Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Crossover With Classic TV Series Samurai Trooper for A Month-Long Event

The ever-bustling and lively world of Rune Midgard continues to fill its citizen with so many surprises as the month of August brings tons of in-games at Ragnarok M with the newest crossover with the hit animated series Samurai Trooper, the proto-Power Ranger of the 80s that features 5 legendary armored warriors on a mission to defeat the evil villain Talpa of the Netherworld.

Samurai Trooper.jpg

The said crossover will take the gamers into various special events which allows them to have the chance to acquire an exclusive Samurai Trooper costume set. However, the orders will be long and arduous for them as they have to finish every 9 events as well as beating the notorious Talpa along the way.

Below is the rundown of the schedule of events for the RO x Samurai Trooper:

Event 1: Samurai Trooper Puzzle

This is a puzzle event where players need to collect and assemble 9 puzzle pieces by accomplishing various events related to the Samurai Trooper crossover to acquire a huge amount of rewards from August 1 to 29.

Event 2: Warrior of Flame's Test

This is a 5-day mission test that you can take from Pronterra Square. To start with, talk to the Halt Channel Researcher which will prompt you to take missions such as defeating Ryo The Wildfire Warrior, Talpa, and other characters from Samurai Trooper. Afterward, you will also go to Geffen to take a quiz from Reyen as part of the mission. Don't worry because the series of answers for the quiz is easy but for a quick finish, the answers are X, O, X, O.

The second-day mission will prompt you to place a trap in a certain area. Just select "In The Middle" in the options there and you are good to go.

Various rewards are given to players where the grandest is given for those who can finish the 5-day mission. These include a rare headwear of Illusion Demon General, Ryo The Wildfire exclusive avatar, and a limited back headwear of Ancient One's Staff besides the gold medals, the jewel of life shards, and many more from the Foreign Samurai Appreciation pack. This event will last until August 29.

Event 3: 5-Day Photo Mission

Look for Sanada Ryo at Pronterra Square to take this photo mission where you will search for different meditation spots and take a photo of them. Finishing all these missions will reward you a Foreign Samurai Pack and an accessory (Illusion - Swords of Fervor). This event runs from August 8 to 15.

Samurai Trooper b.jpg

Event 4: Defeat Talpa

Search for Sage Date The Warrior of Halo at Pronterra South Gate from August 15 to 22 to join the battle against the shadow of the Emperor of Dynasty within a limited time period. Defeating one of its shadows will give you 1 point but if you kill only illusion, your point will be deduction by 1 point so be careful during battles. Each number of points when reached will unlock various Title Rewards and Treasures Left by The Evil which when open will give Jewel of Life Shard, Ronin Samurai Gashapon Coins, and Foreign Samurai Appreciation Pack.

Event 5: Jewel Of Life Shard Shop

From August 1 to September 15, players can now use their Jewel of Life Shards to open up their own shop and conduct exchange item transactions.

Event 6: Evil Emperor Secret Scroll Available At BBC and Recharge Shop

This exclusive and limited-time-only item can be bought from August 1 to 29 for 15 BBC. It provides a whopping 150,000 Zeny, Big Cat Voucher Feast, Ronin Warrior Gashapon Coins, and a 10% to acquire one of the four Demon General Headwear.

Event 7: Forage Box Available at BBC shop

Another new item will also be available at the BBC shop from August 1 to 29 which is labeled as the Forage Box. This item can be bought for up to 200 times per account and contains several raw materials like Broken Blade, Dragon Scale, Armor Shard, and Abyss Flower.

Event 8: Ancient One's Appreciation/Kaos Appreciation

The Mitt Store at Pronterra Square will be offering the Ancient One's Appreciation item on his ware starting August 1 to 9 for 300 BBC. Take note that it will only available for classes who finish Wildfire series for the class advancing quest. The said item contains a massive amount of Ronin Warriors Gashapon Coins.

Through this item, you can also acquire the Wildfire Transfer Voucher Letter which is needed to advance in the exclusive event class called Wildfire at Level 70. But there is more; Wildfire class can also further advance to the awesome Inferno Armor class upon hitting Job Level 80 and Base Level 140.

Event 9: Fantasy Generator (Samurai Trooper)

After accumulating enough Ronin Warrior Gashapon Coins, you can now go to the Fantasy Generator at Pronterra Square from August 1 to 29 to take your chance in winning rare items. Besides the Gashapon coins, you can also use the BBC for the said Generator.