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Sep 23, 2017
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I just want to introduce to you the game I have been playing for a while now.
It's called Ragnarok Journey.

It's basically a Ragnarok game but can be played in a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)

It has a auto-play feature so It won't bother you when you're doing something. You will level up in your game as well as you can do your job! :p:p

Ragnarok Journey combines the familiar characters, monsters, and maps of Ragnarok Online with improved events, auto-hunting, and new play experiences-- all in the convenience of your web browser. Take Ragnarok with you wherever your journey leads anywhere!

Ragnarok Journey Key Features:

  • Classic Enemies - explore a world brimming with colorful fantasy enemies, the same models from Ragnarok Online.
  • Job Advancement - choose your job, level up, and advance into higher-tiered classes.
  • Original Soundtrack - the classic Ragnarok Online soundtrack plays as you slay monsters.
  • Quest - undertake adventures from NPCs and travel the world of Ragnarok to help its citizens.
  • Stats - choose which stats to increase and create a unique character, or allow the game to optimize your stat gain.

If you are playing this game, please PM me~ I just wanted to have more companions in this game. If you do, I'm at server 11!

See you! :p

anyways! if you have any BROWSER type games or any questions regarding the game. I'm willing to help you!;)
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