Ragnarok M Episode 6.0 Light and Shadow

EP6.0 Light and shadow on 30th October, Let’s go to the Lighthalzen Town Together.

Adventurers, EP6.0 "Light and Shadow" coming soon. It will be online at the time of the Anniversary of ROM Southeast Asia. There will be more interesting content and stories in EP 6.0. Get ready to face a brand new challenge.

EP6.0 Light and shadow 30th October, a new chapter of surviving and destruction

Hi~ Adventurers!
EP6.0 Light and shadow will be available on 30th October, Ignatius Cenia and her teammates are getting close to the final destination. What will you choose as the main character.

A brand new class, Super Novice, the class that can use all the skills of other classes. Combinate your own powerful skill-set.

Mount for all classes. Alpaca for Priest, Nine Tails for Wizard, Orchid for Hunter, everyone will have their own mount.

12-man Instance: Thanatos Tower the ultimate change! With all the powerful teamwork, you will get S rank runes as the rewards.

EP6.0 is the Sequel of the main story, Ignatius Cenia and her teammates is heading towards "Lighthalzen" from Juno. “Lighthalzen” is the new major town of EP 6.0, there are various crafting, gathering, Quarrying business running in this beautiful town, that is why it’s been called “The Town of Entrepreneur”. In "Lighthalzen", the poor and the wealthy are living together, and the railway is like a wall separated two group of people.

New Area: "The Life Institute"

There used to be a rich field until the Rekenber's overexploitation and industrial pollution changed it… The Life Institute is one of the most mystic places in Lighthalzen. But what is Rekenber doing here?

EP6.0 Light and shadow 30th October, Homeland Design

Hi adventurers, new gameplay - homeland features will be available to the game. Adventurers can craft varieties of furniture, free to design their own hideout. You can also invite friends to visit your delicately decorated homes and interact with each other. Interestingly, each furniture in the homeland has a variety of amazing features, a mirror that can be randomly transformed, a BUFF bath, and photo frame, etc., even when you turn on the TV, you can also see every CG animation that has been unlocked in the game.

Sisowath's Treasury

To show the appreciation of all your adventurers’ help with Cooking Campaign, Sisowath prepared this gift to you.

During the event, Sisowath's Treasury will be available on Bit Cat Coin Store with the price of 30 Big Cat Coin and maximum 60 purchases.

Sisowath's Treasury: open up to receive open to obtain "Gram Dust" , "Nolan card" , and randomly receive one of the following items: "Card album remains" "Hardcover Card album remains", "Gorgeous Card Album", "Ancient Magic Card Album", and a chance to receive an additional Oracle exclusive card.

Event Date: October 24th - October 31st

EP6.0 Light and shadow 30th October, New Mount System: All Classes’ exclusive Mounts

The long-awaited exclusive mount for all classes is also coming soon, and each different class will get its own mount in the game. The swordsman's Lionheart, the merchant's porcupine, the archer's ostrich, the Acolyte alpaca, the Novice's Poring, etc.

Adventurers who finish T3 job change will unlock the Mount Quest at Prontera Mount Merchant. After completing the mount quest, you will be able to purchase the corresponding mounts for your Class at the Mount Merchant, and the mounts you have purchased are available for all classes to ride. So are you ready to ride along?

EP6.0 Light and shadow 30th October, Super Novice

Hi adventurers, this time, Super Novice will be officially released to the game. This is a special career based on the original heart. It must be very familiar with the old players who love RO. Different from other occupations, Super Hearts has the mainstream skills of all other professions and can use a variety of weapon types. It can be said to be a profession guarded by angels.

At the same time, the super beginners have no more professional branches, and the players will go forward as they are, and fight to the end. In addition to the classic professional styling and skill cast, the new career will also have a special attribute bonus, which is believed to give players particularly joyful gaming experience.

After reaching T2 job lv.70, you will be able to progress into a “Super Novice” as the 3rd job change class.

We shall see you all on the 30th of October!