Ragnarok M Assassin Sonic Blow Build?


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hi guys, new here and in Ragnarok Mobile
I'm now lvl 20 thief so most of what I'm saying it's actually info I searched. I was looking for some assassin builds and all of them were based on critical or dual daggers.
In theory, a Sonic Blow Assassin build should be(if i'm not wrong):

Something like full STR, 40/50 DEX and rest VIT or INT depending if you want to focus on survival or throw more Sonic Blows without using potions. The other stats remain in 0 as we don't need LUK for crits or AGI because we should be able to one-shot some jobs.

-About the skills:
-Thief: Enchant Poison 10, Hide 10, Sneak attack 1(for stun), Detoxify 1 and maybe Mirror Attack 10 if you are Dual Dagger. The rest can go wherever you want, maybe Shadow Mastery as it's always good to have some extra FLEE.
-Assassin: Sonic Blow 10, Sonic Mastery 5, Advanced Enchant Poison 10 and rest can be on Katar Mastery and Grimtooth(if you use katar) or Venom Splasher if you want some AoE damage. Back Dash at lvl 1 could be useful too after attacking as we will be most of the time in the shadows, although we won't need more dodge.
-Assassin Cross: This class exists or will exists? xd. I lack too much knowledge right now e.e

No f***ing idea. As now we can use it with dagger and katar...it would be interesting if someone could test it.

Of course this should be a PVP or WOE endgame build because it must be so hard leveling without AGI and spending lots of SP potions and poison bottles. I did some research but couldn't find any info about pvp damage and stuff, max base level(for stats) or assassin cross skills in OBT. Do you think it could be worth it?

Ragnarok M Assassin Build Discussion


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Nov 4, 2018
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To my own opinion mate, I think the only challenge I see on this build is leveling. But I think it can be achieve with a little help from a priest to back you up, else you need pots.. a lot of it since you don't have Agi, attack speed will be very slow and you will need to use skills and Blue Potion is about 300 or 500 Z? I donno since I don't usually buy those since I'm an Agi type Sin.


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Nov 4, 2018
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It is rather early to say we need these builds for WoE and PVP. the game is very young and we know little of the available items in-game. also considering we can't speed spam skills as there is a fixed cool down, I don't think it would be as effective as it was on the classic RO. at this early stage, best way to go is a farming build as it looks like most important items in-game would need to be crafted.

stat / skill resets come in lvl 40 and 55 and you can save it for later, or acquire it from an alt.

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