Ragnarok M EP5.0 Midnight Party! The Moral Highness "Sage" arrival

Guild of Guardians


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Jul 24, 2018
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Brand new version update Expansion 5.0 is coming soon! New major city The Town of Dead "Niflheim" is going to be opened.

The legendary Town of Dead is running by the Goddess of Death, Hella. Now the maximum Base Level is 120 and we are calling all the adventurers to march into this dark world.

You have felt the magic power linger around, aren't you? It's like your soul and energy have been drained from nowhere. That is right! EP5.0 Midnight Party! The Moral Highness "Sage" arrival

As another branch of Wizard, Sage is able to manipulate the spell more freely. He can even cast a spell with auto-attack!

Are you ready? In order to become a Sage, you will have to learn the lesson and to empower yourselves with knowledge.

Mage – Sage – Professor – Sorcerer



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Jul 7, 2019
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Ragnarok M’s July Gacha [Starlight Rosa] available today!

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As I was in the courtyard, a girl suddenly appeared in the outskirts. She stood there, calm and quiet in her red dress. I tried to approach her, wanting to ask her where she was from, but as soon as I went towards her she quickly ran away. I tried chasing her, but as I turned a corner back into the courtyard I noticed nobody was in front of me, only the familiar roses resting quietly.

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Once again the girl appeared in the courtyard. Today she came towards me, telling me that she was named Rosa. I heard a loud sound behind me, and when I turned back to talk with Rosa, she ran away again. I told Mr. Owl about everything, but he only said that I was seeing things that couldn’t be there – that I was lost in my own mind. Maybe he is right, I should keep her as my little secret… but she’s so beautiful and unique.

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Rosa has been coming to the courtyard every day. She tries to talk with me, but she has no other memories. She can only remember her name. Seriously, I have never seen such a beautiful girl. Rosa is mysterious and stunning.

I want her to stay here with me … we can both admire the flowers in the courtyard.

Month X Day X

Mr. Owl noticed that my mind has been drifting a lot lately. I must admit, I’m unable to think about anything else. She visits in the middle of the night, being so beautiful. How can I tell her what’s deep in my heart? Just the thought of speaking with her lifts my spirits up, yet makes me so very nervous.

Maybe I should give her a nice gift...