulnerable target bugs which caused by [冲锋].
14.Physical damage reduction maximum will now be 100%
15.Fixed the bug of[宝塔头盔] which wont trigger Curse status.
14 MAR 2017
1.White Valentine Day!!
Event time : 14th-16th March
Please check https://www.facebook.com/pg/CloRagnarok/photos/…
for more details.
2.Talk to "尼克" at Goblin Forest and choose "哥布灵的秘密" to learn how to hunt Goblin★.
3.Talk to "贝鲁特" at Payon Cave 2F and choose "阴影中的洞窟" to learn how to hunt Sohee★ & Horong★.
4.If you equip Bridal Flower Hairband (Event headgear of Valentine Day), and sit down, there will be flowers surround you.
5.Apologize Headgear and the recipe can now be sold on auction.
6.Fix Speedhacking problems.The ban list will be annouced soon.
7 MAR 2017
1. Optimize the display system of battle time.
Remaining battle time can be kept to the next day, max amount can be kept is 600minutes.
Example: If you didn't battle for last 2 days, your max battle time today will be 900minutes.(300+300+300) Example 2: If you didn't battle for last 2 days, and you listened to music player, your max battle time today will be 960minutes (600+60+300) Please note that the Battle Time you get from music player will be reset at 5am every morning. It wont be kept until next day.
2. Added Goblin★. (Quest NPC added, he will teach you how to find them,use toy gun on special Goblin, it will turn into Goblin★) 3. 3rd Characer slot can be unlocked by having trans job on your account.
4. Gleipnir can be obtained by daily quests now , weekly limit will be adjusted from 4 to 7.
5. Friendship coins will be obtained as an Item.
6. Party warp and hand-holding warp feature will be added.
7.Dragon area added crack quests.
8. New adventurer skill: Poring selfie stick.It adds some selfie features into your camera.
9. Refinement limit of SOME "crafted gear" & "normal gear from vendor" will be lower from 15 to 10.
10. Payon cave ★ monsters quest NPC added.(he will teach you how to find them) You will need phantom camera to look for ghost in Payon cave now.
11. Offline will NOT continue consuming your food buff time now.
12. Awakening potion duration will be longer and cooldown time will be shorter.
13. Optimize the quest of 2nd enchantment & 3rd enchantment.
14. You can check party member's daily quests progress at daily quest board.
15. "Ignores DEF" and "Ignores MDEF" effect can now applied on Boss monsters.
16. Big Cat Event (UFO Cat event) will be start again on Saturday 8pm.
■■ Class skills balancing details ■■
▲ Archer classes ▲
1. [ Land Mine ] and [ Claymore Trap ] cooldown time adjusted from 0.5sec to 1.5sec. Removed the "Ignores DEF"
effect from the descriptions.
2. Remove 1.5sec casting time of [ Badly Injury Arrow ] , cooldown time will now be 5.5sec. The element of the skill can be affected now.(It wont be forced None property anymore)
3. Add new skill [ Wildness Awakening ](野性觉醒) to Sniper : If target's HP is under 30%, it will boost the chance of falcon's auto blitz and CRIT rates, it works on BOSS too.
▲ Thief classes ▲
1.Add new skill [Armor Breaker daggers] to Assasin: If equipped daggaers, have a chance to lower the armor protections (not sure what's this LOL,maybe DEF?) of the target for few sec.
2. The element of [ Soul Breaker ] of Assasin Cross can now be effected.(It wont be forced None property anymore) ▲ Acolyte classes ▲
1. Add new skill [ Holy Amplification ] to Priest : Holy Light will be power up by 50%, also it will has a chance on stunning target for 2 sec.
2. [ Aspersio ] can only be used on party members now.
3. If [ Heal ] is placed on auto skill slot, it will be auto cast when party members & self HP is below 70%.
▲ Swordman classes ▲
1. Remove fixed casting time of [ Brandish Sword ] of Knight , increase the SP consumption and the damages of the skill.
2.Lower the strike back distance of [ Brandish Sword ] from 4m to 1.5m.
3.Add spear type weapon & STR bonus into [ Spiral Pierce ] of Lord Knight.
4. Fixed [ Spiral Pierce ] 's bug. Now it will be affected by property and ATK and refine ATK.
5. If [ Life Ignited ] is placed on auto skill slot, it will be auto cast if self HP is higher than 70% 6. The HIT of [ Pierce ] (Lv10) is adjusted from 50% to 30%.
7. Increase the SP consumption of [ Pierce ]
28 FEB 2017
■ Japanese Voice added! Can be switch between JP and CN voices on "Settings" menu.
■ Battery saving system added! Can be switched on at "Settings" menu.
-When battery saving system is on, your game will get into low effect mode(low effect,dim display,low poly) if you didn't touch it for 2 minutes.
■ Photo sharing system added!
21 FEB 2017
►►►►Important Updates◁◁◁◁
1.New map added : Glast Heim outskirt: Dragon area (the map beside GH, not the GH iteself!) 2.If you bind your account with your mobile number, you can receive a gift from the NPC that stand beside the car girl NPC at Prontera.
