Ragnarok M Adventurer Rank F/E/D Quests Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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I've been busy for a while and saw many ppl here asking about Rank F/E/D quests...
>.< sorry, I didn't take ss when I doing these quests... So I can only collect the pictures from other players and translate it...

Rank F = lvl 10 Adventur(to be completed)

If I didn't get wrong...Rank F is easy, you just need to kill 100 skeletons in ghost ship.

Rank E = lvl 15 Adventurer
After reaching lvl 15 Adventurer, you can pick up the Rank E quest from the NPC in Prontera, and it will lead you to Mt.Mjoninir.
Make sure you have learned Phantom Camera from the Adventure Skill tutor.

Talk to the Rank E quest NPC in the picture, he will ask to take a photo of whisper/ghostering. Yap you need to use Phantom Camera.

After photos, you need to give the NPC 冰波利棒*5(Bard),伪装卷轴*5(Bard),变身叶子*2 (Auction House)

I bought 冰波利棒*5(unlock at lvl 15 bard quest),伪装卷轴*5(unlock at lvl 25 bard quest) from the bard in Southern Prontera (Near the music player).

After that you'll have a letter and give it to the npc in prontera.

Rank D = lvl 20 Adventurer
After reaching lvl 20 Adventurer, you can pick up the Rank D quest from the NPC in Prontera.

The npc will ask to go Morroc to find the NPC in the picture. He will ask you to kill 50 wolves.

After finishing killing quests, you'll need to give him serveral items. I just type these items in Chinese so you can copy and search them in AH.

After submitting these items, the npc will check your adventure book. So make sure you've killed a certain number of mini boss or MVP.
Then he will ask for 艾娃*1 (unlock at lvl55 bard quest), 枯树枝*10 (AH)

The last step will ask you to kill Orisis in Prymid. (Tips: Find a crowded channel that many ppl kill Orisis, you just need to wait in prymid and attack Orisis once then find a safe place, waiting other ppl kill Orisis)

After killing Orisis, back to the the npc in morroc to compelte Rank D quests, and then you can go to the npc in prontera to learn 4th auto slot.