Ragnarok M Acolyte/Priest Skills and Description


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hello everyone.

For those who have played the previous Ragnarok Online on PC, you may have notice the slight differences of everyone's skills.

I'm here just to show Google Translate's description and some of my notes for those who didn't know what each skill does.

Acolyte Skill Tree: (there is no English version, edited by paint)

Holy Light
Description: Use the Light to attack the enemy, causing magic attacks on the single target of 120% of the Holy property magic damageand a small amount of real magic damage, and to disperse the effect of the array of evil spirits.
Cast distance: 6m
Cast time: 1.0 seconds.
Skill delay: 1.5 seconds
SP consumption: 8
Note: Each level adds 20% to attack, same SP consumption.

Pa evil array (?)
Description: Gives the friendly target protection shield against physical damage. Shield has a number of upper limit and withstand the upper limit of damage over the failure. Up to 5 times, the upper limit of damage for the beneficiaries 12% MaxHP, Shield lasts 120 seconds, when attacked by the [Holy Light] instantly invalid.
Cast distance: 9m
Cast time: 2 seconds
Skill delay: 2 seconds
SP consumption: 22
Pre-req: Job level 5
Note: I haven't used it yet. But judging by its description, this might be Kyrie Eleison from original RO Priest.
Each level adds 2% Max HP upper limit damage, 2 SP consumption. Each 2 levels add 1 hit limit.

Description: Restore the friendly target and their own(12 x Rounded((Base Level + Intelligence) / 10)) of HP. When the goal for theundead property of the monster when it caused (healing rate of 100% / 2).
Cast distance: 9m
Skill delay: 1 second
SP consumption: 12
Note: Each level adds 8 to the initial 12 in the equation, 3 to SP consumption.

Description: Enhance enhance the target and the Friends of the whole Team strength, dexterity and intelligence by 2 for 120 seconds and can lift the target body curse and petrochemical effects.
Cast distance: 9m
Skills delay: 1 second
SP consumption: 32
Note: Each level adds 2 to STR INT DEX, 20 seconds duration , 4 to SP consumption

Increase AGI
Description: Blessing of the angels with the effect of accelerated surgery Agility to enhance 2 and 30% increase in speed, for 120 seconds.
Pre-req: Blessing Lv 5
Note: This is passive and automatically added to Blessing when casted.
Each level increases 2 AGI, 20 seconds duration.

Description: With the Holy Spirit to find hidden enemies around for 10 seconds, if found the enemy is damaged by Magic Attack 150% ofthe Holy property Magic damage.
Skill cooldown: 0.5 seconds
Skill delay: 1 second
SP consumption: 10
Pre-req: Job level 5

Light Barrier
Description: Fully immune to the remote physical attacks, barriers can withstand up to 10 times, for 8 seconds, allowing the existence ofthe price
Cast distance: 6m
Skill delay: 0.5 seconds
SP consumption: 10
Pre-req: Ruwach Lv 1
Note: From what I read in another thread, this is Pneuma. Remote = ranged (nearly translated). Can't believe it has 5 levels. lol
Might be useful only in PVP.

Mace Mastery
Description: When use hammer weapons, physical attacks increased by 6 points.
Note: This was previously found in original RO Priest. It seems that they removed demon bane for this.
Each level adds 6 points of attack.

Priest Skill Tree: (there is no English version, edited by paint)

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