Ragnarok Leveling Guide (RoX)


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Nov 4, 2018
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Thief if you love to be lurking behind the shadow it is the best class in pvp with high damage output and a lot of combo stun skills
Crit katar focus on auto attack that deals critical and cannot miss if you have a high crit rate you can also use the skill sonic blow with a nice sound and animation. sonic blow skill reduces cooldown when you hit an enemy with a critical attack.
Dual dagger focuses on attack speed and penetration higher penetration means higher damage output. If you also plan to make your thief haste build it will deal a lot of damage.
Leveling guide
Best monsters to farm
Level 22-28 Male Thief Bug (Base EXP : 60, Job EXP : 200)
Level 28-30 Poison Spore (Base EXP : 43, Job EXP : 129)
Level 30-36 Roda Frog (Base EXP : 48, Job EXP : 144)
Level 36-40 Martin (Base EXP : 26, Job EXP : 78)
Level 40-43 Whisper (Base EXP : 43, Job EXP : 71)
Level 43-47 Anaconda (Base EXP : 65, Job EXP : 195)
Level 47-53 Desert Wolf (Base EXP : 113, Job EXP : 118)
Level 53-56 Phen (Base EXP : 131 Job EXP : 218)
Level 56-59 Swordfish (Base EXP : 140, Job EXP : 419)
Level 60-63 Snake (Base EXP : 104, Job EXP : 312)
Level 63-66 Marc (Base EXP : 116, Job EXP : 116)
Level 66-72 Deviache (Base EXP : 61, Job EXP : 183)
Level 72-75 Orc Zombie (Base EXP : 295, Job EXP : 491)
Level 75-77 MarionettMarionet (Base EXP : 149, Job EXP : 149)
Level 77-80 Baphomer Jr (Base EXP : 78, Job EXP : 233)
Just use afk grinding if you dont have time to play it just make sure your base level is just three level higher on the mobs to maximize the experiences you get.
Recommend build and skill allocation
Recommend using dagger and shield just put some dex stat for you to hit the mobs and put the remaining stat points in the strength so you can kill mobs faster. Just focus on main line quest so you can level up fast and unlock many benefit in the game.
Skill allocation double attack 10 it gives 50% chance to trigger the double attack of your character. Dodge 10 it increases ur dodge rate at 10% everytime u dodge you get a dmg boost for 30 sec.
Daily routine
Board quest finish all the quest given it will give you lots of experiences to level up faster.
Odin blessing use the Odin blessing for you to get x5 of the job and base experiences much better if you have a party to maximize the time you spend in grinding.
Daily instances like the GTB gives a lot of item for your character to make it advance much faster.
Do guild donation to stengthen your guild
Do OX quiz it also gives a lot of experiences and zenny
This are base on my research and experiences on playing hope you like it thank you.
See you soon in june 18 for sea OBT lets go midgardians !!

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