Ragnarok M Big Cat Studio Royal Celebration January Event Guide


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Jul 24, 2018
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Here are the upcoming January 2020 Event for Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Event 1: Celebration Store
  1. Use “Royal Celebration Medal” to open the “Celebration Store” and exchange for special items;
  2. The Celebration Store progress is shared between all characters under an account;
  3. The “Royal Celebration Medals” will expire on 2020, February 8th, 5:00 AM
Available items on the Celebration Store
  • “Fantasy Generator Ⅲ Appreciation - 2020”
  • ”Fantasy Generator Ⅰ Appreciation - 2020”
  • ”Cute Pet Appreciation - 2020”
Event Time: 2020/01/01 5:00 —— 2020/02/08 5:00

Event 2: The first gift of 2020 —— Free to Claim
During the event, Adventurers can go to Prontera Square and find NPC "New Year Messenger" to claim a "First Gift of 2020" and unlock title “2020”
Event Date: 2020-01-01 5:00 - 2020-01-06 5:00

Event 3:1001 Nights Memories —— Sign-in Event
During the event, players with Base Level ≥12 can talk to “Diligent Scholar” on the Prontera Square to start the event.
  • The event has 5 Tasks, after finishing each Task, the player will receive “Royal Celebration Collection”
  • Complete the 5th day to obtain an extra ”Celebration Collection“
Event Start: 2020/01/02 5:00 —— 2020/01/09 5:00 (Accept Quests)
Event End: 2020/01/16 5:00 (Complete Quests)

Event 4: Achievement Unlock
Event Content: [On Feb 1st all items will be off store]
During the event, players can find “Unskillful Hunter” to review your Adventure Manual and give you rewards according to your unlocks

Headwear Progress
  • Unlocks ≥ 300 for Eternal Love server/ 90 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Fantasy Generator Ⅰ Appreciation - 2020”
  • Unlocks ≥200 for Eternal Love server/ 60 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Fantasy Generator Ⅲ Appreciation - 2020”
  • Unlocks ≥100 for Eternal Love server/ 30 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Cute Pet Appreciation”
Achievement Progress
  • Unlocks ≥200 for Eternal Love server/ 150 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Ancient Magic Card Album”
  • Unlock ≥150 for Eternal Love server/ 100 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Hardcover Emil's Card Album”
  • Unlocks ≥100 for Eternal Love server/ 50 for Midnight Party Server will be rewarded “Gorgeous Card Album”
Event Time: 2020/01/16 5:00 —— 2020/02/01 5:00

Event 5: Royal Collection —— Global Chest
Every event day from 20:00--21:00 the ”Royal Celebration Gift Box“ will be refreshed in Prontera, players can claim their special gift there.
tips: Can be claimed only once per day
Event Time: 2020/01/10, 2020/01/11, 2020/01/12, 2020/01/17, 2020/01/18, 2020/01/19, 20:00-21:00

Event 6: “Fantasy Generator Feast”
1. “Golden Age” series costumes available for a limited time with x10 chances!
2” Fantasy Generator Feast“ return reward:
  • Use BCC 1x to draw will return「Fantasy Generator Feast」x30
  • Use BCC 5x to draw will return Newest Special Costume Color x1
  • Use BCC 30x to draw will return any Newest Headwear x1
Event Time: 2020/01/23 5:00 —— 2020/01/30 5:00

Event 7: First Recharge Double rewards
Event Date: after the client update

Event 8: Celebration Collection Giftbox
During the event time, “Celebration Collection Giftbox” will be available on the BCC Store for 30 BCC, limited for 60 per account.
Giftbox Content: Open to get “Gram Dust”, “Nolan Card”

and obtain one of the random following: “Card album remains”, “Exquisite Card Album Remains”, “Gorgeous Card Album”, “Ancient Magic Card Album” and a chance to obtain Exclusive Oracle Card.
Event Time: 2020/01/09 5:00 — 2020/01/16 5:00

Event 9: Celebration Loot
During the event, monsters (except mission monster, endless tower, and instance monsters) will drop "New Years Firecrackers" and "New Years Packet"
  • ”New Years Packet“ (Maximum 50 per day): Open up to get a random amount of zeny~
  • ”New Years Firecrackers“(Maximum 50 per day): Use it to open up ”Celebration Store“: you will be able to purchase ”Gold Medal“, ”Valkyrie Gift“, "Meteor Chain“
  • ”New Year Celebration Giftbox“
It can be exchanged and traded during 01-24 05:00 – 01-31 05:00; it will be expired after 02-05 05:00
Event Date: 17th to 24th January