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Sep 20, 2018
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There is a new system called Cooking System on EP 2.0. You can make some food to eat it yourself or share it with your friends.

Everytime you consume the food that you make via Cooking System, you'll receive Calories Points.
This Calories can be used for restore HP/SP when your character HP/SP drop below 30% (This can be turned off on character status screen).

Note: The restore amount is not that high, so don't go expecting a full recovery.

>>> I'll explain more in detail here:
>>> Requirement for Cooking:

1. Cooking Manual
2 Chef Hat (or whatever it called, idk what its name is)
3. Ingredients (you can buy it from NPC)
4. Recipes (this is optional)

>>>> You will start with 0 recipes. By combining the ingredients with the cooking set type (there is bunch of cooking set, stew, grill, even candy maker), the food that you successfully cooked will be saved as recipes. Also there is chance of a food being successfully cooked, so pick the ingredients that match with cooking set.

>>>> How to get Cooking Manual and Chef Hat:

1. You have to be a Rank F adventurer.
2. Talk to chef NPC at top Prontera (alongside the adventurer skill teacher)
3. You'll be teleported to cooking room.
4. Talk to NPC near the warp portal and she will give you 2 quests.
5. Collect Locust Foot (lol) from Rocker (you can buy this from NPC on the right side of the cooking room)
6. Rabbit Meat from Lunatic (this also)
7. Talk to the NPC near the warp portal
8. Done, you'll be rewarded with Chef Hat and Cooking Manual.

>>> To start cooking, use the Cooking Manual.

*** Tips:
• You can collect the ingredients yourself by killing certain monsters. There are usable items (dunno what it's called) that you can buy from NPC on left side of cooking room. When you use this item, ingredients will drop from killed monsters.
• Recipes are saved on adventure journal. Everytime you discover new recipes, you'll be rewarded with adventure exp.

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