Ragnarok Landverse Closed Beta 2 Officially Announced

MAXION PTE. LTD. has officially announced the arrival of the Ragnarok Landverse, as the first officially licensed Ragnarok Online PC Online Game which is integrated with blockchain technology, will have the CBT 2 this month. Ragnarok Online fans who have been waiting for the arrival of the Ragnarok Landverse will once again be able to try out the beta version of the game for a second time. Players across Southeast Asia (excluding Thailand), South America, MENA, India, Africa, and Oceania will be able to join the CBT 2 from September 06 at 14:00 to September 12 at 23:59 GMT+8.



The purpose of the CBT2 is to observe the play experience of its participants, to inspect the server capacity, and to ensure its stability. This will allow us to fix any issues that are discovered and also implement various quality improvements in the game. Player participation and feedback during the CBT2 will be of utmost importance as the developers work to improve the game. Players can look forward to adrenaline-pumping PvP battles with the hybrid player killing system, be pampered with rewarding loot through the new monster loot box system, and with the newly introduced features, which are the Land system, Housing system, and Pet system!

Ride on this CBT2 to experience blockchain features like land, mining, and the NFT marketplace! Understand the tokenomics of Ragnarok Landverse, and prepare to be indulged in a vast world filled with possibilities and rewards! Additionally, various CBT2 events will be made available to keep players engaged. Peek a look at some of the ongoing CBT2 events, which are:
  1. GvG Warm Up Join guilds, engage in guild wars, and conquer specific castles to win rewards!
  2. Top 50 Level Ranking Compete against other players to rank on the top 50 level ranking, and be rewarded!
  3. Kill-Death Ranking To spice up the CBT2 kills and deaths will be recorded during the CBT2 period. Climb the ranking ladder and prove you're the best!
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MAXION PTE. LTD. is established in 2023 to publish official Ragnarok Landverse in global.

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