3.Add "mouth" headgear part.
(You can equip blush and romantic flower at the same time now..)
4. You can now take spooky photo at Payon Cave 1F &2F to ummon Sohee★ & Horong★.(They drop Amethyst ) 5.About quest:
▲Sograt desert sub quests added..! You can get the quest when you're Lv42 at Geffen.The sub quests line will need lv47 to complete.
▲Payon sub quests added..!You can get the quest when you're Lv56 at Payon.
6.About skills:
▲[Resurrection]can only be used on team mates when it's on auto mode.
▲[Ankle snare]will now auto replace a new one when the effect is gone.
7.Those who bypass the smokie leaf bug of Adventurer Rank E quest will need to do it again by giving 2 smokie leafs to the NPC ◆◆◆Content updates◇◇◇
1. When auto mode, [Life Ignited](Lord knight skill) will only be used when your HP is more than 80% if you put the skill on auto slot.
2. Removed the custom color of chat msg.
3. Higher the chance of receiving Topaz from material boxes(that's the reward of Lab quest).
4. Adjust the chances of receiving the drops from ★mobs.
5. Adjust the selling price of those 1zeny items.
6. Added pages feature to auction history section.It will show 100 deals per page now.
7. Remove the decorations of Payon and decorations of daily quest board. =_= 8 .Adjust the respawn time and area of plants on some maps.
9. Replace some card illustrations with artist's artworks
10.Remove the 200k zeny reward(the 100w SMS reward) of cat girl, replace it with Gleipnir x 4,regen food x2.
◆◆◆Bug fixes◇◇◇
1.Fixed auto-walk from pyramid 1F to byalan cave.
2.Fixed avatar missing problem.
3. Fixed trick dead disappeared from 2nd skill bar after relog.
4. Fixed some skill slot bugs.
16 FEB 2017
Patch log:
1.Fix PM problems
2.Fix crack's coco amount.. Also the daily reset time of coco will be set to 5am.
3.Fix some other bugs...
14 FEB 2017
1. Fix NPC dialog stucked bugs.
2. Fix done cracks but didn't receive coco bugs..Coco will be resend again for those who lost them..
►►Important Updates◁◁
1. We will have to manually get : the item we bought from auction ,the Zeny from the items we sold, the refund Zeny from failed timer bidding, the item we successfully bid.
2. Timer bids will be showed on history for better viewing.
3. Auction history will stay for 3 days. Unreceived Zeny and items will keep for 30days.
4. All history before today will be cleared.
1. Adventurer Skill Slot I : Able to switch skill slot bars, add 2 more skill slots.
2. Adventurer Skill Slot II : Add 2 skill slots
3. Adventurer Skill Slot III : Add 2 skill slots
▲MVP system adjustments
1.Lower the rate of last hit killer get the "MVP".
2.Increase the minimum survive time of Mini boss &MVP
3.Increase the damage of MVP.
▲Optimization of Auto-skills
1.Buff will now be used depend on the buff durations we're having now.
2.Single target buff such as Aspersio ,can be auto use on team mates one by one after maintenance.
3.Resurrections will now revive team mates & other players on screen(within the range) if it's put on auto skill slot.
►►Some updates◁◁
1. Players/ Parties who participate in killing the field monsters will have a chance to get the loot.(no more first hitter yay) 2. Quest items will be dropped if one of your party member has the quest, it will be counted no matter which party member got the loot.
3. Drop penalty will be lighten ,it will be more convinience for higher level playersgrinding lower level materials.
4. Daily quest board will be same on every channels now.
5. Album pictures bug will be fixed.
6. And some updates I'm quite lazy to translate but you can still google translate them if you want..
21 JAN 2017
1.Optimize and stable the friend,party,guild,auction system of server.
2.Those who hasn't got any "Newbie supplies pack" & "100w pack" , will be able to get the pack by talking to Cat girl NPC at Prontera (the NPC that give you gift box) after maintenance.
3.Adjust some respawn time/places/areas of some monsters
4.Fix those quest monsters that disappeared =.=
5.Adjust effect about Lunar bow and King's garment .
6.Some other updates and bug fixed..
16 JAN 2017
1. Autumn test gift box will stop giving away from now.
2.Rank A food price now Wil be 5k Zeny,Rank B food will be 25k zeny.
3. Guild dungeons level adjusted.
14 JAN 2017
1. Monthly bonus token(temporary translated name) added to Top Up system.
Feature of the token :
* Extra 100 minutes battle time per day
* Base EXP increase by 5%
* Unlimited amount of using "锁链雷丁"(Gleipnir)
* Kafra can warp you to any places
* Unused token can be sold at auction
* Duration per token is 31 days
NOTE: You can only purchase 3 tokens per month.
2. Added adventurer skill reset tool. It can be bought at event NPC and used same way as Stat reset tool.
3. Removed Ghost monsters from fissure quests.
4. Some other daily quest board updates..
=====Skill Adjustment====
1. Strengthen massive archer skills
2.Adjust skill tree
3.Strengthen Falcon
4.Add new skills
11 JAN 2017
===New adventurer skill===
(Learn it by talking to the Adventurer Tutor at the North part of Prontera, require adventurer points to learn.) 1. [原地警戒]Stand guard
Stand still at a place, your character will auto attack if there's enemy appear near you.Your character will walk back to the original spot after the battle is end.
