Ragnarok M Big Cat Credit Card

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Nov 4, 2018
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oo many of rom players are asking what is the use of big cat credit card.

It's main purpose is to use as currency when you wanted to gift your friend an item that you bought from the market.

1. The first thing that you are to do is go to settings and configure your account by putting password on it.

2. You must have the bigcat credit card in your account. By topping up you will received credits based on how much you load.

Note that the credit card will expire after 31 days upon recieving it.

3. Go to the market/exchange and buy an item that you wanted to gift to your weak friend.

The minimum amount to be gifted is 100,000 zeny

4. Once you bought it, check your trade history. You will see there 2 options. Collect or Present.

Choose present and then it will ask you to input which friend are you going to send the gift.