RAGNAROK, fate of the gods Second Chapter for The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is now live!

The second chapter of “Ragnarok, fate of the gods”, the continuation of Netmarble’s original story for “The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross”, is now available to be played. The second chapter introduces additional story content, new PvE mode, new Heroes, and special events.

7 sins banner.jpg

The second chapter of “Ragnarok, fate of the gods” expanded the well-known story of The Seven Deadly Sins in which Meliodas and the rest of the crew got transported in the world of Midgard. The story content of the second chapter of Ragnarok is equivalent to 24 episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins anime.

To celebrate the new update, there are new characters that have been and they are Battlefield Guardian “Princess Brunhild” and Ragnarok “Blessing of the Earth: Diane”. Both can be collected in Ragnarok Pickup Banner.

The new PvE mode known as Demonic Beast Battle will have players team up to challenge a series of floors. Each floor has several phases which the players need to clear to advance into the next floor and defeat each boss. The boss has a random passive skill at certain phases, with the following bosses in each floor accumulating the passive skills of the defeated bosses in the previous floors.

The HP of your teammates will be maintained throughout the clearing of Demonic Beast Battle in which players are required to use various strategies. By fighting the demonic beast, players can craft a “Holy Relic” with items that can only be obtained through Demonic Beast Battle. Once the Holy relic is equipped, it can further enhance the character with powerful effects.

There will be upcoming events where players can acquire growth materials and these are:
  • Roulette Event – Collect various growth items with the new Ragnarok-themed Roulette
  • Tower of Trials – Floors 10-12 have been added