You can use it by clicking the auto-lock monster fuction.(Auto-attack) This skill required you to learn it from Adventurer tutor.
2.[保护队友]Protect teammates.
When this skill is actived, if the members in the party don't have any attack target at the moment, they will help attack the enemy that attacking the other members.
If more than one member or self is being attacked, it will auto choose the member that nearest with you to help.
This skill doesnt require you to learn from tutor,just click it from the auto attack list.
==Bug fix==
1.Droprate problem fixed.
2."失落的魔法典籍" quest bug fixed.
3.Mage>Wiz jobchange quest fixed.
4. and some other little bugs I'm too lazy to translate. <_<
10 JAN 2017
1. New map added : Kordt Forest (Kobold Forest , Geffen North) , new monsters, new quests, new photo spot.
2. Quests added at Geffen tower.
3. You can review the Mainstory quest ending by talking to NPC "埃米琳·尤娜 " in Geffen library.
4. New item added at even NPC (at Pront) : [锁链雷丁(Gleipnir)], CONSUME 60 MINUTES of your battle time , grant you higher EXP rate and droprate, this buff will be stopped after you used all of your battle time. You can only use 4 [锁链雷丁(Gleipnir)] per week.
5.Lower the difficulty of Mage > Wiz jobchange quest.
6.Bugs fixed.
5 JAN 2017
1. You can only use deadbranches and bloody deadbranches in guild base. (temporary for now) 2. You can only attack other players in guild base & pvp map after using transfarm scroll 3. B cat events will be cancelled on 7th Jan and 11th Jan to protect newbie players in Pront South.
4. You may now restore your gear enchancements by talking to Furnace in Prontera.
5. Remove bosses teleport skill in crack quests.
6. You need to use "sixth sense potion" to detect Mandragora seed in Prontera Maze now.
7. Adjusted some exp & zeny reward on sub quests.
8. Adjusted the ingredients required to complete bard quest & adventurer title quests.
9. You can't receive high level card from Old card album now.
4 JAN 2017
1.MVP rules adjusted.
2.Added Chinese voices on some NPC
3.Opening movie will be played after finish quests of Prontera South Field and enter Prontera for the first time.
4.You can get Main story quest of pront west field at Pront west field when you reach lv 12.
5.Adjusted some rewards of daily quest board, removed ingredients for gear crafting.
1.[Public notice period] added on auction.
This feature will applied on RARE items, the duration start from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, depend on the rarity of the item.
There will be a countdown timer on the selling item.
When the public notice period end, the rare item will be sell RANDOMLY to one of the players who took part in the auction.
2.Gears that obtained RARE enchantments, the price will be extra more than normal enchanted gears.The enchantments stat of normal enchanted gear will be hidden in auction.
3. Max auction fee per item will be set to 10k zeny
4.Auction tax will be higher if the item price is higher , this rule only applied on item price that more than 1million zeny. (9%~15% tax) ===== MVP updates =====
Now the rules of loot system of MVP is adjusted with first attacker, total amount of damages, effective heals,boss aggro,last killer etc...
1.After killing the MVP, the system will show you your battle points in the fight.
2. Increase the chance of knights and priests to be the MVPlayers, but DPS classes are the easiest classes to get the MVP.
3. Decrease the chance of last kill stealer becoming the MVPlayer.
4. The special loot of MVP will now dropped as a normal loot, which can be picked by anyone in the MVP party.
==== Enchancement updates ====
1.The price of Mora coins that selling by Event NPC is now 50k zeny.
2. Mora coins can now be traded with only 10 friendship coins.
3.The friendship coins you will get from helping friends finishing the daily quest board are now adjusted to 3.
==== Other Updates ====
1. Max character slot will be limited to only 3 ..!!
Default will be 2, but you can unlock the 3rd slot with conditions( but it's still unavailable for now).Your third character will still remain there if you already created it.(SO YOU BETTER DO IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T) 2. You can't put refined gears into shared storage now. You may clear the refinements by talking to furnace NPC in Prontera.
3.Some other bugs I don't think it's that important to be translated Bwahahahahahhahahhahahaah 23-11-2016
—----Some updates---—
1. Avatar feature added
2. Resolution(DPI)setting added
3. Mails can now be stored for 14 days
4. Edit the price of broken gears in auctions
5. If your level is higher than the highest level player in the channel you're going to change, you won't be able to change to the channel.
(Ex: Your level is 71, you want to change to channel 2, but the highest level of player in channel 2 is 70,then you can't change to channel 2.. This update is to avoid high level players going to lower level channels and wipe all the first kill of bosses and mvps when Open beta start) 6. Fix some textures in some maps
7. Fix sound effects
8. Fix error display of food buffs
9. Shortened the cast time of Sanctuary
10. Some gears or cards bugs fixing..

Mod Notes: Content poster did not properly credit content owner, updating information.

Credit to: Clo's Murmur