Ragnarok M Crusader Guide


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Sep 20, 2018
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Crusader Guide from Scratch Before anything else, i dont say its the perfect guide or convenient for you.. But this is my technique in advancing on the game.. I DONT FOCUS ON LEVEL, but FARMING ZENY AND LOOT is my priority at this point.

1. VIP (Optional) pero napaka importante nito when it comes to Farming and of course the FREE FOOD.. "Warm Dish B" and may 1 chance ka din everyday to buy it 50% discount.. So thats SP 80k, lalo na kung basher or Shield chain ka.

2. Dont use the x10 for times two everyday for the first 2 days, so im assuming here na you finished Prontera to Mjolnir Main Quest this 2 days. Why? Because after Mjolnir.. Bago ka makapunta sa Morroc Quest, you need to be level 50. And ang sakit sa ulo kung wala kang x10, for times 6 on the 3rd day.. Bakit 3days lang kc 6 lang ang stackable ng x10 kaya you have to consume it.

3. Patience. Kc compared to their counterpart.. Mas mahina ang crusader kesa knight. At masakit sa SP ang mga skills natin.

So for Day 1
Finished all Quest From Prontera to Culvert (Sewer), including Bard until you craft your PRONTERA SWORD, HAENDOGGUM. so at this point you can 1 hit willows with. NormL atk until you burn stamina to 480. You can also do the Board Quest.

Day 2
Burn your stamina to willows to 480
Finished all Quest from Izlude to Mjolnir and finished BQ, at this time baka Crusader ka na.

At this time Im using Shield chain lvl 10 to 1 hit thara, so far Marina palang ang kayang 1hit.. I dont use bash kc wala pa ako Cutlus.. Around 800 lang kc ang damage as of now, but SC is around 3835. (Take NOTE you need "Warm Food") for the SP.

So hangan dto nalang ang update ko with the CBT.. And kayo na bahala sa susunod para ma enjoy ang laro Goodluck sa lahat ng Kabalyeros..