Ragnarok M Episode 5.0 Midnight Party & New Server, Evangelion Mobile and more Terra Classic

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Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Ragnarok M Eternal Love Episode 5.0 Midnight Party and New RoM Server, Nintendo Switch Lite, River City Girls, Neon Genesis Evangelion Mobile Game, Terra Classic Mobile, Lord of the rings MMORPG, and RIP Ascendant One.

Ragnarok M Episode 5 and New Server
  • Ragnarok M eternal love announced a new server for their mobile mmo
  • So why is this happening is the game dead?
  • don't worry everything is fine
  • because in mmo rpg this is what they call a parallel servers
  • this is very common so chill
  • actually this is how they already implement the servers in china for RoM
  • according to the reports the idea for parallel servers is for both server to interact with each together
  • not sure when will this happen but apparently this is their long term goal
  • so what will happen is regardless of server players can meet in towns
  • that's if they follow the format of the parallel servers in china
  • however if you join the new server
  • sadly your progress will all be gone
  • so you have to start again from scratch
  • but on the bright side if the pre registration for the new server manage to reach 500k users
  • players will get the following
    • 10 Hot Dish, 10 Poring Growth Panacea
    • 300 Adventurers Meat Ball, 500 Eden Coin
    • 10 Guild Gifts, 10 Gold Medal
    • 30 Big Cat Voucher II, 600 Colorful Shell,and "Book of Memory"
    • 30 Big Cat Voucher I, 120 Big Cat Voucher Feast, and"Autumn Poring Badge"
  • additionally this rewards will also be given to old server players
  • basically win win
  • however the Headwear "Book of Memory" and "Autumn Poring Badge" are new server exclusive
  • but wait there's more
  • because aside from the new server
  • Ragnarok M Episode 5.0 Midnight party has also been announced
  • this is the newest expansion for SEA players which will introduce Niffleheim
  • to those who don't remember this is the town of the dead
  • also the base level will start from 105 upto 120
  • another thing to note is the Wizard will introduce its Sage class
  • and if they follow the china server the bard or dance will also be included
  • additional features found in the China server episode 5 are the new 6v6 pvp mode, weapon synthesis, new pets , pet fusion and many more

Nintendo Switch

  • For our tech update
  • Nintendo recently announced a smaller and cheaper Switch console
  • the new model will be called the switch Lite and will cost 199 usd in the us
  • so around 10k if converted in peso then plus 1,200 because of tax
  • the main difference of the switch lite is that the joy con are no longer removable
  • the lite version cannot also be used for tv as its not compatible with the dock
  • another thing to note is the display will be smaller but will still retain the 720p resolution
  • soo if you are interested on the new switch lite it will release on september 20 with 3 different colors

River City

  • Remember River City Ransom?
  • the classic game that was released on the Nes console
  • well now we are getting a new sequel
  • because wayforward revealed the new title called River City Girls
  • in this new game you will play as Kunio and Riki as they team up to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends
  • the game will also include six different regions in River City with side quests to complete
  • and according to wayforward you will be able to recruit defeated enemies to call on combat
  • so what do you think?
  • if you are interested in the game will release on September 5 for Switch, Xbox, Ps4 and PC

Evangelion Mobile

  • Recently Mobcast Announced the Development of a Mobile Game for Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • to those who don't know Mobcast is a japanese development company who specialize on anime video game
  • according to the reports the project will arrive in 2020 for both iOS and Android devices
  • it's also assured by the mobcast lead, they will ensure that the title will be given the utmost attention
  • this is in order to offer an experience comparable to pc or consoles
  • currently its unknown what will be the gameplay but more details will be revealed in July 20

Terra Classic Mobile

  • Then for another mobile game, the korean game publisher kakao games recently announced the pre registration for Terra Classic
  • an upcoming mobile MMORPG that takes place 20 years before the events of the pc version
  • unfortunately the pre registration is only in South Korea
  • also currently there are only 4 classes announced and according to the reports they are locked on specific races
  • if you are interested there is currently no release date scheduled
  • and since this is for south korea the game will probably be not localized for global players

Ascendant One

  • RIP Ascendant One
  • because recently the Unreal engine based MOBA by Nexons internal team devcat has been cancelled
  • the early access game will close on August 14
  • the game will still be accessible until that time period but the payment services have been completely stopped
  • too bad
  • since we are actually looking forward to this game

Lord of the Rings MMO
  • Amazons game studio recently announced that they are developing a Lord of the Ring MMO in partnership with Leyou
  • to those who don't know Leyou is the owner of Digital Extremes whom you may know as the developer of warframe
  • so far sounds good
  • according to the reports the game is planned to be a free to play title for PC and console
  • the story of the MMO will take place before the events of the Lord of the RIngs
  • so if you are a fan of the Tolkien universe it means there will be more creatures, land and characters to explore
  • this is actually not surprising because recently amazon got the license for tolkien's universe
  • so it makes sense for them to squeeze as much as they can
  • don't be shocked if there are mobile games on the way as well lol
  • currently there are no details about the release date so will have to wait for more info

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